Got Brittle Nails? Here are Reasons and How to Fix!

Jul. 28
Long, strong and beautifully shaped nails do not only fulfill the criteria of the pre-conceived beauty standards but also work as a magical shield around our fingers and toes. Statistically, around 20% population of the world is suffering from the loss of elasticity and fragility of nails. Especially women over 50 years of age report this problem more often than males. 
Reasons of Brittle Nails
According to profound research conducted by the American Osteopathic College of Dermatology (AOCD), brittle nails fall into two categories: dry and brittle or soft and brittle. 
Zero or no moisture may cause dry and brittle nails. Whereas too much moisture may result in extra soft and brittle nails. Both conditions may result in brutal pain and interruption in daily activities. Exposure to detergents high on chemical quotient and other heavy home cleaning chemicals may damage the health of nails very acutely.
Apart from these two significant reasons, there are other numerous factors to cause brittle nails. They include;
  • Aging: As the body gets older, the nails also start to lose their strength. The body goes into regression-mode and starts declining health-wise. Hence the durability of nails deteriorates naturally.
  • Iron Deficiency: When the body doesn’t get enough iron supply it leads to a reduction in red blood cells count. Thus the Nails get brittle and damaged.
  • Malnutrition: When the body lacks biotin aka Vitamin B7 then nails become noticeably weak and brittle. Physicians may recommend supplements to cater to the demand for it in the body. 
  • Hypothyroidism: The low thyroid level can significantly lead to the brittleness of nails. To solve this matter, doctors prescribe different hormone levothyroxine, which can be taken orally.
  • Raynaud’s syndrome: The nails' health can be affected by circulation problems in the extremities. This a rare condition where blood vessels narrow down and leave the fingers and toes to turn blue and eventually the nails become brittle.
  • Chemical/Toxin exposure: Unnatural and synthetic chemicals are not only detrimental for the internal health of a human but it equally harms the external health and beauty of a human. The nails get brittle due to the exposure of chemicals and toxins and relatively disrupt the daily routine.
  • Long-Term Application of Nail Polish and Nail Remover: The love for manicure and pedicure can not fade away. Hence the risk of decline in nail health increases. The chemicals like nitrocellulose dissolved in butyl acetate or ethyl acetate can make the nails brittle without any doubt.
  • Extended Exposure of Water: The more the better happens to be a wrong concept in this case. The more the nails get exposed to water the more are the chances of them becoming soft and brittle. Swimming, cleaning and washing dishes can cause a big risk for the health of the nails.
However, these reasons vary from situation to situation but the below-mentioned prevention can be applied to most of the cases except for aging. 
Strong nails signify healthy nails but sometimes the nails undergo one or more factors and become brittle. The best part is it is fixable. You can achieve the best set of nails by following the following routine.
  • Stay Hydrated 
Keep your water intake up to 8 glasses per day to breathe new life into your nails.
  • Minimize Water Exposure
Although almost every household chore involves water and one can not avoid working under running water but can limit the exposure by wearing gloves.
  • Keep Up with healthy Diet
If the body receives the right amount of nutrients then the entire body remains healthy including the nails. One must eat right to keep every inch of the body healthy. The nails will never go brittle if the diet is apt and balanced.
  • Use Natural Products
The products like milk cream aloe vera, rose water, olive oil and garlic do wonders for your nails.. These strengthen the nails like never before.
  • Keep them Short and Clean
However, long nails depict style and look iconic but short nails have better sustainability and life. It is suggested by the doctors worldwide to keep your nails short. Short nails are manageable, easy to clean and have thinner chances of brittleness, ridges and breakages.
  • Avoid using your nails for opening things
Many people keep at least one nail long to help them in opening and scratching things. This is a very unhealthy practice and it harms the nail health big time. Don’t  use your nails as a tool otherwise the viability comes under a risk.
First impression is the last impression is rightly applicable when it comes to nails and its presentibility. If the nails are unhealthy then it is easy to judge that you have got some health issues. Forget all the brittleness by following simple nailcare routine. If the issue remains unresolved meet a dermatologist at your earliest.
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