How to safely remove gels at home - without wrecking your nails!

Jul. 30
Maybe you've invested in the equipment to do your own gel nails at home, or perhaps you're sporting an old gel mani or pedi that you just want to be gone without the effort and expense of visiting a salon? Let's look at the best way to remove gel polish at home without ruining your natural nails.
Whatever you do, DON'T be tempted to pick or peel off your old gel polish - it will take part of your nail with it and damage your nail bed, leaving you with unsightly weak nails that will take months to grow out. Instead, by following our step by step guide, you can be rid of that old color while protecting the natural nail plate.
Preparation is key! First of all, make sure you have a well ventilated place to sit, plenty of time (allow at least half an hour), and that you've gathered together your equipment, as follows:
  • Cotton balls 
  • Foil, cut into squares big enough to wrap around your fingers
  • 100% pure acetone (plus a bowl)
  • A nail file 
  • A nail buffer
  • A cuticle pusher or orange stick
  • Cuticle oil 
  • Hand lotion
  • A nail strengthening treatment 
It's best to deal with one hand at a time,  starting with your non-dominant hand. You'll thank me for this later!
GENTLY use the nail file to rough up the top coat of your gel mani. You're NOT looking to file off the color at this stage, just to break the shiny top coat so the acetone can penetrate and soften the gel color to make it easier to remove. If you can see your natural nail, you've gone too far!
Apply cuticle oil to your cuticles to protect them from the harsh acetone.
Soak ten cotton balls in a bowl of 100% pure acetone until fully saturated. Don't be tempted to use standard nail polish remover as it's just not strong enough for the job.
Place the cotton balls on each finger of one hand, and wrap with foils. Wait for 5-10 minutes before testing one nail to see if the polish has softened. If not, soak for another 2 minutes. If it is soft, gently push the gel off your nails using the cuticle pusher/orange stick until it's all gone. You shouldn't need to scrape too hard - if you do, soak it for a little bit longer (thumbs can be super stubborn!).
Once the color is removed, gently buff the surface of your nails with the buffer to smooth before washing to remove the residue.
Repeat with your other hand (now you know why I told you to do one hand at a time!!!).
Finish by moisturizing your hands and nail beds with a nourishing cuticle oil and your favorite hand lotion. Acetone can be incredibly harsh and drying, so keep on moisturizing over the next few days..To keep your nails strong and healthy, apply a nail strengthening treatment for extra protection once you're finished.
Same rules apply for removing a gel pedi, although you can do both feet at once, and you may need to soak with acetone for a slightly longer time to soften.
If you follow these steps, you're sure to nail it! 😉
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Dermatologist tips on pores!
Dermatologist tips on pores!
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Dermatologist opinion: facial oil dupe
Dermatologist opinion: facial oil dupe
Marula oil is extracted from the marula tree nut found in Africa. Benefits of marula oil: ✔️Rich in antioxidants- which help fight off free radicals from pollution and UV exposure. ✔️Anti-aging – the antioxidants also help with its anti-aging properties to help keep the skin looking youthful. ✔️Rich in fatty acids- (oleic and linoleic fatty acids) that soften and moisturize the skin. ✔️Lightweight - What’s great about marula oil is that it hydrates the skin and absorbs well without being too heavy or greasy. ✔️Immediate glow- I definitely notice my skin is radiating after I wear this oil. I love to use this instead of a moisturizer as a last step in my nighttime skincare routine, especially during the winter months! DRUNK ELEPHANT - Virgin Marula Luxury Facial Oil Drunk elephant - $72. yes the packaging is beautiful, but that price point is way too high. It only has one ingredient: marula oil. Why is it so expensive? It is likely due to the processing. It is cold pressed with a patented process of unheated extraction. It is unclear if this process is necessary to maintain all of the benefits of marula oil. The Ordinary - 100% Cold Pressed Virgin Marula Oil Ordinary- $8. Also 100% cold pressed marula oil. The processing may be slightly different. The application is a little less light weight, and for this reason slower to absorb, but still blends easily into the skin and gives an immediate glow. Final thoughts: after trying both, I would choose the ordinary product because they are both so similar! What would you choose?
Hi guys! Here is a very accurate nighttime routine that I do every night... with the exception of exfoliating which I do twice a week. Makeup remover: GARNIER - SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water All-in-1 Cleanser & Makeup Remover Toothpaste: hello - Activated Charcoal Fluoride Free Whitening Toothpaste Face wash: face reality - Ultra Gentle Cleanser Exfoliator: Cure - Natural Aqua Gel Ice roller or an ice cube Lash serum:GRANDE COSMETICS - GrandeLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum Spot treatment: #Face reality - Acne med 5%[products]#[FiveStars] Serum:SKINCEUTICALS - Retexturing Activator Face Exfoliator Moisturizer: ELEMIS - Pro-Collagen Marine Cream Facial spray: PACIfICA - Cherry Matte Setting Spray Lip balm: DRUNK ELEPHANT - Lippe Balm Body lotion: #Bath&body works - Body cream Almond essential oil[products]#[FourStars] Brush/braid hair If it helps I have combo, sensitive skin. I hope you enjoyed this video and thank you for watching! 🌒💗
What is the best way to apply spf and how often?
What is the best way to apply spf and how often?
Understanding what products to use in your routine can be overwhelming, add trying to figure out how much sunscreen you need to put on your face makes it all that more complicated. Thankfully there are some tips to know exactly how much sun protection is the right amount. Proper sun protection is extremely important for everyone, especially if you are also into skincare or use actives (also known as exfoliants or acids). The best way to apply sunscreen or spf is to use the 2 to 3 finger rule for liquid sunscreens. This rule was popularized by Tiara aka MakeupforWOC who is an esthetician on Twitter and Instagram. This method involves using the index and middle finger length of sunscreen, with the option of adding your ring finger to ensure full sun protection for your face, neck and ears. To make sure you have enough sun protection before leaving the house use a full teaspoon to cover the face, neck and ears, then apply whatever else is left over on the back of your hands and half a teaspoon for only your face. When applying sunscreen, make sure there is an even application, rubbing it into the skin and wait 15 minutes before any sun exposure. Reapplication is recommended every 2 hours after the initial application. If you are also wearing makeup there are the options of spray, powder, cream/lotion for spf. The rule of thumb for reapplication of sunscreen is to blot your face before, as the oils from your face can breakdown the spf. My two fav sunscreens are LA ROCHE-POSAY - Anthelios XL Ultra-Light Fluid SPF 50+ and EVERYDAY HUMANS - Resting Beach Face SPF30 Sunscreen Serum #CheriePartner