6 Easy Steps to Get The Perfect Effortless Loose Waves

Jul. 20
Want those effortless, beachy loose waves that are so in fashion? If you’re longing to have your hair look like you spent five minutes on it this morning for it to look this good, you’re in the right place! Follow these 6 easy steps for the perfect waves.  
Ah, loose wavy hair. It’s casual, it’s stylish and it can make an entire outfit look effortlessly cool. It’s also the look that seems most impossible to recreate without it turning into curls or looking like you’re stepping out of a L’Oréal commercial – just far too polished. 
Thankfully, those dreamy, relaxed waves are very much attainable, even if your hair is naturally straight and thin – you’ve just got to have a few tricks up your sleeve! So let’s dive into a step-by-step tutorial on how to get the perfect relaxed waves hairstyle, with some useful tips and tricks along the way!
Step 1 Work With Dry Hair (Ideally a Day Old) 
Make sure your hair is dry to start with, and prepare it for curling with a heat spray or texture spray – just avoid anything that wants to make your hair sleek and shiny. Less is going to be more here. If you can leave your hair for a few hours or even a day before styling it will make your hair a lot easier to work with, but if not, just skip the conditioner when you wash it.  
Step 2 Divide Your Hair Into Sections 
Divide your hair into sections, so you can work from the bottom to top of your head when you curl it. The thicker your hair, the smaller sections you’re going to need, so try not to have too much hair in any one section so you’ve got less to manage as you curl it. 
Step 3 Choose Your Tools for the Wave 
Your tool will dictate your results, so be aware that working with a large barrel curling iron will produce loose curls at first that will need brushing out for waves when you’re done. For the fine, twiszy beach waves, use a small curling iron or flat iron, as this will make your job much easier. 
Step 4 Start Curling 
Now you’re ready to start curling. To get the best beach waves and loose waves, vary the thickness of each strand you work with. If your hair has some natural wave and you want the hairstyle to look relaxed, skip any strands that are naturally wavy, as they’ll add more texture to your look. 
Make sure you also curl in different directions, both toward your face and away, focusing on away as you get close to your face. This will help give it that natural, loose waves look. 
If you want the beachy Hollywood look, angle your iron so it’s pointing up, as this will keep the waves “straighter” and will stop them getting too much body. 
Spritz with a light-hold hairspray when you finish each section. 
Step 5 Perfect Your Styling 
Once your hair has been curled all over, gently run your fingers through each section and pull apart any sections that look too bulky. You may feel inclined to brush your hair once it has been curled, but if your hair is fine as well as straight, that’s likely to loosen your curls a too much. Simply open your fingers widely and carefully run them through your hair, in a zigzag downward motion.
Now, go back up to the roots and shake it up to add body, you can tease underneath if necessary, or add volumizing spray or dry shampoo to give it body. This will help your waves last longer, and help your style look balanced. 
Next, pick out individual pieces and add a little texture clay or similar to define some of pieces closer to your head. When everything looks perfect, or when you’ve almost got the perfect loose waves, spray everything with hairspray. Wait a few seconds, and then run your hands through it again to separate the sections. 
Step 6 You’re Done! 
Awesome! You now have the perfect, relaxed loose waves. Finish getting ready or go about your day and add a little more hairspray before heading out or as needed. The best thing about loose waves is that it can actually look just as good even as it relaxes throughout the day, so give it an occasional “scrunch” with your hand from the roots to the base of your head. Carry a little sea salt spray with you if you’ve found that works will for your hair. 
That’s it! It may take you a few tries to figure out exactly how you like it best, so don’t worry if it doesn’t turn out exactly right on the first try. Just try again and you’ll soon have it down pat! 
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