11 Red Nail Design Ideas For 2020

Jul. 30
Description: It’s time to stray from your regular nude.
We’re all guilty of falling into ruts when it comes to painting our nails. Whether it’s a safe nude, a ‘goes with everything’ black, or the convenient shell pink you’ve had in your makeup bag for years. From lobster red to deep crimson, a red manicure is glamourous, chic, and eyecatching – and there are plenty of routes you can go down when it comes to nail art.
Scroll down for some red manicure inspiration.
Long nails, clean cuticles, an oval tip, and the perfect pillarbox red. If you’re new to red nails and want to jump in at the deep end with nails that stand out, you can’t better this classic always-in-style design.
Want to dabble with a red nail without wearing anything too bold and bright? This muted pink-toned red feels more safe and subtle than a classic crimson.
We love experimenting with nail jewels and they’re a perfect way to upgrade a classic red manicure. Naturally, love hearts make the perfect companion to an all-red background. Ideal for date night.
You’ll need practice and patience to achieve this one – or a trip to your manicurist – but it’s worth booking an appointment for. Screengrab now and save for later.
Equal parts bold and subtle, add texture to your plain polish by creating this speckled effect and finishing with a matte topcoat. Seriously cute.
Another perfect style for those a bit apprehensive about embracing a full red set. Dip your toe (or should we say fingers) in with this half-and-half design.
Here’s one that had us reaching for our makeup brushes. If you like your nails to be a piece of art, try this statement-making design – it's actually easier to do than it looks.
Unless you’re seriously skilled, we wouldn’t recommend attempting this one at home. But it’s worth visiting a professional for – the final effect is seriously eyecatching.
No two colours go together quite so well as pink and red do. This one’s easy to do at home – simply paint your nails pink, then (once dry) use masking tape to cover one half and layer over the red.
As much as we love a matte red, we can’t help but love the glamour that a high-shine red manicure exudes. Layer on the clear top coat to match this glass-effect finish.
There are tonnes of ombre nail art tutorials in YouTube. If you’re looking for a new way to wear red, this will be right up your street.
See, we told you so! There’s no colour quite like red to help you break out of your current nail style rut and try something new and different.
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Share your story in 🏷 Beauty Thanks
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