10 Cogent Measures to Prevent Nail Ridges

Jul. 28, 2020
Ridges – the stains on hands beauty, and these can reveal a lot of information about food intake and lifestyle of a person. The range of logical information could be perceived, from stress to other medical problems, like lungs, kidney infection, or disorder or maybe thyroid issues. 
So, one of these could be the most likely root cause of your nail ridges whether its vertical or horizontal. 
Vertical Ridges
It is medically declared that Vertical ridges appear due to aging. Like wrinkles on the other body parts, people can have it on nails too. The production of natural oil slows down in your body as you grow old. Subsequently, moisturizing deficiency causes ridges to form (in the form of eczema or psoriasis painful conditions). This dryness affect your skin and hair too.
Horizontal Ridges
Horizontal nail ridges are not much common but truly acute. According to most experts, if these occur on one of the nails, then has possibly appeared due to trauma. It starts from the nail matric (the exact place from where nails start to grow). When any heavy object falls on the nail or the finger gets caught in the door then these horizontal ridges are bound to appear. 
So here are some home treatments to get rid of ridges in nails.
Avoid ridges by using nails strengthening foods:
1. Nails are made up of protein, so the body needs enough intake of proteins to help in building a strong body. Taking proteins from chicken and beef meat can empower your nails.
2. Moreover, (seemingly delicious) fruits with antioxidants properties, particularly blueberries – which feature the highest antioxidants, can help to encounter the radical damages which inflame stress hormones in the body. And this impacts all cells in the body including cells of hairs and nails. Besides, strawberries, kiwis which contain vitamin C, can help the production of collagen, which makes nails naturally more resilient. 
3. To keep nails strong and protected, vegetables can be a great source of vitamins, therefore, one should drag bell peppers along with some tomatoes and spinach in a bowl of salad, and eat it calmly. This practice can give a boost to the collagen level. Whereas, potatoes and carrots which have vitamin A, are good to have for the sake of antioxidants.
4. A hefty dose of powerful and healthy fats can feed nails with needed food to make them healthier. For instance, most registered dietitians, vividly speak about the importance of taking almonds and nuts – as they are full of protein and magnesium. So if you are having vertical ridges, then these dry fruits can do your great to revive ridge nails. 
5. Milk - is loaded with calcium and vitamin D which are key to grow healthy nails.
6. Vitamin D – the protein content of Eggs, in whatever cooked shape. They are a powerhouse of nutrients because these contain B12, Vitamin A and E, Iron, the most significant one is – Biotin. The use of Vitamin D gives impressive results, by giving thickness to nails and gradually eliminating ridges, splits and brittleness of nails.
Other possible measures to wipe out nail ridges: 
7. Keep your hands hydrated with ointments.
Donna Hart, MD, board-certified dermatologist in Texas strongly suggests to apply ointments (which features ceramides, or Alpha hydroxyl acids) to moisturize your hands, she suggests using oil and cream on hands to keep them hydrated because ridges appear normally due to dehydration. 
8. First, get treatment for any underlying disease.
Nails ridges often get their home in nails due to other underlying health issues, like the problem in the lungs or kidneys. For example, most diabetes patients experience ridges, especially in the vertical direction. 
9. Keep your nails clean.
 Clipping your nails is very important to prevent nail traumas, but do not overdo it. Using a quality clipper, trim nails when there is visible white and do not go too low to trim white area completely.
10. Limit your water exposure.
Use water only to the extent of your serious need because washing your hands too often can eliminate the natural oil or even it can cause eczema, which is a serious condition of ridges.
The ridges in nails can mean underlying health issues such as deficiencies and diabetes. It should be taken as a warning from the body. In such situations, it is recommended to run the home remedies to improve nail health. If the condition doesn’t change significantly then a visit to the dermatologist is suggested. 
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We’ll Miss You!
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