Winning Your Battle With Frizz: Try These Innovative Hair Brands 

Jun. 30
Frizz on the right kind of hair and style can be a fun look, however sometimes it’s really not welcome! 
A fuzzy head of curls or a halo of frizz on long wavy locks aren’t easy to manage. The weather and towelling dry can both be factors in the sudden and infuriating emergence of frizzy hair. 
So, what can you do about the fluff?! I’d love to know! The mere suggestion of rain makes my hair wild! Sleeping on silk pillows, blotting dry and avoiding going out are interesting options but try the bottles of wonder from these hair brands for frizzy hair first. 
Bumble and Bumble 
Bumble and Bumble began in a small New York City hair salon in 1977. They are a fun brand who love to experiment and bring their quirky idea of ‘rebel elegance’ to women all over the world. 
The fashion world is where Bumble and Bumble thrived. Boundary pushing, jaw-dropping hair styles are what they love to do! 
Diversity is key at Bumble and Bumble and they have innovative products for all hair types. Their range for curly hair is award winning and adored by women who have struggled for years with unruly ringlets. 
Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil
Try this top selling lightweight, smoothing oil. If frizz is your nemesis this promises to transform your hair into smooth silk. Your parched and dull hair will love you for treating it to this award-winning oil. 
Oils can be heavy, but this disappears leaving behind nothing but an envy inducing shine. It’s protective against heat styling, the sun and breakage too. 
Ouai adore the stylish, sexy and relaxed attitude that the gorgeous women of Paris possess. The founder, Jen Atkin, understands how busy and stressful life can be and so she created a range of simple but chic haircare. 
Keratin is the key ingredient. It is a nourisher, a smoother and a builder of strength. Perfect for ladies who struggle with the dreaded frizz! 
Ouai are all about affordable luxury, natural beauty and effective ingredients. With their subscription service they even make the process of ordering your favourite products ridiculously easy. 
Rose Hair and Body Oil
This deliciously scented oil is a typical Ouai product. It’s a multi-tasker which hydrates both the skin and hair and drenches them in a heady rose and white musk perfume. 
Rose hip, Absinthium and Shea oil deeply moisturize and protect each hair strand. Frizz is replaced by a glossy radiance. 
John Frieda
The John Frieda brand emerged over thirty years ago in a London salon. Their aim was simple and clear, to provide their loyal customers with solution specific products that really worked. 
Frizz reducing, colour-brightening and volumizing are just some of the hair care miracles that John Frieda believe they can perform. It’s an individualised system that makes choosing your perfect cleansers, conditioners and styling products a cinch. 
In 1990 John Frieda introduced Frizz Ease serum and ‘Boom!’ its popularity exploded. Delighted customers loved the fact they finally had a fix for their previously un-tameable hair. 
Frizz-Ease Extra Strength ‘6 Effects’
This serum is the ‘stronger’ version of the original and much-loved serum. It uses a carefully researched recipe of silicones. Each lock is given the tools to defend itself against frizz. 
Girls! If you are blessed with medium to thick, curly or wavy hair, say ‘Hello!’ to manageability and hydration.  Silk protein and algae smooth and make hair glisten. 
The level of heat protection is great, and Frizz Ease can be used on coloured hair. Just remember to put only a couple of drops on soaking wet hair. 
The journey began in 2009 and Oribe is a brand with luxury at its core, from the stunning bottles and impactful formulations to the distinctive scents. 
Oribe Canales is a hairstylist beloved of the fashion world. His bold and unusual styles regularly sashayed down the runways of Versace and Chanel and his avant-garde attitude has influenced his frizz reducing hair care range too. 
Accessibility is important too. Oribe products are the kind of luxe that you would normally only buy at high-end salons, but the team felt that everyone should be able to enjoy them. 
Curl Gelee
Curly hair will rejoice when treated to a dose of this fantastic jelly. It’s feels silky and adds a fabulous sheen to each individual curl. 
Imagine! Hair that is manageable enough to run a comb through! Well, this is what this hydrating curl styler promises. 
Neem, apricot and macadamia oil are powerful allies for a curly head of hair, just a little blob of this gel is all you need. 
Do shine, definition and no frizz still sound too good to be true? Take the plunge and try our suggestions. They might just change your life!
