10 Steps to Make Naturally Straight Hair Curly with a Curling Iron

Jul. 20, 2020
Wondering how to make your naturally straight hair curly with a curling iron for the first time? Don’t worry, we all start somewhere and before you know it your be a whiz with your curling wand! Follow the steps below to get started.
We’re all envious of the girls with their perfect curls and long, shiny locks, yet when we try to recreate the same look with our flat iron, it never looks as good. So, how do you get curly hair when you have naturally straight hair?
The best answer? A curling iron. 
A curling iron is like a fast-track to curls, especially if you have the perfect barrel size for the curl you want. We’ll get into all that below, so let’s jump straight into the steps. 
Step 1: Assess What You’re Working With 
Take a look at your hair as it is. Is it completely straight? When did you last wash it? If you have recently washed it, you’re going to find your hair is more difficult to work with, so if you’re determined to get beautiful curls from freshly washed hair you’re going to need to be patient and use thinner sections as you curl. 
Secondly, if you have hair that has some natural wave or kinkiness from crown to ear, it’s a good idea to straighten that part before you start, as doing so after to get the kinks out can be difficult. 
Step 2: Choose The Right Curling Iron 
The size you use can actually have a big impact on the way your curls will turn out, so do some research or ask friends what size they use for their curls. If your hair is on the shorter side, you may want to use a thinner 1 inch iron on your hair. If you opt for a thicker one, you may not get the amount of loose curls you’re looking for. If your hair is past shoulder length, you’ll want to look for a larger 1.25 inch thick iron. 
Step 3: Prepare Your Hair 
Unwashed hair generally keeps a curl more effectively, so it’s best to wash your hair the day before you curl it. If you’d rather curl freshly washed hair, do make sure you blow dry it. Once it has been dried, brush it thoroughly and make sure it’s free of tangles.
Step 4: Apply Dry Shampoo or Volumizing Product 
There are a ton of options for this, and can be done by applying the mousse to your hairbrush and running the brush through your hair. Mousses are a bit hit and miss, so unless you have one you like, simply spray your hair with a little dry shampoo so it has more texture when you curl it. 
Step 5: Divide Your Hair into Sections 
Divide your hair into sections as the thickness of your hair dictates. It’s best to quarter your head and do an extra section at the back, but do what feels most manageable. 
Step 6: Set the Temperature if Possible 
Set the temperature of your curling iron. This will depend on the thickness of your hair. The finer your hair, the lower the temperature your iron should be. If you have really fine or color-treated hair, set your curling iron no higher than 200°F, and if your hair is thick, you can set it at 200–300°F.
Step 7: Grab Your Curling Iron and Get Curling 
Now it’s time to curl! Take a section of hair between your fingers and wrap it vertically around your curling iron. If your iron has a clip, you may want to wrap your hair from the bottom, and clip the end of your strand in the same direction as you’re wrapping up that strand of hair. 
If you have a wand iron, you can start at the top or bottom of your hair- it won’t make a difference. If you’re trying to achieve looser, more relaxed waves, start curling toward the top wherever you’d like the waves to start. Then, wrap your hair around your curling wand, leaving a little hair out at the ends.
If you’d like to have tighter curls using a wand iron, start by winding up from the bottom. 
Be aware of the angle of your iron – experiment with holding it horizontally and on an angle and find the result you like best. Turn the hair away from your face around your face, and it’s up to you which direction you curl in everywhere else – this way, it frames your face beautifully! 
Step 8: Take Your Time 
Aim to keep your hair wrapped in your iron for 8-10 seconds. Of course, if your hair is particularly damaged from heat or excessive coloring, keep a close eye on it. Touch the hair carefully to feel how hot it is. 
Step 9: Hold or Pin Your Curls Until They Cool 
Pin your curls up when they’re finished. Not only will this help them to cool in the right shape, it will also help you to keep track of which sections you have already done. You can hold them in your hand instead, if necessary. 
Step 10: Use Hairspray 
Spray your curls to keep them firmly in place. Whether you prefer to use hairspray, glossing serum, light mousse, or salt spray, hold your bottle about 10 inches from your head and lightly spray. Hairspray is going to be the right choice for most of us. 
Voila! You now have beautiful, light curls with your curling iron! Curling irons can give some of the best results, especially for naturally straight hair, so they’re definitely worth the investment – just follow these steps each time and you’ll soon be a pro! 
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