Your Complete Care Guide for Beautiful Coily Hair: 5 Must-Know Tips

Jul. 23
If you have coily hair you’ve likely heard all the complements from those with straight hair about how much they’d love to have your hair, but they’ve got no idea how much work it takes! Sure, coily hair can be some of the most voluminous and beautiful styles out there, but it can take a lot of work! 
It’s also difficult because coily hair is so different (as we’ll get into in just a moment) from even just wavy of curly hair, so it requires a different care strategy, too. So, what is the difference between coily hair and curly hair? 
The Difference Between Coily Hair and Curly Hair
Curly hair is known as Type 3 hair, and as the curls get tighter, this increases to Type 4 hair, a.k.a. coily hair. There are also four distinctions between type 4 hair: Type 4A, 4B, 4C, and 4D. 
  • 4A: Coily hair that is type 4A consists of dense, S-shaped coils that have a spring to them. 
  • 4B: Whereas coily hair that is type 4B feels wirier to the touch and consists of Z-shaped coils. 
  • 4C + 4D: 4C and 4D are for ever increasing tight curls. 
Curly hair (type 3), on the other hand, is defined as anything from large curls to loose ringlets. Although curly hair generally doesn’t have as much body as coily hair, both are prone to frizz, breaks, and dryness. 
Coily hair, however, is prone to damage more than any other hair type and this is why it is so important to know how to properly care for your coily hair.
How to Care for Coily Hair: 
Although everybody’s hair is different, and your best hair care options will depend on you as an individual, all coily hair benefits hugely from deep conditioners, packed full of oils and proteins that will help to hydrate your hair and protect it from serious damage.
  • #1 – Hydrate
Coily hair can often get particularly dry, making it more susceptible to breakages. To combat this, it is worthwhile taking the time to apply a leave-in conditioner whenever you wash your hair. These help to add moisture back into your hair, leaving it hydrated for longer.
You could also try applying hair products that contain ingredients such as shea butter and argan oil daily to maintain hydration between washes.
  • #2 – Sleep with Silk
It is also important to take care of your coily hair overnight. Cotton pillowcases, although soft to the touch, can actually cause damage to coily hair as friction is caused whenever you turn while you are asleep. By using a silk (or satin) pillowcase or by wearing a headscarf while you sleep, your hair is allowed to slide around freely, preventing breakages or tangles forming, and you will get less of that annoying frizz!
  • #3 – Protect from Damage
Your hair can also be damaged just by being out in the world. The sun can dry out your hair when you spend time outside, so it is good to wear a hat or hair covering if you are able to. If you like to go swimming in pools cleaned with chlorine or use a lot of heat when drying or styling your hair, it is beneficial to use a product specifically to combat damage to coily hair, such as a heat protectant. This will help to reduce any damage that might be caused to your coily hair, including breakages and dryness.  
  • #4 – Tame That Frizz
As previously mentioned, coily hair in particular is a victim of frizz. Using a product, such as a cream, oil, or serum, that is specifically designed for coily hair can help to tame the frizz and make it look healthier, without compromising on your curl pattern. It will also help with hydration and work to protect your hair from breakages.
  • #5 – Apply a Soft Touch
The final tip for caring for your coily hair is to apply a soft touch. This means that you should take extra care when styling your hair with clips, bobby pins, or hair ties and be super gentle when removing them. These are a common cause of breaks in any type of hair, but with such a fragile hair type it is even more important to try and find products that are less likely to break your hair.
It is also a good practice to use your fingers to detangle your hair when you have applied the conditioner that we previously mentioned. Using your fingers in much kinder both on your hair and on your scalp, and it won’t disrupt your natural curl pattern like a comb or brush will.
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Join the trending topic 🏷 Beauty Thanks
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Let’s chat hair color!
Let’s chat hair color!
What is a hair toner? A toner is a semi or demi permanent hair color that either adds or neutralizes tone in your hair- that’s where the word toner comes from. As a colorist, I use a toner on 99% of my blondes. A problem I’ve run into in the past is a new client telling me they do NOT want a toner or that they’ve been told they’re only for fixing mistakes! Let’s pause here. Without a toner your hair color will be what I call “raw blonde” aka whatever your color wants to lift to on its own. This can include uneven color from previous touch ups, or yellow or orange undertones that our hair naturally has. A toner is my weapon to help combat these uneven tones and leave your hair as our desired result. So- next time your stylist uses a toner you can ask, what color are we enhancing today?! The answer might surprise you! Xo
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Why pH of skincare products is important?
Why pH of skincare products is important?
The pH is defined as the negative logarithm (base ten) of the concentration of free hydrogen ions in aqueous solution. The pH of skin surface ranges from 4.5 to 6 making it slightly acidic. The acidic nature of the whole skin surface was first claimed by Heuss in 1892; however, the first scientific study was carried out by Schade and Marchionini in 1928, who called it the acid mantle. The “acid mantle” protects the skin by inhibiting the growth of pathogenic organisms, regulating keratinization, desquamation and wound healing. Any disruption in the acid mantle disrupts the activity of enzymes involved in barrier function and anti-microbial protection. The skin pH and the buffering capacity of the skin surface are made up of the components of the stratum corneum as well as the secretions from sebaceous and sweat glands. Sweat is an important contributor towards skin acidity owing to its content of amino acid, lactic acid, and urea, which supplement skin NMF levels. The formation of stratum corneum barrier requires enzymes that are pH dependent. Two lipid-processing enzymes β-glucocerebrosidase and acidic sphingomyelinase require a pH of 5.6 and 4.5, respectively. An increased skin surface pH activates enzyme serine proteases, which causes degradation of corneodesmosomes and affects the skin barrier. pH also has a big impact on the skin microbiome. The bactericidal activity, because of dermicidin and nitrites in sweat, occurs optimally at pH 5.5. The resident bacterial flora changes as pH increases causing increase in population and activity of P. acnes and Staphylococcus aureus which are responsible for acne and eczema. All these result in contact dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, ichthyosis, acne vulgaris and Candida albicans infections. Products with high pH cause swelling of skin follicles affecting the permeability of the skin making it dry, sensitive, and susceptible. Most of the skincare products are formulated within the pH range of normal healthy skin except the exfoliating products that contain alpha-hydroxy acids (AHA’s), Vitamin C products and chemical peel which work at low pH. Facial oils, cleansing oils, balms are not pH dependent.
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