Strawberry Legs?? Let’s Talk About Pores on Your Legs!

Jul. 12
If you have ever noticed small dark spots on your legs after shaving, then you may be wondering where they came from. Many people have nicknamed the presence of these little dark spots strawberry legs because of how they resemble the seeds of a strawberry.
Strawberry legs are very common, and the dark spots are actually just like the blackheads you can get on your face. These open comedones can trap excessive oil, dirt, or bacteria, and your body’s reaction to the blockage causes the opening to appear dark.
5 causes of strawberry legs
This condition doesn’t have a singular cause. They can be caused by many different things, such as:
  • Shaving. One of the major causes of strawberry legs is improperly shaving. If you are shaving without shaving cream and with an old, dull razor, then the razor burn that results from the shaving session can cause blackheads on your legs. This improper shaving technique can also cause ingrown hairs, which can look like strawberry legs for people with thick hair.
  • Clogged pores. Your legs have thousands of pores, and just like the pores on your face, they can become clogged with dirt, bacteria, and dead skin. When the oils and bacteria are exposed to the air, they darken and cause a blackhead, not at all unlike the way your pores respond elsewhere on your body.
  • Folliculitis. What a hair follicle becomes inflamed or infected folliculitis occurs. Folliculitis can be the result of shaving, waxing, or other hair removal methods, or it can come from exposure to bacteria, yeast, or fungus. This condition starts with small red bumps, and these bumps can develop into scabs.
  • Keratosis pilaris. This condition can look like tiny pimples or gooseflesh, but they are actually tiny accumulations of keratin and dead skin cells, and they can be rough to the touch. Keratosis pilaris can be itchy and dry, but this condition can be treated with moisturizers. This condition is also rather seasonal, and it appears more frequently during the winter months.
  • Dry skin. Lastly, dry skin can cause or exacerbate the symptoms of strawberry legs. If your skin is really dry, then you can develop irritation when you shave, and this can leave you more vulnerable to razor burn, folliculitis, and open comedones on your legs. Dry skin can also make your pores look darker and make your strawberry legs more visible to the naked eye.
5 ways to treat pores on legs
There are many ways to treat strawberry legs. Here are several at-home remedies and professional solutions for treating blackheads on your legs.
  • Shave properly. Let’s start with the most obvious. If you aren’t shaving properly, then it’s going to be difficult to avoid strawberry legs. Make sure you avoid using a dull razor or shaving on dry or playing wet skin. Shaving cream may be annoying, but it is necessary to prevent irritation from the shaving process.
  • Use an epilator. An epilator is a tool that grabs and removes hair from the roots. This process can be painful, like waxing, but studies have shown that this form of hair removal reduces the chances of having strawberry legs. Also, this method of hair removal is less irritating on the skin compared to waxing. 
  • Moisturize and exfoliate your skin. If your strawberry legs are caused by dead skin cells and excess sebum, then exfoliating your skin and keeping it well moisturized will be your best defense. Not only can exfoliating help prevent blackheads on your legs, but it can also prevent ingrown hairs and give your new hair space to break through the surface of your skin.
  • Use an OTC acne product. If you’re finding no relief from at-home remedies, then you can always purchase an over-the-counter product that is designed to prevent acne and blackheads. Strawberry legs are usually caused by open comedones, so an acne product that contains salicylic acid or glycolic acid can keep your pores unclogged and minimize their appearance. 
  • Consider electrolysis or laser therapy. Some professionals are trained to treat these issues. Two methods of treatment are electrolysis and laser therapy. Electrolysis consists of using a low level of electricity to pinpoint irritated hair follicles and prevent ingrown hairs from recurring. Laser therapy is a method of hair removal that can be a permanent solution to your strawberry legs. 
  • Strawberry legs, or having large pores on your legs, is common and normal, but it can be prevented easily. To avoid the occurrence of strawberry legs, make sure you are shaving properly, make sure your skin as well moisturize, and make sure you are exfoliating your skin regularly. If you find that blackheads on your legs is a reoccurring problem, then you can seek professional treatment options such as electrolysis or laser therapy. 
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    How to Tame Frizzy Hair? Try These Products!
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    🦋 How to DIY Butterfly Clips 🦋
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