Best tips and tricks for men to style wavy hair!

Jul. 20
Are you taking proper care of your hair, but still want to have more texture, more volume and shine? Do you wish to change your look a bit, and get a flawless wavy hairstyle effortlessly and fast? Well you will have to put a bit of effort into styling wavy hair, but we can definitely help you out! I came up with an amazing guide on how to get wavy hair for men, and will show you that it’s possible from the comfort of your house. Check out our tips and trick for styling wavy hair, and get creative!
Prepare your hair! 
First thing first. If you want your hair to get those long lasting and shining waves, you have to focus on proper hair care! The best way to start is by using a shampoo and conditioner appropriate for your hair. Using conditioner regularly will not only give you that smooth feeling and healthy glow, but also makes the styling process so much easier - trust me on this one! After this covered, you can start experimenting with our wavy hair tips below.
Hairspray and mousse are a must!
Whenever you’re trying to style your hair out of it’s natural order, you’re going to need some additional help. This is when hairspray and mousse come in very handy, and will make your hairstyle not only longlasting, but also give it a decent amount of shine and texture. Hairspray is quite simple when it comes to styling, and should be used on dry hair. But for more texture we recommend going for a good hair mousse!Follow these tips to get the best results when using hair mousse:
  • Style your hair right after washing, when it’s not completely dry.
  • Apply styling mousse thoroughly, focusing on the roots (shorter hair) or end (longer hair) 
  • For a messy look style your hair with hands. And for a more defined wavy look go for a comb.
  • After you’ve got your look, secure it by blow drying your hairstyle with low heat. This will keep your waves in place and reduce frizziness.
  • Wake up with waves!
    Fancy waking up with that perfect hairstyle? Well lucky you, it is possible! If you have medium to long hair you have to try out this wavy hair trick.
  • Wash your hair with conditioner. Yes conditioner! It will make a huge difference for that wavy texture.
  • Let your hair air dry and tie two to four messy buns around your head.
  • Leave them for the night and use sea salt spray in the morning, after you untie the buns.
  • Shake your head a bit and use your hands to scrunch up those waves!
  • Don’t worry is you wake up with a messy junglee from time to time - just shake those crazy waves off and enjoy that rockstar look!
    Credit: Pinterest
    Slicked Back Waves
    This slick and stylish wavy hairstyle is great if you have medium long hair and want to look sharp in no time!
  • Make sure you start to style this hairstyle with damp hair.
  • Squeeze pomade onto your hands and brush through your hair with your fingers.
  • Try doing an upward back motion with your hands to give your hair that wanted lift.
  • After restyling, let the pomade settle in and you’re done!
  • Credit: Pinterest
    Beach Waves
    Looking for that summer vibe and straight from the beach look? Go ahead and enjoy some beach waves on your head with just a few simple steps!
  • Start with damp hair tied in a messy bun in the back of your head.
  • Blow dry the tight bun until it’s dry.
  • Let your hair lose and scrunch it upwards with some sea salt spray for a longer lasting and natural effect.
  • Credit: Pinterest
    Waves with an Undercut
    If you have or are planning on getting an undercut, this wavy hairstyle is for you. Elegant and playful at the same time, you will really show off those waves with this one!
  • Start with damp hair and applying hair mousse to the crown part of your hair.
  • Repeatedly stroke through the hair, scrunching it at the same time to give it texture.
  • Try to go close to the skin and follow an upward and back motion
  • Set the hairstyle with medium to strong hold hairspray.
  • Credit: Pinterest
    And there you have it! There is plenty of fun ways to style wavy hair for men, and it’s up to you which will be the choice of the day. Try reaching out for different styling products and see what works best for you hair, and remember that healthy hair responds best to any type of styling!
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