Discover Tips to Make Your Acrylics Last Long and Always Look New

Jul. 29
Tired of spending money on a manicure that wears out too easily? Acrylics are the answer. Here’s what you can do to make them last longer.
Acrylic nails generally last about a month and a half to two months before they need to be removed or replaced. However, they must occasionally be (say, every couple weeks) filled to cover the inevitable nail growth. Ultimately, the debate of how long acrylic nails can last comes down to these three questions: 
  • Was the acrylic done by a professional?
  • Do you care for your acrylic hands and nails?
  • What’s your day-to-day lifestyle like?
Before we talk about how you can take nail art to a whole new level and keep it looking clean, fresh, and new for long, there’s something you should know about a chemical known as MMA.
Brief Word on MMA
MMA stands for methyl methacrylate, and it is a compound commonly found in some products used in low-end nail shops. It was banned by the FDA back in 1974 after harmful effects were recorded when the chemical came into contact with the skin. It was also found to adhere to the nails so strongly that they risked getting torn off. The reason why some products still use MMA is the safer alternative, ethyl methacrylate, is way more expensive. 
So, how can you ensure your acrylic nails last much longer?
It Begins with Your Nail Technician
Since the nail technician is going to be handling the actual groundwork of applying your acrylic nails, it’s only reasonable to want a tech who is actually experienced. As much as you get what you pay for, expensive doesn't always mean great quality – whether we are talking about the price of service or acrylic nails. You are going to have to carry out extensive research before deciding which technician to use. Check out their portfolio online, see what their past (and regular) clients have to say about their service, and ask yourself whether their style gels with you. If something is unclear, do not hesitate to ask questions until you understand. Likewise, make it clear to your nail tech exactly what you want. Use a photo if necessary.
Don't Miss Your Fills.
The frequency of your fills depends on the rate at which your nails grow. For most people, though, fills are often done every two to three weeks. Much sooner appointments are recommended for those who do a lot of work with their hands in order to avoid any lifting. So, what happens if you skip filling appointments? Well, the acrylics will likely grow out, making your nail more vulnerable to damage. Worst case scenario, the acrylics may have to be removed entirely, and fresh ones applied. In an interview with Bustle, Los Angeles-based nail artist, Christa Cole, sternly warned against gluing back broken nails for risk of introducing bacteria or trapping moisture within the acrylic nails. 
Synchronize Touch Ups and Refill Appointments
Now that we've already established that you'll be going for filling every couple of weeks, how about scheduling a touch up along with the appointment? This is sure to keep your nails looking as new as day one of the acrylic application. Better yet, you can do touchups in between fills so that your nails look great throughout.
Don’t Settle in Nail Polishes and Coats. 
Think of acrylic nails as an investment in your nail care. Ideally, you want something that looks great on you, doesn't need much in maintenance, therefore, it saves you time and money, and more importantly, lasts long. It goes without saying that cheap quality nail polishes and coating just won't do it. The choice of brand to use is purely subjective, obviously, but going by reviews from other users in the market today, some gel brands you may want to look into include: Presto Gel, Vetro, Naillabo, and Kokoistm. Since a lot of people are naturally impatient, a fast-drying topcoat is quite fitting if you want to use your hands soon after the service without risking the acrylics coming off. Some excellent topcoat brands include Seche Vite, Young Nails Stain, and the Kupa. 
Moisture and Care for Your Hands and Nails
Moisturizing regularly prevents your hands from drying out, and applying the right oil on your nails keeps them soft and healthy. Do not peel off or pick apart your enhancement. It’s a bad habit that some people have that is certain to weaken the whole acrylic structure. Wear gloves when doing house chores or handy labor, keeping in mind that acrylic nails are quite sensitive to chemicals and extreme temperatures. Last but not least, do not use your nails to open, poke, or peel stuff, no matter how tempting it is.
In conclusion, the importance of having a professional do the removal of acrylic nails for you cannot be emphasized enough. It’s not as simple as just pulling the nails off. There’s a whole procedure involving filling, soaking in acetone, and cutting off the nails. Put in the time and effort and acrylic nails will last much longer. 
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