Detangling Strands: 5 Things You Didn’t Know About High Porosity Hair

Jul. 20
High porosity hair can be dry and frizzy if not cared for properly. Deep-conditioning, careful detangle, and protein treatments should be part of your regular routine.
Are you struggling to keep your high porosity hair looking healthy? You’re certainly not alone. 
To help you and your hair out, we’re listing 5 things you didn’t know about high porosity hair and what you can do to keep it healthy.
What You Didn't Know About High Porosity Hair
Having high porosity hair essentially means that your strands are porous—when hair is in this state, it absorbs any moisture it can come across. Unfortunately, this often ends up with frizzy locks on humid days or brittle strands when the air is dry.
If you’re unsure whether your hair is porous or not, here are a few high porosity hair characteristics:
  • Tangles easily.
  • Extremely dry.
  • Frizz.
  • Lacks shine or sheen.
  • Absorbs water or moisture quickly, but loses it just as quick.
With that said, let’s get into the deets:
1. There's No Such Thing as a Quick Detangle
When detangling your strands, you have to be very careful—and when they’re wet, it’s like handling a newborn baby. When dry, high porosity hair is fragile and prone to breakage and damage.
Excellent products to add to your arsenal include pre-poo, such as the African Pride Moisture Miracle Aloe & Coconut Water Pre-Shampoo. 
Alternatively, you can apply your favorite oil to help you tackle the tangles. Good oils for high porosity hair include coconut, olive, hemp seed, jojoba, and castor oil.
2. Regular Shampoo Is Not Your Friend
Because high porosity hair is more fragile, you have to be careful not to use harsh shampoos. Regular shampoos are designed to remove excess oil and give your mane a nice shine—with this hair type, though? You’ll get brittle strands that look lifeless.
To give your tresses a boost with every shower, choose a good Curly-Girl-Approved shampoo. Using a cleansing conditioner is also a great alternative to shampoo since it cleans and moisturizes.
3. Protein Is Life
Things like our diet, sun exposure, heated hair styling tools, and more can take its toll on our locks.
Applying protein treatments to high porosity hair will help to keep it healthy and happy. Opt for protein-rich products and conditioners to incorporate into your daily routine.
Here are a few friendly ingredients you should look for:
  • Keratin.
  • Collagen.
  • Vitamin B-5 (pantothenic acid).
  • Creatine.
  • Yogurt.
4. Moisturizing Is a Must
One of the main characteristics of porous hair is dryness; therefore, it goes without saying that moisturizing is essential. 
Using a good conditioner daily is a must for high porosity hair. It should be silicone-free and coat your hair nicely when applied. 
You can also use the LOC method for high porosity hair. LOC stands for leave-in-oil-cream and it’s all about layering the products right.
Start by applying a leave-in conditioner followed by your favorite oil to seal the moisture, finish with a layer of cream. The LOC method should prevent moisture loss and dryness.
5. Genetics Aren't Always the Culprit
Many women were born with high porosity hair—but did you know that excessive use of heat treatments, hair dye, and chemicals can cause porous locks?
You must do your best to limit exposure to heat, such as ironing and blow-drying. If blow-drying is necessary (which we know it can be), use low heat.
Remember that high porosity hair isn’t damaged—it simply needs a little extra care and attention to feel healthy. Embrace your tresses for what they are and care for them the best you can.
Meta: High porosity hair can be a challenge to manage. We list five things you didn’t know about this unique hair type.
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