How to Identify Your Curl Type and Why Every Curly Girl Should Know It

Jul. 26
Although curly hair is generally used as an umbrella term – it doesn’t account for every curl type. Determining your curl type can be quite difficult as there are a number of different curl patterns ranging from 2a – 4c. Each hair type comes with its own unique set of challenges and characteristics and it is actually very important to know your curl type. When it comes to identifying your specific curl type, there can be some confusion as one head may have multiple different curl patterns and textures. So, how can you find out which of the 9 curl types match your hair? It takes an understanding of your hair, the numerous curl patterns and a whole lot of patience. 
Why is Knowing Curl Type Important?
Curl type plays a huge role in the health of your curly hair and the types of products you choose to use. Most of the time you can identify your curl type just by looking in the mirror, but this is the easy part. Identifying your curl pattern can be simple but listening to that curl type can be a bit more challenging. If you have kinkier curls, then you can assume you’ll need thicker creams and conditioners in order to keep your hydrate and looking healthy. If you have finer wavy hair then you may only need a few lighter products that won’t leave your hair feeling oily or greasy. Once you understand your curl type, the easier it will be for you to choose styling products that work best for your hair. 
The Curl Types
  • 2A – Those with type 2a hair tend to have “s”-waved hair that stays fairly close to the head and is very thin. This hair texture is very easy to straighten, but if you have this texture be careful with styling tools as they can cause long term damage. 
  • 2B – This hair type lies flat at the crown and features a defined “s”-wave shape towards the middle of the hair shaft. These strands tend to be thicker than type 2a and is a little more difficult to straighten. 2b also tends to be a bit frizzier than 2a and can lose curl definition quite easily. 
  • 2C – This is the thickest of the wave types and is more susceptible to frizz. Unlike the previous hair types, the “s”-wave pattern begins at the root and continues down the length of the hair. This hair type requires more hydration and care. 
  • 3A – Type 3 hair is curly. 3A hair tends to be a looser curl with a definitive loop pattern that is usually bouncy. These curls are about the same size as a piece of sidewalk chalk. This hair can frizz easily if manipulated too often. 
  • 3B – These curls are much more voluminous and have a smaller circumference than 3a curls – typically the size of a Sharpie marker. This hair texture is more prone to dryness and frizz, so it’s important to keep these curls hydrated. 
  • 3C – The 3c curl resembles a corkscrew and is the circumference of a straw or pencil. This hair type is usually a much higher density and feels coarser than type 2 or 3 hair. The hair strands tend to be packed together tightly giving this hair type tons of volume and frizz. 
  • 4A – This hair is tightly coiled and has an “s” pattern with the circumference of a crochet needle. This coily hair type has a more visible curl pattern and needs to be moisturized more often. 
  • 4B – These strands have less of a curl pattern and more of a “z” shaped pattern. This hair type does not curl or coil, rather it bends sharply like the letter “z”. This hair type can feel wiry and should be styled using thicker creams and conditioners. 
  • 4C – This hair type similar to 4b but has strands that are very fragile with a tight zigzag pattern. This hair type shrinks the most out of any other hair type. The strands of this hair type can range from fine to thin to coarse. As the most fragile and dry of all the hair types, it’s important to keep 4c hair moisturized and use as little manipulation as possible. 
