Ways of Using Negativity to Make Your Nails Look Amazing!

Jul. 29
Ways to look cute and smart at the same time, you can use different patterns and ideas to show off your natural nail and add a little bling as well!

Credits: fashioniser.com

With so much going on in life, all the ups and downs, one has to face, we need to find ways to let go and remain sane, all at the same time. We need to learn to embrace ourselves and present our best foot forward.  And what better way to do so then expressing through your nails? 
The negative nail space shows off the true you, literally and metaphorically. And simultaneously the pattern, print, design, and color show the world what you want them to think about you!
We are here to suggest some ideas that can help you express yourself in the best way possible.
  • Emoji nails  
  • Credits: Pinterest

    In the modern-day, the medium and language of communication both have changed. Nowadays people text and WhatsApp rather than call. Therefore, to express themselves fully they use emojis more than words. These emoji's expressway more than words can because as we all know a picture speaks louder than a thousand words. 
    By doing nail art you can make small emojis of however you feel at the moment. A smile portrays you are happy or a sleepy emoji can be fun too! Mix them up a bit, maybe a smile on one finger and laughing emoji on another and face savoring food on the third and so in. It will be fun and trendy!
  • Add Black Marble tips
  • Credits: Youtube.com

    Marble Nails look so good. They are just the perfect amount of classy and style that you need. And a good way to express yourself as well. The negative base shows a soft and human interior and the marble tips show the strength and class. 
    This design is perfect for you if you like manicured nails rather than fully covered nails. 
  • Abstract Mix
  • Credits: Pinterest

    It is like making small abstracts on each of your nails. Each abstract can represent a different person, a different portrait. This would be a good choice if you are a bit indecisive or you want to keep people guessing.  Abstracts allow your imagination to run wild: you can aim for the stars while sitting on the beach, you can be melodies without even touching a tune, an abstract is the same to art as poetry is to literature. It's my heart! So for all those artistic souls out their abstract mix is the way to go.
  • Black details.
  • Credits: instyle.com

    The perfect combination of nude is none other than black. This style is more focused on the precision and accuracy of the details, rather than colors and combinations.  This style is the mere interpretation of the saying less is more! 
    The patterns can vary from a range of zig-zag lines to dotted outline of the nails, to vertical and horizontal lines across the nail. 
  • Rainbow nails 
  • Credits: peachpolish.com

    Unicorns, sparkles, and cuteness. If these three words describe you then we have the perfect nail ideas for you. As we all know unicorns and rainbows are the perfect combinations together.  One cannot exist without the other, so why not rainbow nails? Now, like the colors there is more than one way to go, we can list a couple of ideas down for you if you like:
  • Rainbow colored tips and base,
  • Rainbow stripes running through the middle of the nail,
  • Rainbow colored designs like stars 
  • Glittery nails
  • Starry designs
  • Credits: Pinterest

