A Guide to Thinning Out Your Hair with Thinning Scissors ✂️

Jul. 17, 2020
A query often searched by people with thick hair is how to thin the hair out. People with thin hair would probably gasp in horror at that, as many wish they had thicker hair. Nevertheless, thick hair can be a hassle, but thick hair looks beautiful and it is difficult to manage sometimes.
If you are also looking for an answer to that query, look no further because we have you covered! Before taking any shear and going to town on your own, go through our little guide on how to thin them out without ruining them.
The How-to on thinning your Hair  
  • Do your Research
Before you start hacking off the hair, it is important to know what kind of hairstyle you want. There are so many styles out there that you can pick from. Do your research; find if it suits your face shape and your hair type. Do you have time to style it the way you like every day? Find the answers to your questions before committing to the look.
  • Find the right scissors
  • Any scissor won’t do for a very specific purpose –that is if you are looking to thin out your hair, you need the proper shears to do it. Thinning scissors have a blade on one side while there is a comb on the other. Apart from that, they are then more subtypes such as finishing hair trimmers, chunking or texturizing hair trimmers. Picking your scissor depends on what look you are hoping to achieve.
    Credit: Amazon.com
  • Separate and Clip
  • Separate your hair in sections and clip them in place so they don’t get in your way when trimming one section. The clips will hold the section in place until you are ready to work with it.
    Credit: Madison Reed
  • Trimming in Sections
  • Once you’ve clipped your hair up and divided it into sections, take it one section at a time. Start low. Trim the sections furthest away from the crown, before moving on to the higher pieces. Do it gradually. 
  • Snips
  • Hold an under-section taut and firmly in your hand and start snipping in section, upward. Snip halfway between your hair and scalp. Never take it more upward than the halfway point you stopped at before. For upwards snipping, angle the scissors towards the ceiling.
    Once you’ve finished snipping halfway, turn your scissors around now pointing towards the floor. Snip down half the section. This technique helps the end-result look more natural. 
    Credit: Allure
  • Comb it out
  • Comb the hair out regularly between the snips and move towards the ends slowly while continuing to comb it out.   
  • Style 
  • Once you believe you've finished with the cut style it to see if it is what you wanted it. Use styling products if needed. If you think it needs a bit more work you can always go back and trim a bit extra if needed.
  • Repeat Monthly
  • Thinning should be done sporadically. To get the best results, you can use your thinning scissors twice a month. Otherwise, you will thin out your hair to the point of no return. It is difficult to get back to that volume if you over-thin the hair.
  • Consult a Stylist
  • Even though it is possible to thin out your hair at home, we recommend a professional stylist instead. They are trained to give you your desired look and will reduce the chances of mistakes.
    We hope these steps will help you thin out your hair without messing it up. Let us know if you would like more step-by-step ways to get your desired hairstyles.
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    This week’s ✨Cherie Spotlight ✨ w/o Jan 25
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    Self Care: Skin Roller & Sheet Masks
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    🥭 Creamy + Dreamy AF Cleansing Balm ✨
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    The best sunscreen for dry skin☀️
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