What Brands are Makeup Artists Using? Find out Now!

Jun. 30, 2020
It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or not, the words ‘Professional Makeup Brand’ has such a lust attached to it that it can attract the attention of any woman from a mile away. But for professionals, it is a completely different story. The context is associated to the performance of different products offered by those brands.
It isn’t that one brand is ideal or perfect in all the areas of makeup products; as each brand has a key area and some signature products that are preferred by professionals for that specific application. One brand may be manufacturing amazing eye makeup while another one may be recognized by the professionals for manufacturing ideal lip products. One brand may be making amazing makeup brushes while another may be preferred for their amazing makeup foundation. 
In this piece, we will be covering 3 professional makeup brands the products they are best known for.
Urban Decay:
Urban Decay needs no introduction. It is a high-performance brand that besides being extremely awesome is also completely vegan and cruelty-free. It is a brand that is used by professional makeup artists on the set on a regular basis. They are known for their high pigment makeup that will deliver performance on stage and in front of the camera for as long as needed. 
Urban Decay manufactures high performing makeup accessories that are renowned in the industry for being ideal for regular use with consistent professional performance. Professionals rely on Urban Decay because of the consistency it delivers. Some of their best professional-level products include:
  • Stackable Pro-Artistry Palette:
This amazing stackable palette is perfect for keeping your UD shadows organized and in one place.
  • Urban Junkie:
Whether you are a professional makeup artist or just a makeup junkie, this large bag is ideal for keeping all your makeup supplies in one place.
  • UD Pro Optical Blurring Blush:
We know that you know that right makeup brush matters a lot and can make all the possible difference. This one is it.
MAC Cosmetics:
MAC is considered a world leader in professional makeup and remains unrivaled in their dominance in the professional makeup industry. It is more than just a brand; MAC is a community of professional makeup artists working in collaboration to take professional makeup to the next level. Not that the level was already unmatched in the first place.
Making makeup in a broad range of general to professional, their products are internationally recognized and preferred by professional makeup artists to bring life to performances by working their magic backstage. Some of their amazing and highly popular makeup products include:
  • Pro Palette Full Coverage Foundation X12:
A bestseller and tailor-made professional palette that features 12 shades of full coverage foundations.
  • Pro Spring Color Kit:
This 12 pieces professional color kit will help you get ready for a busy day to give your best backstage.
  • Pigment/Mini MAC:
Another bestseller that is a concentrated mix of loose color powder in a mini-sized bottle, available in different shades.
Makeup Forever:
Makeup forever is a professional makeup brand that is a collection of top makeup artists of the industry collectively working to develop high-performing products and even services. They have been collaborating with professional from the industry since the inception of the brand and collaborating with professional makeup artists to make cutting-edge, formulistic, and artistic advances. They remain atop technological developments in the industry while offering everyone access to all products and benefits.
The brand was founded by Dany Sanz to address the unmet needs of professional makeup artists. She strived to introduce products, colors, and creativity that the industry was lacking. Some of their top products include:
  • Foundation Brush – large – 108:
This large foundation brush (flat) with a rounded edge is perfect for the professionals to give a touch of their own and finishing of a seasoned professional.
  • Artist Rouge MAT – Matte High Pigmented Lipstick:
This professional lipstick has a high-pigmented formula for stroke coverage and a lasting 10-hour wear time.
This covers the top 3 makeup brands that are synonymous with being professional and a standard for artistry. Be sure to give your feedback and share your own experiences if you had any with the stated brands or products.
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