Desire luscious Wavy hair? Use these Five Techniques

Jul. 15
Most people, if not everyone, love changing up their look once in a while to get beautiful wavy hair. You can both dress it up or dress it down making it perfect for any kind of occasion. 
It looks great and is a desire for many women around the world. For the summers, no hairstyle is more in than luscious wavy hair. 
This article goes into some of the easiest techniques you can use to get luscious wavy hair with little to medium effort. There is something from the everyday stylist to people who don’t want to put in the effort.  
Whether you have been inspired by Ariel from The Little Mermaid or your favorite actress is sporting a wavy look that makes you want a similar one, below are some techniques you can use to get wavy hair easily.
The easiest techniques to get Wavy hair
Several ways and tips are floating around the internet about what techniques you can use to get luscious wavy hair. We’ve gathered some of the most fool-proof and simple to understand techniques that you can use daily.
  • Some braids and good sleep
  • Likely one of the easiest techniques to get nice loose beachy waves is to use braids. But what braids? French, Dutch, headband, or some other braid? Do you require expertise in making intricate braids to use this method? That’s the beauty of this method, you don’t need any of the above!
    For this technique, the only thing you need is to section out your hair in multiple parts. These sections are then braided into loose or tight plain braids. How tight or lose you keep those braids will determine how your waves turn out. You can also use different kinds of braids for different looks.
    An extra step you can take here is spritzing your hair with water and then tying them in braids. After that might be the easiest step, just go to sleep! You’ll wake up to beautiful waves and also no heat damage.   
  • Large Barrel Curling iron
  • Large barrel curling irons are perfect to create waves, if you are looking for something that will last you throughout the day and even the next. Wrap medium sections of hair on the curling iron.  Pull it up and then outwards to create beachy waves. 
    Using a large barrel curling iron will give you the look for overnight curls without ours spent on it. Lightly spray them down to help them last even longer. If you are worried about heat damage use a heat protectant spray to give it extra protection. 
  • Twist and flat iron it
  • The curling iron isn’t the only way to get beautiful wavy hair. You can also use a flat iron if you have one. Twist sections of the hair depending on how small or big the wave you want it to be. Then just take your flat iron and iron them top to bottom. 
    This is an effective way to put waves in your hair. However, like with the curling iron use a heat protectant spray to keep your hair safe from the intense heat.
    Credit: pinterest
  • Curl in a ponytail
  • An old YouTube favorite tutorial to get beachy wavy, if you have long or thick hair, is the ponytail curling method. All you have to do is put your hair up in a high ponytail, take a section and wrap them around your curling iron. Hold for a few seconds after in your hand and release. The final look will give you luscious wavy hair that also looks and feels effortless.  
    Credit: pinterest
  • Use a pencil or straw
  • This can be another heatless method if you have the time or you can just use a flat iron to speed up the process. Some people want long luscious beachy waves while others might prefer the smaller ringlets look.
    A simple way to achieve that is by using a pencil if you want flat iron and straws if you’re making heatless waves. For heatless curls wrap small pieces of the hair around the straw and tie the ends with plastic. You might need to wet the hair first and leave it tied for up to four hours.
    Simply wrap the hair around the pencil hold it one hand and iron it with the other. You can also use tin foil wrap it around the pencil so you don’t have to hold it and then press the flat iron on the foil. 
    Credit: youtube
    These were some of the easiest techniques to use if you want wavy hair! Let us know if you try any of them out!
