10 Easy Wavy Hairstyles You Can do Yourself

Jul. 29
Have you ever wished you too could achieve a perfect wavy hairstyle that Instagram influencers and celebrities seem to rock daily? Well now you can! In just a few simple steps, you can quickly transform your limp, frizzy, or bedhead hair into a wavy on-trend beauty look. We’ve rounded up 10 easy wavy hairstyles that you can do yourself.
Beachy Waves
You don’t have to go to the ocean to achieve a beachy wave look. There’s a few steps to achieve this style. The trick to perfect beachy waves is a good sea salt texturizing spray. After the dry shampoo at the roots, use this spray all over your hair (don’t forget underneath) to give your style that all over texture beachy waves need.


Natural Waves
If you have naturally wavy hair then the right products will take your bed head to showtime in a few simple stages. A good serum to tame flyaways and a light hairspray will be just enough to nail this style.


Tight Waves
A thin curling wand will ensure you achieve a tight wave style. The more you wrap your hair around the wand the tighter the curl will be. This creates a striking hairstyle and works best if you have longer hair as the end product will be voluminous, bouncy and dramatic.


Loose Waves
Give your hair a few quick sprays with a good primer spray before you blow-dry to protect your hair from heat. To obtain a loose wave style you should use a big barrel curling wand. The bigger the barrel the more loose the wave will look.


Daily Waves
Dry shampoo is not just for 3-day old greasy hair! Use this after you are done curling to help give it a little extra lift and some texture to your waves. Spray at the roots after you are done curling and run your fingers through your hair. It works great when you have fresh waves and for the next day when you just want to revitalize them.


70’s Waves
The 70’s are back baby! A Medium sized curling wand will take you back in time to really nail this look! Start at the front of your hair and turn the wand away from your face. Make sure you wrap the same amount of hair the same way around your head for maximum impact.


Soft Waves
This effortless look is sleek, shiny and easy to obtain. This style works well even if you have very short hair. After fully blow drying your hair, take small sections and curl in different directions with a curling wand. You could even test out some sleep in hair curlers for this look too!


Wet Look Waves
Not for everyone but if you’re feeling confident then go ahead and pull this one off! The look is in the name. Apply a mass amount of hair mousse to damp hair and twist in small sections. Use a diffuser to dry each section, then apply a serum throughout the lengths of the hair. If your hair is naturally a little more wavy then this will be your finished look. If your hair is naturally more straight then you may need to use a curling wand to enhance the waves.


Flat Iron Waves
You don’t always need to use a curling wand to achieve an easy wavy hairstyle. You can use your flat iron by slowly twisting the iron as you run them through to the ends of your hair. Use a strong hair spray to secure your style and finish with a serum to ensure it stays sleek and shiny looking.


Blow Out Waves
You can get that ‘just walked out of the hair salon’ style by using your hair dryer. The top tip is to never hold the blow dryer directly onto your hair. A round brush will ensure your waves are bouncy, big and bold.


