The 10 Best Haircuts to Turn That Thin Hair into Thick Hair

Jul. 17
Thin hair can be a result of many factors – it can be hereditary, caused by changes in diet or just ageing. Just because your hair has become thinner does not mean you have to fall behind the others when it comes to having luscious hair. 
Thick hair can be achieved using extensions, but that requires a lot of care and continuous appointments to the hairdresser every month or two. Also, good wigs are expensive. 
You can change that thin hair dramatically with the help of some scissors and the right cut. If done correctly, it’ll give your hair the illusion of looking full. According to many professional stylists, the right haircut will make your hairdo 180o. 
Let’s take a look at 10 hairstyles that will turn thin hair into thick hair.     
The 10 Best Haircuts for Thicker Hair
  • Long All-Over
  • If you have thin but longer hair this may be the perfect look for you. For longer hair, stylists suggest layering the hair can make the thinness of the hair more prominent. Instead, go for one length all over.
    Credit: Pinterest
  • Medium Length with Blunt Edges
  • Stylists say that this the look you should go for if you want medium length hair. According to them, this style works for pretty much everyone. Medium, one-length haircuts with blunt edges also give more options for styling it. 
    Credit: Hair Styler
  • Medium Length with Side Bangs
  • Medium length can also be paired with side bangs. The medium-length cut serves as the perfect balance between the one-length and the bangs. Just add texture to style it makes it look even thicker. 
    Credit:  Etiennebruce
  • Classic Long Bob
  • This is the best of both worlds. It’s not too long and not too short. When talking to the stylist ask for something above the shoulder. Keep it free of layers and a bit blunt. You will not only get a thicker look but also hair that is perfect for every occasion.
    Credit: Byrdie
  • Long layers in Mid-length Hair
  • Mid-length hair with choppy layers will give your hair movement and volume. This is perfect if you have thin, textured and relaxed hair. The layers will emphasise the volume in the hair. 
    Credit: Pinterest
  • Angled Bob
  • Some stylists suggest that the thinner hair, go shorter and blunter. If you find the normal bob boring, you can always go for the angled bob. It is slightly longer in the front and shorter in the back.
    Credit: Pinterest
  • Blunt Bob
  • The blunt bob gives a fuller look. The bottom gets cut off to achieve the fuller look and it will look super chic.  
    Credit: Stylezco
  • Dense Pixie
  • If you’re looking to go completely short, then the dense pixie might be the right for you. The dense pixie adds fullness to thin strands. If you want the look to be a bit more feminine leave the top section a little longer.
    Credit: Woman Magazine
  • Pixie with Finger Curls 
  • If you thin curly hair and are looking to go short, fingers curls are a glamorous and retro way to make that thin hair thick. Tousling it will also add depth.
    Credit: Naturally Curly
  • Tousled Pixie
  • This is a longer pixie with volume concentrated on top of the head sometimes. You can pass your hands through to tousle it for a swept-back and effortless look.
    Credit: Pinterest
    With so many options at your fingertips and stylists willing to help you feel your best self, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Let us know if you want similar articles!   
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