The Best Nail Colors for 2020

Jul. 27
It is that time of the year again where you take out all your nail polishes. You throw away the ones gone bad, mark some as ugly and ask yourself “What was I thinking?” and look at that one nail colour you wore all year with the guilt of spending money on other colours. But this is a new year and the perfect time for a new you. When we say the new you, we’re not asking YOU to change but we think it might be time to add some new colours to your collection now. 
This is officially the season of new manicures and pedicures and its time to find out the best nail colours that fit you and your personality in 2020. With so many nail colours, brands, and finishes out there, it’s easy to get confused. Don’t worry, we’ve already done the hard work for you and have found some of the best nail colours to wear in 2020. 
Here are our favourites:
JINsoon – Shade Milieu 
Nudes are a popular choice when it comes to nail polish. But this year, how about changing it up a little. This shade is a smoky grey with just a hint of shimmer and is different from your everyday nude or pastel pink.  If you are a light nail polish lover, then this will be a good colour for you if you try it instead of the browns and pinks.

Credit: Target

Sally Hansen – Shade Sun-tastic
Many people think nude shades are for the spring but they look good in summers too. This is another nude we love. It is a pastel yellow shade that is every summer. You can also pair this colour with others perfectly such as neon colours that are very in right now.

Credit: Target

Essie – Shade Souq Up the Sun
Essie has some amazing shades and you can find a nail colour for every occasion. Even though they are well-loved for their pastels, we took a look at their whole range for the summer and think this colour is perfect for the summer. It brings with it a little sunshine. It is high shine, long-lasting and a gel nail polish.     

Credit: The Feminine Files

Base Coat – Shade Capricorn
Not everyone loves the bright shades. Some people just want muted colours that will work with several outfits. If you are similar, then look no further. The Capricorn shade from the base coat is a rich stone brown that will look chic with every outfit you put on. This earthy tone fits looks amazing on several skin tones making it a versatile colour. Base coat polishes are vegan and toxin-free.  

Credit: Base Coat Nail Salon

Zoya – Shade Dacey
This colour is for those looking for something bright and fun and away from the common pinks and browns. This hot pink shade by Zoya gives amazing colour off and is free of toxic chemicals so you can paint it on the little one's hands as well. 

Credit: Zoya Nail Polishes

Base Coat – Shade Pisces
Base coat has a whole line dedicated to zodiac signs. After Capricorn, we instantly fell in love with their shade Pisces. Pisces is a deep turquoise and has a vegan formula. It is also free of toxic chemicals. So if you were looking for a nail polish that is vegan, bright and fun. 

Credit: PopSugar

OPI – Shade Verde Nice to Meet You
We couldn’t finish this list without adding one from the well-loved and popular brand Verde Nice to Meet You. This shade is from their collection Mexico City Infinite Shine collection. This is another turquoise, however, not as bright as the one from Base Coat. This is another gel polish but is easy to remove without having to soak your nails in acetone.

Credit: Pinterest

Whether you’re doing it yourself or you are getting them at the salon, these are the perfect nail colours for the year 2020. From nudes to brights, there is a little something for everyone. Let us know if you want to see more colours than you can use this summer. 
Best Reviews
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Still my favorite Magnetic lashes
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Share your story in 🏷 Beauty Thanks
Share your story in 🏷 Beauty Thanks
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Retinol use for beginners from an Esthetician!
Retinol use for beginners from an Esthetician!
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Glass skin? Uhm YES!
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