The Best Tips for Straight-Haired Girls to get their Dream Curls

Jul. 15, 2020
Each new year brings in new trends; from your clothes to your shoes and even hair. For the year 2020, the stylists and trendsetters have spoken and it’s the year for curly-haired people! 
Sadly, not everyone is blessed with a beautiful corkscrew or similar curls. However, just as curly hair girls have tips for getting straighter hair, a girl with straight hair can now get curly hair with or without tools. 
There are permanent ways such as perms to get curly hair that will last for months. Nevertheless, in the long run, it can be damaging to the hair. These tips can help you utilize the styling tools to their utmost extent and even get curls without it.
Tips to get Curly Hair
There are many ways to achieve perfect curls. These are some tips to take some traditional approaches and some not to get the most out of them.
  • Mousse can be Your Best Friend
  • Your curl power will come from how you prep your hair before going in with any tools or techniques. To prep, your straight hair for curls, use products with ‘memory’. These products are used to give hair a flexible and malleable shape making it easier to style them. 
    When we say mousse and hair spray, we don’t mean using it like the people in the 80’s did. Use a mousse with a good formula that holds your hair in the style you desire without making it feel crusty. 
    After you towel-dry the hair, take a puff of the mousse through still damp hair using your fingers. Apply it from roots to the ends of the hair. Then comb through with a wide-tooth comb before going with any styling tool.
    You can rake mousse through your hair, roll it and pin it up for a heatless way of getting curls. Rollers will also help here. This is the best tip for those looking to avoid hair damage.
    Credit: youtube
  • Curling Iron and Hair Spray
  • The curling iron was made to give anyone curls if they are using a good one, of course. If you are going out and your hair is completely dry, mist it with a hair spray. You can find hairsprays that offer heat protection along with shine to your hair. 
    After your hair is misted with the hairspray, take a curling iron. A tip here to remember with curling irons is to use a barrel that is smaller than your intended curl size. Curls tend to become looser as the day passes. Wrap small sections hold them longer than you think you need to.
    Do not immediately release the curl as it would lose its shape. Hold it in your hands for a few seconds. You can also use clips and pin them. This will make sure that you do not lose your curl throughout the day.
    Credit: Pinterest
    How you wrap the section of your hair will also make a difference in what kind of results you get. Have a look below on some of the styles that can be achieved.
    Credit: Pinterest (edited)
  • Flat Iron – Get your money’s worth 
  • Don’t have a curling iron and not willing to invest in one? You can always use a flat iron. A flat iron is a more common purchase than a curling iron and there is a higher chance you have one. A flat iron can be used to make beautiful curls as well.
    Some things to remember with a flat iron for curls are that it will take a higher temperature to get curls that last. Always use a heat protector spray to prevent heat damage. For the modern curl look start at the eye level instead of at the root. Also for a more refined look omit the ends when pulling the flat iron down.
    Credit: Pinterest (edited)
  • Blow Dry your hair with a Round Brush
  • A way to get curly hair using the blow dryer is by adding tools in the routine. The round brush will go a long way to help you get curls. 
    • Start with mousse or gel in the hair. 
    • Remove any knots and extra moisture from the hair. 
    • With damp hair take sections of the hair and place the round brush in the middle. 
    • Start twisting your hair in the brush away from the face. 
    • Blow-dry as you keep twisting the hair. 
    • To make them last longer use hair spray. 
    Credit: The Dry Bar
  • Add Putty for some Texture
  • Whether you are using a curling iron and flat iron to get curls, avoid using dry shampoo and similar products once the hair is dry. Prep and how you finish it up is key. To get the most natural-looking curls to add a little texture.
    Avoid using any silk serums, oils, and dry shampoos when trying to get curls on pin-straight hair. These products may look good for a short while but will unravel your hair faster. Add some putty instead. 
    This a stylist’s tip. They will take a thin layer of putty between their hands and scrunch the ends of the hair to give it texture. This gives a more natural look without the curl unraveling before the day is over.
    Curly hair is in and using these tips you can get your desired curls today! Let us know if these tips work for you and if you want more.
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