Best Reviews
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PSL-inspired Mani + Pedi Tutorial
PSL-inspired Mani + Pedi Tutorial
Though deemed “basic”, I truly love anything pumpkin - the color, scent, foods, decor, you name it. Of courseeee to kick off fall I wanted my first fall mani to be inspired by pumpkin. To be honest, this is the first time I’ve painted my nails (aside from my wedding day) since early August. My nails were in rough shape due to constantly painting them, so I took some much needed time off. I also don’t have the steadiest hands, so keep in mind that your mani could look much cleaner than mine! This mani is a PSL- inspired (pumpkin spice latte) French tips with solid colored pedi. The star polish of these nail looks is DECO MIAMI - PSL Nail Lacquer “PSL” (how aptly named). This polish isn’t the best quality-wise. It typically chips within two days, but it’s too gorgeous not to use. It has a cream finish. I got it in a set I purchased a few years ago, but it is available for $12 on the Deco website if you’re interested. Do you have a fave burn orange shade? Leave it below! What You’ll Need: -a burnt orange nail polish -white nail polish (though pale cream would look great, too!) -base coat -top coat -paper reinforcements -tweezers (optional) Mani Steps: 1. Apply your base coat to clean, polish-free nails. 2. Apply at least 2 coats of your burnt orange polish so that your nails are coated opaquely. Let your polish dry for a minimum of 2 hours. Longer is better. You could even do this step the night before. 3. Using tweezers or your fingers (I like tweezers), remove one of the paper reinforcements from its sheet. Lay it on top of your nail so that a small, slightly rounded section is left at the top (the tip). Press down firmly with your free hand so that it sticks (this is why your nails must be super dry or your base polish may come off). 4. Apply an opaque layer of white polish to the tip of the nail. It’s okay if the polish touches the reinforcement. As long as you pressed down, you should get a fairly clean edge. 5. Slowly + carefully remove the paper reinforcement with your other hand or tweezers (I use tweezers) immediately after applying the white tip. 6. Repeat with all other nails on this hand. 7. If any of your edges aren’t as clean as you’d like, you can go back with your burnt orange polish and clean them up with a tiny bit of polish. Let completely dry before applying top coat. 8. Repeat on next hand. Pedi Steps: Repeat steps 1-2 and apply top coat once dry. I personally find it easier to completely finish 1 hand before doing my next hand, but if you’re a mani pro, feel free to breeze through these steps. Also, if you have steadier hands, try free-handing your tips instead of using paper reinforcements. Products I Used: Deco Miami “PSL”, SINFULCOLOR - Professional Nail Polish “Snow Me White”, .INC. - Back to Life Recovery Treatment & Base Coat , Nails Inc 45 second top coat (still testing so no rating) #CheriePartner
My 10 months of hair!
My 10 months of hair!
This post goes out to all of you wonderful wavy babes! Let me tell you, when I started trying to restore my natural hair pattern I stopped at NOTHING to make my hair as curly as possible. I wanted curly, voluminous, bouncy hair, and at first all I saw was limpy nothingness. I refused to accept the fact that my hair was wavy and not the coil ringlets I’ve always wanted. AND THAT HAD A HUGE EFFECT ON MY HAIR. Curly hair is very different than wavy. Here’s why. Curly hair will thrive off of thick products because let’s face it, curls need a lot of extra oomf to hold that wonderful curl, but wavy hair can be very finicky. Too much product? Crunchy, flat, lifeless. Not enough product? Frizzy, wide and fluffy zigzags that look like you slept on straight hair funky. I looked what felt like EVERYWHERE for anything to tell me how to style wavy hair, but all I ever got was how to take care of curls so I assumed. What’s the difference? In many cases, there is NO difference. Stay away from drying alcohols, no parabens, no waxes, etc etc. But what they don’t tell you is that there are certain products that are just too heavy for a bouncy, beachy wave. Oils are great! But too much or a combo of too many can weigh down the roots and make the hair stringy and flat. Too much gel creates a straw like effect that just makes me want to scream. And sometimes creams make your hair feel amazing, but there isn’t any hold to help your hair keep its shape. It’s all about trial and error. Some days will be the best hair day of your life, and other days you just want to shave it all off. But embrace those waves! Waves are the perfect medium between curly and straight! Waves can hold a tighter styled curl as well as hold a nice straight style from a flat iron (god given that the humidity is on your side that day aka non existent!) but natural waves are just as beautiful as both extremes and we have to keep in mind, that even though we aren’t naturally getting that perfect coil, some bouncy beach waves are all we need! Thank you for coming to my ted talk. See ya lovelies ❤️
Mood booster lipsticks part 2
Mood booster lipsticks part 2
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Cherie x @Dermdoctor on IG Live!
Cherie x @Dermdoctor on IG Live!
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