10 Top Tips to Care for Your Fine Curls that ACTUALLY WORK!

Jul. 26
Although many people with curly hair struggle with too much volume, others face the opposite problem. Fine curly hair is one of the most challenging hair types and caring for fine curly hair can be a delicate balance. Using too many products that are too sticky or heavy can weigh it down. But without the right products, the hair can lose its definition and get frizzy - we’ve rounded up 10 top tips to care for your curls properly.
Wash and condition correctly
While many of us curlies avoid shampooing your hair more than once or twice a week, fine curlies should actually wash their hair more often to prevent product buildup and plump up the hair cuticle. When it comes to conditioning your hair, less is more. Wash your hair with a protein-free, sulfate-free shampoo that moisturizes without weighing down. You could even use a light leave-in conditioning spray daily to keep hair moisturized and free of heavy conditioning products. A leave-in moisturizer is perfect for giving dry, lifeless, fine hair new life after washes.
Gently detangle
When brushing your hair, make sure you don’t pull it as you can damage the hair and it can snap off. It is a good idea to use a gentle comb or even a tangle teezer. Use it right out of the shower because it's so gentle and eliminates tangles without ripping any of your hair out.
Oil is your best friend
If you find that the ends of your hair can be dry, they end up looking frazzled and damaged really quickly. Start by using a tiny amount of this oil on wet ends before drying your hair with a diffuser and it will make a world of difference. The oil absorbs rapidly and easily into your hair shaft, rather than sitting on top, to rebalance moisture levels, smoothing, softening, and protecting against dryness and UV damage.
Volume is key
Once your hair is fully dry, spritz a bit of dry shampoo to the strands surrounding your face and the crown of your head. This immediately adds more lift at the root and texture around the front of your curls. 
Add some texture
Use a translucent, dry texturizing spray for added fullness and airy texture. It's perfect for those flat ends and is to be applied around your mid-lengths and ends. 
Avoid chemicals
Fine curlies may want to stay away from chemical processes like thermal reconditioning or even straightening. Without the curl, their hair loses all of its volume and can look flat and appear lifeless.
Diffuse and massage
To add volume, diffuse the hair or let it dry naturally. Simply place your hands in your hair against your scalp and gently massage with the pads of your fingers. This technique will wake up volume and add bounce.
Take care when styling
When styling your fine curls be careful of how much heat you use when caring for your curls. It’s always best if you can stay away from heat and enhance your natural curl!
Use a treatment
Apply a protein treatment or mask with protein to fortify strands and strengthen hair. By using a treatment weekly it will restore and moisturize hair without weighing your hair down. It will also ensure your hair is healthy, soft and manageable.
Sleep with silk
Caring for your curls isn't just about the products you apply directly to them. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase will make sure there is less friction on your hair which will prevent damage. It’s also a cleaner sleep surface and less drying for your skin!
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My AM routine while rocking cherie merch!
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Sensitive Skin Game changer ❄️
Sensitive Skin Game changer ❄️
What is the product? Avène - Thermal Spring Water Spray How does it work? Thermal Water works by soothing the skin and calming any irritation What are the notable ingredients? Mineral Spring Water What is the price? $18.50CAD Where can you purchase? Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall Pharmacy and online How long have I been using it for? I’ve been using thermal water for over two years, I started off using this product on my body and now still use it on my face What is my experience ? My experience with thermal water has been good, I suffer from eczema on both my body and face. It was hard finding products that wouldn’t irritate or cause a flare up. When that happened this product saved my skin and soothed it. At first I was not exactly sure how water would help my skin, but after doing research thermal waters are meant to have healing properties for the body and skin. What are my thoughts? This product is nothing short of amazing, you are able to use it for multiple areas and it lasts so long. The mist is super fine which makes it perfect for spraying on large or small spots, and pressing into the skin similar to how you apply a toner. Would I recommend to a friend? I would absolutely recommend this product to a friend or family or even someone looking to help soothe their skin but who doesn’t want to break the bank!! My overall rating? 5/5 Would I repurchase? I have and will continue to repurchase this product until I find something that exceeds how amazing this is! #CheriePartner
Why pH of skincare products is important?
Why pH of skincare products is important?
The pH is defined as the negative logarithm (base ten) of the concentration of free hydrogen ions in aqueous solution. The pH of skin surface ranges from 4.5 to 6 making it slightly acidic. The acidic nature of the whole skin surface was first claimed by Heuss in 1892; however, the first scientific study was carried out by Schade and Marchionini in 1928, who called it the acid mantle. The “acid mantle” protects the skin by inhibiting the growth of pathogenic organisms, regulating keratinization, desquamation and wound healing. Any disruption in the acid mantle disrupts the activity of enzymes involved in barrier function and anti-microbial protection. The skin pH and the buffering capacity of the skin surface are made up of the components of the stratum corneum as well as the secretions from sebaceous and sweat glands. Sweat is an important contributor towards skin acidity owing to its content of amino acid, lactic acid, and urea, which supplement skin NMF levels. The formation of stratum corneum barrier requires enzymes that are pH dependent. Two lipid-processing enzymes β-glucocerebrosidase and acidic sphingomyelinase require a pH of 5.6 and 4.5, respectively. An increased skin surface pH activates enzyme serine proteases, which causes degradation of corneodesmosomes and affects the skin barrier. pH also has a big impact on the skin microbiome. The bactericidal activity, because of dermicidin and nitrites in sweat, occurs optimally at pH 5.5. The resident bacterial flora changes as pH increases causing increase in population and activity of P. acnes and Staphylococcus aureus which are responsible for acne and eczema. All these result in contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, ichthyosis, acne vulgaris and Candida albicans infections. Products with high pH cause swelling of skin follicles affecting the permeability of the skin making it dry, sensitive, and susceptible. Most of the skincare products are formulated within the pH range of normal healthy skin except the exfoliating products that contain alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA’s), Vitamin C products and chemical peel which work at low pH. Facial oils, cleansing oils, balms are not pH dependent.
Introducing Cherie’s Spotlight! 🌟
Introducing Cherie’s Spotlight! 🌟
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