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3 Easy Ways to Volumize Your Hair
3 Easy Ways to Volumize Your Hair
Hair concerns: Flat, Thin These are my 3 quick, go-to hair tips for volumizing my hair! This is great for when you’re on the go and don’t have too much time on your hands. 1. Use a Root Volumizer Hot Tool (Bed Head Little Tease Hair Crimper for Outrageous Texture and Volume) - Using this root volumizer hot tool will give you the volume of teased hair without the tangled knots and hairspray. It works by making small crimps or waves in your hair and gives your roots volume from the texture it creates. Just make sure to cover your roots with a layer of hair to conceal the textured areas. - Directions: Clamp the hot tool at your roots, brush it out with your fingers, and cover it with a layer of hair. Spray a moderate amount of hair spray to keep it in place. 2. Dry Shampoo - Thin, flat hair usually looks lifeless because of the lack of texture and thinness of the hair shaft. This means that having freshly washed hair can actually be your worst enemy if you’re going for a volumized look. Adding in a hair product can help at the roots by allowing for your hair to be styled into place. You can use any texturizing spray to do so, but I like to use dry shampoo especially for second-hair days! It helps soak up the oils in my hair as well as volumizing my roots. - Directions: Use any dry shampoo your own and spray onto your roots and brush it out. 3. Hair Extensions - Adding hair extensions onto your head will effortlessly give the illusion that your hair is much thicker than it actually is. The added layers will make the roots of your hair appear uplifted. You can choose from lengthening hair extensions (like mine) or extensions that match your hair length. Either way, it’ll make your hair on your head look much fuller. - Directions: Use clip-in hair extensions and clip it onto your roots. Cover the clip-ins with a layer of hair and spray hairspray it to keep it in place. #cheriepartner #sponsored
Wash Face Test to determine your skin type!🥰
Wash Face Test to determine your skin type!🥰
The trick to healthy skincare is knowing your skin. That is the only way to identify the appropriate skincare products tailor made for your skin type. Not all skin is created equal. So, it is important for you to know your skin's natural state. Here is a quick and easy way to determine your skin type. The wash face test 🧼 Wash your face 🛑 Do not apply any product after washing face ⏰ Wait for 2 hours After 2 hours, examine how your skin feels. Your skin type is Normal: if no oil or flakes. Oily: if skin is shiny all over. Dry: if skin feels tight or flakes Combo: T-zone oily, dry/normal everywhere else on face That is it! I lucked out with a combination skin type. sigh! My cheeks are always dry while that T-zone is dripping oil!! Always a struggle finding the right balance of products to maintain a healthy glow. However, if I manage to do it so can you!! Now go ahead, try the wash test to find out your skin type!! xoxo, IG: @theculderm
Dry Shampoo white residue? Don’t worry I got you
Dry Shampoo white residue? Don’t worry I got you
I love a dry shampoo with a lot of powder because it is what is absorbing the oil to make your hair look less greasy. However, sometimes there is a little white powder residue that I can’t seem to rub into my dark hair. Simple solution 💡!! Shine spray! It makes it all blend away! Using: KLORANE - Detox Dry Shampoo With Organic Aquatic Mint REDKEN - Shine Flash 02 Shine Spray
Why pH of skincare products is important?
Why pH of skincare products is important?
The pH is defined as the negative logarithm (base ten) of the concentration of free hydrogen ions in aqueous solution. The pH of skin surface ranges from 4.5 to 6 making it slightly acidic. The acidic nature of the whole skin surface was first claimed by Heuss in 1892; however, the first scientific study was carried out by Schade and Marchionini in 1928, who called it the acid mantle. The “acid mantle” protects the skin by inhibiting the growth of pathogenic organisms, regulating keratinization, desquamation and wound healing. Any disruption in the acid mantle disrupts the activity of enzymes involved in barrier function and anti-microbial protection. The skin pH and the buffering capacity of the skin surface are made up of the components of the stratum corneum as well as the secretions from sebaceous and sweat glands. Sweat is an important contributor towards skin acidity owing to its content of amino acid, lactic acid, and urea, which supplement skin NMF levels. The formation of stratum corneum barrier requires enzymes that are pH dependent. Two lipid-processing enzymes β-glucocerebrosidase and acidic sphingomyelinase require a pH of 5.6 and 4.5, respectively. An increased skin surface pH activates enzyme serine proteases, which causes degradation of corneodesmosomes and affects the skin barrier. pH also has a big impact on the skin microbiome. The bactericidal activity, because of dermicidin and nitrites in sweat, occurs optimally at pH 5.5. The resident bacterial flora changes as pH increases causing increase in population and activity of P. acnes and Staphylococcus aureus which are responsible for acne and eczema. All these result in contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, ichthyosis, acne vulgaris and Candida albicans infections. Products with high pH cause swelling of skin follicles affecting the permeability of the skin making it dry, sensitive, and susceptible. Most of the skincare products are formulated within the pH range of normal healthy skin except the exfoliating products that contain alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA’s), Vitamin C products and chemical peel which work at low pH. Facial oils, cleansing oils, balms are not pH dependent.
Introducing Cherie’s Spotlight! 🌟
Introducing Cherie’s Spotlight! 🌟
Hi cherie fam! We've updated our Leaderboard into a new, more inclusive program now called Cherie Spotlight! Starting November 23rd, every two-weeks, cherie will spotlight and award free beauty prizes to new and contributing users & creators in our community at random in an effort to show more diverse content and celebrate everyone in our cherie community. The first winners of Cherie's Spotlight will be announced on December 7th and every two-weeks, we will choose several winners for each category - New on Cherie, Cherie Convos, and Cherie's Picks! New on Cherie Cherie will randomly choose several users who are new to the cherie community and have posted in the current round to win a free beauty prize! Cherie Convos Cherie will randomly choose several users who have created into those week's Cherie Convos topics. Each week's Cherie Convos topics can be found at the top of the Discover page in the banners and on @cherie! Cherie’s Picks Cherie will award our top picks of the most engaging recent posts on cherie. There's no sign-up needed, just post to participate! Happy posting and good luck!! 🌟💫