Taming Thick Hair: How to Thin Your Hair at Home

Jul. 20, 2020
Thinning thick hair is an effective way to make it more manageable. You can make small changes by preventing frizz with a serum or more significant changes by cutting your hair.
There’s nothing wrong with having thick, luscious locks; however, a thicker mane can be tricky to style. We list five simple methods on how to thin hair at home.
How to Thin Hair at Home and at the Salon
Firstly, is thinning your hair bad?
The short answer is no, not if done correctly.
You can try switching up your hair care arsenal to adding a few layers in your cut. If you want to know how to thin hair at home, let’s dive in:
1. All About the Cut
Altering your hairstyle is one of the easiest and healthiest ways to thin your hair. Now, we’re not saying you should cut your hair off entirely, but a few layers can do wonders to thick hair.
If you’re not brave enough to wield scissors at home, book an appointment with your stylist. Layers will help to balance out the volume and give your hair more life.
2. Thinning Shears
Thinning shears aren’t like regular shears—they consist of a blade on one side and a comb blade on the other. There are different types of thinning shears, such as finishing, texturizing, and chunky shears.
If you plan on thinning your hair at home, invest in a quality thinning scissor. Choose the type that suits your hair—for instance, if you have very thick hair, a chunky thinning scissor will be more effective.
3. Combat the Frizz
Ah, the dreaded frizz—it’s the culprit of many bad hair days. In fact, it’s usually frizz that makes thick hair seem unruly and unmanageable. 
One of the best ways to fight unruly frizz is to treat your strands right, and you can do that from your shower. Equip yourself with a good shampoo and conditioner, such as the Biotera Anti-Frizz Intense Smoothing Shampoo & Conditioner.
Also, don’t shy away from using hair masks or other treatments—although these are usually for damaged hair, they will make your hair more manageable when styling.
4. Change Up Your Styling Products
Because frizz is every thick-hair girl’s worst nightmare, you should consider adding a styling product to your arsenal. Anti-frizz serums smooth the hair by coating the cuticle so it won’t be affected by humidity.
Even if your hair isn’t frizzy, a styling serum, such as the Eden Bodyworks Jojoba Monoi Hair Oil, will moisturize and coat your hair so that it becomes easier to manage.
Jojoba Monoi Hair Oil , EDEN Body Works, cherie
EDEN Body WorksJojoba Monoi Hair Oil
5. Keratin Treatment
If you want an easy way to thin out your hair without cutting it, you might like to try a keratin treatment.
Keratin is a protein found in our glands, nails, hair, skin, and organs. In products, the keratin is derived from animal horns, wool, and even feathers. Fortunately, there are plant-based options available if you prefer vegan products.
A keratin treatment is a temporary hair straightening treatment that can do wonders to thick hair—especially naturally curly hair as it doesn’t actually change the texture, just minimizes frizz. 
The treatment will essentially make your hair less frizzy, easy-to-manage, and it can even make your hair stronger. There are also home treatments available if you want to DIY it.
The Thinner End
So, is it easy to thin your own hair? Yes, it is. 
Although thick hair is beautiful, the struggle to keep it styled throughout the day is real. Fortunately, there are many ways to thin your hair out without damaging it.
If you’re not confident in wielding a pair of scissors, book an appointment with your stylist. Or, try new products to manage thick hair at home.
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