✨8 Curly Hair Secrets You Wish You Knew About Sooner

Jul. 21, 2020
If you were born with beautiful, bouncy spirals, you’ve undoubtedly heard: “I wish I had those curls!” Curly girls will know, having a good hair day is harder than it looks. Curls are unpredictable, but there are things you can do to keep your poofing out, frizzing up, and deflating throughout the day. Get swoon-worthy curls with these trade secrets. 
Secret #1: Always comb your hair from the bottom up
Ditch your hairbrush and opt for a wide-tooth comb to protect your hair from damage and detangle. Starting from the bottom up will allow you to gently detangle each curl, rather than yanking at your roots. Did you know curly hair is the most fragile? Best to take extra steps to protect your wavy tresses. 
Secret #2: Embrace your natural hair
It’s summertime, and curly girls know what that means, frizz, humidity, and wasted time with the flat iron. It’s not worth spending hours straightening your hair just for it to curl 10 minutes after you step outside. Why do all that heat damage? We say, rock your natural curls this summer. Your curls will thank you! 
Secret #3: Girls with curls still need to trim often
Damaged tresses are never cute (not to mention split ends cause more frizz!) Your hair will be so much easier to style if you get a quick trim every 7-9 weeks. Styling broke, dead, or damaged hair is a waste of your precious time. In between trips to the hair salon, use a good leave-in conditioner to help prevent split ends. 
Secret #4: Deep conditioner is your new BFF
If your curls are on the dry, frizzy side or have a bit of flakiness at the roots, steer clear hair care products with alcohol and go for an ultra-nourishing deep conditioner. Commit to once a week for the best, bounciest, happiest curls. If you’re looking to add more shine to your locks, try a deep conditioner made with natural oils like argan, coconut, or jojoba oil. To help treat damaged curls, restore your locks with a protein-based deep conditioner. 
Secret #5: Prevent frizz by drying your hair with a T-shirt
You may have heard of this technique, but did you know it has a name? It’s called “plopping.” Ditch your hair towel (especially if it’s terrycloth) and grab an old T-shirt, or swipe an oversized T from your boyfriend. Drying your hair with a cotton shirt is one of the best secrets for smooth, defined, frizz-free curls. After a shower, wrap your coils into a mound on top of your head and wrap them in the shirt. Curls will stay springy and defined after it dries. 
Secret #6: If you want to straight hair, that’s a-ok
If you want a break from your curls, go for it. Curly girls can achieve sleek, straight hair with a little help from hot tools, a bit of patience, and a good heat protectant. If you’re looking for a more permanent straightening solution, you have a few options. Although still controversial, Brazilian keratin treatments (but what isn’t these days) is one way to achieve a straight look without spending hours in your bathroom every morning. It’s important to note, though, the treatment does involve the use of chemicals. Formaldehyde is the kicker. The FDA has classified it as a cancer-causing chemical. Research the ingredients your salon uses before getting a keratin treatment. 
Secret #7: Invest in a ceramic flat iron
Rocking straight hair occasionally is fun. Sometimes it’s nice to change up your look for a special event or night out. If you’re going to use a flat iron, opt for a ceramic one. They provide better heat distribution and help keep moisture in your hair. 
Secret #8: Go to a hairstylist who knows how to cut curls
Getting the right haircut is so vital for curly-haired girls. And sometimes, hairstylists just don’t know how to cut curls properly. To avoid coming out of the salon looking like you got botched, find a hairstylist specializing in cutting and styling natural curls. 
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