The Best Flat Iron Tips for Straight Hair👩

Jul. 15, 2020
For the curly hair girls, straightening the hair completely changes their look. On the other hand, those with already straight or wavy hair will get a sleek and refined look reminiscent of Kim Kardashian and many others. 
The flat iron is likely one of the most loved hairstyling inventions of all time. But it may not be as easy as it looks. Several people make mistakes which results in them not getting the look they wanted, damaging it, or it not lasting. 
This article will go into some of the best tips out there to help you use your flat iron the right way. There may be a learning curve but practice makes perfect! Moreover, using these tips you can become a pro quickly.  
The best tips for using Flat iron
These are some of the best tips for flat irons and what to do before we’ve gathered from professional stylists to guarantee perfectly straight hair every time.  
  • Start your prep in the shower
One thing you need to realize is that even though there are shampoos and conditioners catered to certain hair types –that is, curly, wavy or straight, there are none that will straighten the hair. 
When we say start your prep in the shower use products that will hydrate the hair and make it stronger. Hair that is already brittle will break the minute you use the flat iron on it.
Also, when you use conditioner comb it through the hair so that it doesn’t break when you wash it out. Healthy hair is better suited to resist any heat damage that the flat iron can cause.
  • Using the right hairbrush
The right hair brush will make all the difference when attempting to straighten your hair. Different brushes are meant for different hair types and purposes. To perfectly straighten the hair, stylists recommend using a brush that as a mix of nylon and boar bristles. 
Nylon on its causes static but detangles the hair well while the boar bristle helps smooth and add a polished look to the hair. A combination of both can make straightening easier.
  • Rough Dry Don’t Blow Dry
  • Blow drying also reduces the chances of getting a sleek finish from the flat iron. The normal ways to blow dry won’t let your hair be the best, it can be when using the flat iron. Instead, use the rough drying method. The hairdryer is used in a back-forth motion over the head to dry the hair. 
    Instead of blow-drying the hair uses the rough drying method. Dry the hair to about 80% if you are using it directly out of the shower. Make sure you keep the hairdryer nozzle in the downward direction. Here you can apply your serums to make the hair shinier.
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  • Thermal Protectant
  • A thermal protectant is necessary if you do not want your hair sizzling. If the desired end-look is pin-straight hair you will likely need to set the flat iron to a higher temperature. Thermal protectants coat the hair and prevent damage. 
    Some protectants will also reduce frizz, increase shine, and protect up to 450 degrees. They can also be used on both damp and dry hair.
    • Monitor the Flat Iron Temperature
    Flat irons these days offer user, the control of the temperature and go as high as 450 degrees. Just because it’s there doesn’t mean you should be using it. That temperature is used by trained professionals for certain treatments. 
    The safe zone for a flat iron is 300 to 350 degrees. Start with 300 degrees and take it up slowly if needed. Try using ones that come with ceramic plates that distribute heat evenly. 
    • Hold the hair taut
    When flat ironing the hair, pull the sections and hold them taut. Keeping it flat will need lesser passes when straightening the hair. Fewer passes mean less damage. If you hold the hair taut, it will create tension in the hair and allow it to straighten up faster.
    Once you hold the hair taut, go from roots to ends to straighten your hair. The tension will help you by not having to pass the flat iron on the section several times.   
    • One Section at a time 
    With styling your hair and in particular, working with hair tools that use heat, you need to remember that patience is a virtue. To get the perfect sleek straight hair look, take one section at a time. 
    Avoid grabbing random fistfuls. The simplest method the section out the hair is to split it in the middle and also in the back. If you have thick hair, split it into four sections instead of two. This will save you time and a better look.  
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    • Finishing Products to help it last
    If after you straighten your hair and see there is frizz, don’t worry because there are hundreds of products that will reduce the frizz and add shine to your hair with it. 
    An important tip to remember here is to let the hair cool down before you spritz on any product. Make sure that any product you use is not sticky or stiff because it may ruin the look.
    Get salon-perfect straight hair using these tips. Do you know anymore that work even better? Let us know. 
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