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    DIY BB Cream: My New Fave Trick for Summer
    DIY BB Cream: My New Fave Trick for Summer
    Note: I am wearing some concealer and strobe stick in the “after” pictures. Okay, so I’ve just learnt this quick and super simple recipe for making your own Tinted Moisturiser! I can’t believe that I’ve never heard of this before, and can’t wait to test it more this summer ☀️ So, I found out that you can create your own tinted moisturiser by mixing some of your favourite face cream with some of your favourite mineral makeup powder! When I moved to Australia, I noticed that my usually dry, fairly sensitive skin was not tolerating foundation during the summer. The high humidity here caused every foundation I owned to break up, powders would bunch to it, and I’d look terrible by midday! Some days, I wished I just hadn’t worn any makeup 😫 I started using the nude by nature - Natural Mineral Cover Foundation SPF 15 on top of a high quality moisturiser and full coverage concealer, and enjoyed the results. However, I always felt a little bit drier than I wanted to. Now, I’m going to be testing out this new trick ✨ Mix a pump of your favourite moisturiser - mine is currently the CeraVe - Daily Moisturizing Lotion For Normal To Dry Skin - with a good couple shakes of your mineral powder foundation in a container. Mix the two ingredients together, and dab it onto your face. You’re boosting your hydration whilst blending the natural mineral coverage into your skin! 😇 I bet this method will be much longer lasting than just slapping makeup on top of slippery face cream. Adding more mineral foundation will increase the pigmentation and coverage of your tinted moisturiser mixture, but I don’t expect to get anything more than light coverage out of this. Still, this is a beautiful fix for uni days, grocery runs, or any time I want to look a bit more vibrant without the effort! Two ingredients that I already own, and a couple seconds of mixing 😍
    I just tried OLAPLEX Nº 0 & Nº 3 🤷🏻‍♀️
    I just tried OLAPLEX Nº 0 & Nº 3 🤷🏻‍♀️
    ☁️This 2-part treatment system takes 20+ minutes. You do it on dry hair before you shampoo & condition. First you saturate your hair with Nº 0, wait 10 minutes, don’t rinse, then add Nº 3 & leave on for an additional 10+ minutes. Nº 3 can be used alone, but Nº 0 is meant to be used only as a precursor for Nº 3. I originally bought this for my bf’s heavily damaged hair, but he’s so lazy about using anything😑 So finally we made it happen. My hair isn’t currently damaged from bleach like it used to be, however, because I have a neurological disease, some days I’m in so much pain, tossing & turning in bed all day, I pull my hoodie over my head & use a heating pad on it. Days like this my thick hair becomes a wreck. Swipe for photos. I definitely get a lot of breakage around my hairline, I’m so over it lol, I’ve got silk pillowcases coming in the mail💤💌 I picked a “bad hair day” like this from the other day after my flareup calmed down to try this 2-part treatment system for you guys. I’m aware that no hair treatment can make a strand of hair full length again once it’s snapped short... I was more curious to see what this treatment could do for my bf’s hair. He washes it waaay too much because he thinks it’s dirty due to his job, which gives his hair tons of sun damage. I was mortified when he told me he washes it twice a day! Don’t do this! It strips away your natural oils! His hair is so brittle & dry! OLAPLEX - No. 0 Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment Kit $28/5.2 of Nº 0 + 1 oz of Nº 3 Everyone seems to be raving about Olaplex products, so I had my hopes set pretty high. This may be an unpopular opinion, but this treatment didn’t impress me much. I have to use sooo much product for my hair & it’s only shoulder length. My hair is extremely thick, I’m no stranger to using extra product, but this was a little ridiculous. I used almost the entire full size Nº 0 & every last drop of the sample size Nº 3. The amount I used on my bf was quite little. His hair is very thin & only like 4-5” long. OLAPLEX - No.0 Intensive Bond Building Treatment $28/5.2 oz He thought I was using a lot, because the nozzle dispenses so slowly (which is good I guess because the consistency is like water) but the level only went down about a half inch. Not really any scent. I found it so time consuming to do this step myself. The applicator made me feel like I was in highschool using box dye. I actually transferred it to an empty (& clean) Briogeo spray bottle because I was so frustrated. It dispensed it a lot faster, but still be very careful. I had a cut on finger & it burned really bad, so don’t get it in your eyes! OLAPLEX - No. 3 Hair Perfector $28/3.3 oz Similar to typical hair conditioner in texture/consistency/scent-easy to apply. THE RESULTS: His hair: still fried This just wouldn’t be feasible for my hair considering I emptied a $28 bottle for 1 use. Hair was soft after nothin special.