    Stars are an iconic shape, you can be plain and unique, at the same time, while applying different kinds of stars on your nails. You can go with stars of a single bold color or stars of neon colors or glow in the dark nail paints or if you want to keep it a bit toned down to go for light or natural colored stars.
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    Pull thru braid💗
    Pull thru braid💗
    I love creating any type of braid and this is one of my favorites! I think it’s because it is so easy but it looks so cute on everyone! You are going to start by putting your hair into a high ponytail and then complete the following steps: ✨ from your ponytail take a section of hair from the left side of the ponytail in the right side of the ponytail ✨ pull behind the ponytail in elastic it together ✨ take the section of hair that is not in the elastic Together and split into two and wrapped behind the ponytail and elastic that together ✨ repeat till you get to the bottom of your hair! I used AIIR - Texture Spray to add texture to the hair before I pulled it out for more volume Give us a try this holiday season! You will love it💗 Xo, Johanna
    Retinol use for beginners from an Esthetician!
    Retinol use for beginners from an Esthetician!
    If you’re ever wondering how to start using retinol, this is for you! I want to start off by saying that if you’re interested in using retinol you must wear sunscreen daily. If you know you’re never going to wear it PLEASE do not use retinol. With that being said, let’s start off by explaining what retinol is and what it does for you! Retinol is Vitamin A! There are many types of retinol, like retinoids, retinol esters, etc. These are all derivatives of Vitamin A, and are more gentle and less potent versions of pure retinol. Retinol helps speed up our cell turn over rate in our skin. What that means, is that it will help you shed your dead skin cells faster to reveal new skin that’s brighter, smoother and healthier! As we get older, our “cell turnover rate” (CTR) slows down. So we use products like retinol to keep speeding it up so we can stay younger longer! Most people know retinol for treating fine lines and wrinkles, but it’s actually incredible for treating acne and acne scars! This is what I personally use it for. Retinol is strong and acts as an exfoliant so you must be careful with what products you’re using along with it in your regimen. Don’t layer or mix Vit C and retinol as they don’t like each other! Retinol should ONLY be applied at nighttime never in the morning. It makes you photosensitive which is a term to describe sensitivity to the sun. Most people experience some purging in acne, peeling/dryness, redness/irritation, and burning sensations when using a high dose of retinol without buffering it properly. If you use my buffering method properly you will not experience that at all! Now that you understand what you’re putting on your skin, I will explain how to use it! You shouldn’t start retinol by just applying it straight onto your skin without ever using it before. Your skin has to adjust to this new product and should be incorporated gently and slowly. It takes a month for your skin to adjust. You want to buffer your retinol with a gentle moisturizer. Nothing with actives like exfoliants (AHAs or BHAs)! Retinol goes after serums and before moisturizer in your routine! Week 1: use your retinol maximum 2x weekly. Start with one pea size amount of retinol and buffer it with 3 parts of moisturizer! Mix & apply to your skin! Week 2: use your retinol maximum 3x weekly. You’re going to do equal parts retinol and moisturizer. 2 parts retinol and 2 parts moisturizer. Mix & apply to your skin! Week 3: use your retinol maximum 3x weekly. Use 3 parts retinol (equal to a pea size) and 1 part moisturizer. Mix & apply to your skin! Week 4: use your retinol maximum 4x weekly. Apply a pea size amount of retinol directly onto your skin! Then apply your moisturizer directly on top of the retinol! If your skin cant handle retinol alone then stick to the buffering method forever! It will be just as effective as applying it alone! This method will minimize purging and keep your barrier healthy! Hope this helped! ❤️COSRX - Propolis Light Cream
    ABH Dipbrow Dupe!
    ABH Dipbrow Dupe!
    For the longest time I’ve always stuck with my Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade!! And while the product itself is amazing, I randomly picked out this pomade by elf out of curiosity and fell in love!!! This is seriously a game changer if you use pomade for your everyday brows and want to save some extra cash!! The e.l.f. - Lock on Liner and Brow Cream is for One, easy to use Secondly dries down so nice, (I don’t worry if I accidentally wiped off a piece of my brow Lol). And best of all it’s literally $2!! I use the shade “Medium Brown” and find this blends really nice with black hair! Unfortunately my only con is that the product doesn’t have that many shades especially compared to Anastasia. I provided a photo of how I normally do my brows with this product for anyone wondering! Overall this is a great affordable pomade alternative! What products do you use for your brows?
    My Ulta Black Friday haul ✨
    My Ulta Black Friday haul ✨
    So upon seeing the ad for Ulta’s Black Friday I told myself I wasn’t going to purchase anything... three separate purchases later I found myself with a completely pink haul (which is completely out of character for me 😂) The first thing I picked up on Black Friday was the ANASTASIA Beverly Hills - Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit which I have used a few times since then. I’m absolutely blown away how stunning this is on the cheeks. I feel like ABH is the queen of highlighters that look subtle but still give you that bam out of this world glow from within. Later on in the night I decided I needed the COLOURPOP - Lux Lip Oilin the shade Truth Bomb and the #Colourpop - Amourex Glitterly Obsessed Mini Duo[products]#. I have two glitter gels by Colourpop and I absolutely love them despite not using them often. The mini pots are super cute and I don’t feel wasteful if I don’t use them. Then, on Saturday I purchased the ANASTASIA Beverly Hills - Haute Holiday Lip Gloss Setbecause it was on sale and I’ve been obsessed with the pale nude colors since this set came out. I also impulse bought the #It Cosmetics - Rose Gold Eye Brush Set[products]#as it was also on sale (I think I paid around $20 for it) and I needed the liner brush in it for my Melt Cosmetics gel eyeliners. This set comes with four brushes which includes my absolute favorite blending brush, the number 105. It Cosmetics has the SOFTEST brushes I’ve ever used. The quality by far surpasses anything I own. It also comes with a really cute rose gold container for it. I’m hoping to have reviews up for these eventually but here is my current Ulta haul 💗 I also plan on posting my Sephora Black Friday haul and my Ulta Cyber Monday haul once I get that. What did you guys pick up for for Black Friday?
    Let’s chat hair color!
    Let’s chat hair color!
    What is a hair toner? A toner is a semi or demi permanent hair color that either adds or neutralizes tone in your hair- that’s where the word toner comes from. As a colorist, I use a toner on 99% of my blondes. A problem I’ve run into in the past is a new client telling me they do NOT want a toner or that they’ve been told they’re only for fixing mistakes! Let’s pause here. Without a toner your hair color will be what I call “raw blonde” aka whatever your color wants to lift to on its own. This can include uneven color from previous touch ups, or yellow or orange undertones that our hair naturally has. A toner is my weapon to help combat these uneven tones and leave your hair as our desired result. So- next time your stylist uses a toner you can ask, what color are we enhancing today?! The answer might surprise you! Xo