Get Rid of Fragile Nails: Remedies to Cure your Peeling Nails

Jul. 29, 2020
People believe that fingernails are observed first and foremost in the course of an outset or first meet — which is not uplifting news for the ones who fight for keeping their nails healthy. It is not easy to keep perfectly manicured nails all the time, it is difficult especially when the nails are cracking and breaking on and often which is painful.
There are home remedies that you can do to bring your nails back in shape if you are dealing with peeling, damaged, cracked or broken nails. Probably, these remedies can be your gateway to better nails and you might never have to go to a salon again.
Curing the interiors of your peeling nails:
 Firstly, let’s concentrate on improving your nails’ overall health. 
Eating nutritious food and foods rich in iron and biotin like avocado, cauliflower, boiled eggs, baked potatoes, green leafy vegetables like spinach and lettuce will help strengthen your nails.
Swallowing a multivitamin can also help in strengthening your nails. The vitamins consumed while eating good food and the other vitamins present in a multivitamin, together can keep your whole body system in tune.
Curing the exteriors of your peeling nails:
Below listed are some tried and tested home-made remedies which will certainly help your cracked, fragile and peeling nails to retain its shape and health.
  • Soaking your nail either in olive or coconut oil:
All you need to do is take a bowl and pour some oil into it. In case of coconut oil, melt in microwave for a few seconds. Dip your nails into the bowl, moisten it and relax for some time. Repeat this remedy everyday for a month and see how this inexpensive treatment can help you to toughen your weakened, fragile and peeling nails. 
  • A Cuticle Cream can be quite effective:
A calming and comforting cuticle cream with vitamin E can help nurture your dry cuticles and weak, damaged nails. Apply the cream on and around your nails and rub gently before going to bed. Repeating this remedy for a month will bring considerable change to your nails. 
Cuticles should be given extra protection as it tends to dry out due to repetitive hand washing and salon manicures. A nurturing cuticle cream will shield your nails from cracks and damages.
  • Avoid direct contact with detergents and cleansers, use hand gloves instead:
While you do dishes, gardening or cleaning, make sure to wear hand gloves. The cleaning detergents and cleansers when gets into direct contact with nails, causes drying, cracking and peeling of your nails. In similar way, soil can cause harm and damage to your nails while gardening. Repeated hand contact with 
Soap that is antibacterial is very harsh, so make sure to wear hand gloves while doing your household chores.
  • Take a moment to avoid polishing completely:
Nude nails without polish decreases the dry effects of most nails polishes which contain hard chemicals. Moreover, sunlight is necessary for the repair and regeneration of nail cells and cuticles.
  • Use tender nail polish remover for sensitive skin:
Using an acetone-free remover for nail paints will help from damaging your nails. Though it may take longer time than usual nail paint remover to get the polish off, it is far amiable to your nails.
  • Your nails are not instruments, don’t use them as tools:
Don’t use your nails to open soda cans, prick stuff or to do any other thing that can be done using an actual instrument or tool. Don’t damage your nails as an alternative method can fulfill the task in a much better way.  
  • Moisten your nails and hand on and often:
Moisturize your hands and nails after you wash your hands to pretend it from drying out and resulting into cracking and peeling nails. Now are the times of Covid-19 and we have to wash our hands on and often, make a habit to apply a moisturizer to protect your nails from any further damage.
  • Keeping short nails is yet another way to avoid peeling:
Avoiding long nails and trimming them to as short as possible helps to settle the cracking or peeling of nails more swiftly as it will result in less damage or trauma to your nails.
  • Avoid biting nails:
Do not bite your nails when it starts peeling off. By biting your nail you are simply weakening it and letting your nail damage more. Clip it, buff off the tip or file it, once you find your nail peeling.
The above mentioned are some tips and remedy to use for protecting your nails from peeling, cracking or further damage and will retain it back to its shape. Pamper your nails because it’s your health you’re compromising with.
We hope that you may have found this article useful for curing your peeling nails.
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