    I saw this look on Pinterest with black nails and i thought I would recreate with white nails. I have never done nail art before so this was a challenge for me but here is how I recreated the look: Products used: •beetles Gel Polish - Poly Gel Kit for Nail this kit I prefer because the gels work better and are not as sticky as the next polygel kit. •#Sexy mix - Polygel nail kit[products]#[FourStars] this kit comes with lots of materials to create pretty nails but the polygel is very sticky and sometimes does not harden completely •L.A. Girl - Color Pop Nail Polish this nail polish can be a little bit thick and sticky, so work in thin coats and layer more if necessary •NYC NEW YORK COLOR - Long Wearing Nail Enamel this nail polish is very thin but full coverage so it works well. It dries quickly which is nice •nail filer •small detailed nail brush •gel lamp To recreate the ghost design:  •First I applied a thin layer of the polygel base coat to my nail and cured in a UV lamp for 90 seconds •Then I used the clear polygel, slip solution, a nail brush, and a correct-fitting nail form to create a fake nail. I would recommend choosing a form slightly bigger opposed to smaller because you can always file down the excess. Apply a small amount of polygel to the form. Dip the brush into the slip solution so its coated but not damp. Smooth out the polygel in the form so it reaches all of the edges. Make sure there are no bubbles in the gel. •Next, apply the nail form to your finger at a 45 degree angle. Slowly place the gel onto the nail. Do not push the form as it could create the gel to spill out. Cure the nail under the lamp for 90 seconds. •After the nail was cured, I popped the form off and filed my nail into an oval shape. I also filed down the nail so it was thin. This also creates a super shiny coat once the top coat is applied.  •Next it was time for the design. I used a very small detailed nail brush I found off of Amazon and the two white and black polishes listed above. I first started off with the ghost’s body. Then I created his little arm. Next I used the black to create the ghosts face. I also created a thin french nail by applying a white line on the top of my nail. Let dry. •Lastly I applied I thin layer of polygel top coat and cured my nail for an additional 90 seconds. And…. there you have it, Halloween ghost nails. 🎶: Elixr by WYS & The Jazz Cafe #CheriePartner
    ✨New Beauty Buys-Ole Henriksen PHAT: Worth it?
    ✨New Beauty Buys-Ole Henriksen PHAT: Worth it?
    I recently got this new face mask that works like a facial, with potent PHAs and Nordic birch sap to exfoliate by @olehenriksen ✨OLE HENRIKSEN - PHAT Glow Facial Mask It's really an interesting mask that works similar to @theordinary's AHA BHA peeling solution, but has Polyhydroxy Acid in it. It's an exfoliating mask that works instantly without causing any irritation or burning at all. I really liked this mask because you can keep it on for 15-20 mins and watch the pink color turn into white then wash it off. This mask doesn't sting or burn but does that exfoliation and gives a glow. It works amazing for my any skin type, I have oily/combination and Acne prone skin and it works great for me. The texture is of this mask very unique. It's goopy and stringy. Unlike clay masks, it's a thick creamy texture that glides on face like gum and washes off without any mess. I am enjoying using this because it gives me results instantly. It is great for dull skin, uneven skin tone and texture, Dark Spots, Fine lines and Wrinkles, Pores, and Dryness. ✨It has : Highlighted Ingredients: - Polyhydroxy Acids (PHAs): A gentler alternative to AHAs that help even skin tone and texture through chemical exfoliation. - Nordic Birch Sap: Helps hydrate and nourish skin. - Pink Bentonite Clay: Helps clarify and renew. My experience: -Instantly brightens skin and makes it feel smooth and soft -Improves dark spots / hyperpigmentation -Doesn't irritate skin, doesn't sting or burn -Very gentle on Sensitive skin and works similar to AHA BHA masks. The only downside of this product is the price, It's 50$ for 1.7 fl.oz / 50 mL of product which in my opinion is quite expensive. The amount we get is very minimum and it's not going to last you more than 10 uses. You can get better exfoliating masks or solutions at quarter of the price and they work the exact same. Although I truly liked this product I won't be repurchasing it frequently.
    🦋butterfly is waving on my eyelids!
    🦋butterfly is waving on my eyelids!
    You probably have already seen all over your instagram page or even tiktok millions of people doing butterfly related makeup. It’s so beautiful and you wish you could do something like that. I got you girl. I will show you how to do an amazing butterfly makeup you can wear this Halloween.  I have pretty pale skin, which makes my veins in my eyes to show up a lot, so first of all, we prepare our face with moisturizer and primer. We apply concealer the eye to use as a base. After everything is ready to go, you are going to take a liquid eyeliner and in the inner corner of your eye, draw a sort of circle. You can make it as big as you want. Then you are going to put the shadows you want your butterfly to have. I chose shades of orange. I really love Morphe shadows. They are very affordable and have an exceptional quality. Very pigmented and durable. I am using Morphe x James Charles. After that, you are going to make some lines. As random as possible, some thicker than the other and in al direction. Something like this. The top part of our eye is all done. Now for the bottom part. First, we can to do our base.  We apply foundation, concealer, bronzer and blush. Then, we are going to repeat the steps we did for the top part of the eye for the bottom. Do a circle, color it and then do random lines everywhere. It should look something like this. You can add some white dots in the ticker parts of the eyeliner for more detail. The last step is to do your brows, apply mascara and a pinkish lipstick (to continue with the same type of colors). And you are done. You now have an amazing butterfly in your eyes. Now you can flutter your eyes in two ways!