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🍵 green tea works!! for dark circles
🍵 green tea works!! for dark circles
I've had struggles with insomnia since I was a kid. At one point, I accepted my dark circles. But sometimes, making yourself look healthier can make you FEEL better. And that's important. When you lose sleep, your skin gets paler, & your blood vessels dilate. So thin, pale skin + bigger vessels = dark under eyes. The 1st solution is to sleep more. But the 2nd works really well for our off days! 🍃 GREEN TEA TREATMENT 🍃 I was skeptical of this at first. But it WORKS. In the first pic (above), I had gotten 4 hours of sleep. In the after (below) pic, I had done a green tea bag soak. Tutorial : Soak two tea bags in water in your refrigerator. I left mine overnight. Try to use pure green tea. I used the #Twinings - Green Tea[products]#[FiveStars] Take the bags, squeeze excess water, and apply them over your eyes. Leave a little water so it can get snug on your eyes (like a blanket). I put the thick end on my under eye, and fit the top part on my upper lid. Both are important to reduce dark circles. Remove after 15 minutes. And that's it! Your eyes will look less red, and you'll feel more awake. I know the process is long- so it's not ideal for when you're in a rush. But it's also very anti-anxiety. My facial muscles felt relaxes, and the redness was 75% gone. My skin felt tighter (in a good way) for a few hours. 🍂TESTING ANOTHER METHOD🍂 I wanted to try a quick under eye cream for days where I only have a minute. So I tried the PACIfICA - Rose Jelly Beauty Sleep Undereye Gel In the 4th pic, the top is me before, and the bottom is me after. What I did: Leave it in the fridge over night In the morning, rub the product in (using the glass beads to massage the eyes). Sadly, the difference was minimal. It made me feel relaxed, but I wonder if I should have used more of the gel / kept the cooling beads on longer. 🧪 INGREDIENTS BREAKDOWN 🧪 I think green tea worked better because I kept it on (and cold) so long. It has a high concentrate of caffeine and ECGC. Both constrict blood vessels, and reduce inflammation. The Pacifica product has caffeine, too. But its first ingredient is witch hazel (reduces swelling). It also has caffeine, rose extract (reduces lines), and blue tansy (soothes irritation). All these are helpful to target dark circles, but maybe they're not potent enough. And the tube is small, so I don't want to use too much of it. On the plus side, it kept my under eyes moisturized all day. So I'll still take it for on the go. But if you REALLY need to look awake for a Zoom meeting or appointment? Green tea is the way to go!
2 more days to WIN this 🏷 New Beauty Buys
2 more days to WIN this 🏷 New Beauty Buys
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Never Give Up On Your Skin
Never Give Up On Your Skin
Looking at my unfiltered photo you may be thinking that I don’t suffer from cystic acne but I do and I did. In my early teens my skin was PERFECT. By college, I would get 1-2 pimples near the time where my red seas be flowing. In my early 20s and as I’ve aged it got worse. I experienced enlargement of pores, cystic acne, blackheads on a repeat vicious cycle. Now in my late 20’s I combat all of those knowing that I’m a combination type. I did Seeing as my skincare was considered a bar of soap, I set out on my skin journey. Trying products that were absolutely no good. Yes, I trotted to Target and have picked up Clean & Clear. I’ve gone down the road and used the St. Ives Scrub 👀 Do I have to wash make up off every night? 😖 I remember feeling lost and down in the dumps, frustrated because I couldn’t see results. Mistaking tightness as a measure of effectivity, I suffered from dryness. Causing my skin to produce more oils, I made my pores bigger. 😟 To this day my pores on my nose and cheeks are still very visible to me. Popped too many a pimple because I couldn’t resist.✖️✖️✖️ I do Throughout every mistake I became motivated to learn. This was my skin and certainly if it’s mine then it’s within my control. I obsessed because I feel that the more time I spend on it, the more beneficial it will be for me and my well being. Sometimes that means breaking the bank 🏦 and sometimes you put on your cheap skates. 💨 Through my visits at the dermatologist and guidance from my mom, I’ve come to accept so much despite feeling like giving up. 🔚 Lessons Along The Way No one is going to get as close to my face as I do to a mirror before my shower 🛀. Unless you’re my husband who smooches me and always tells me I’m beautiful. 🥺 No one is going to have that much motivation to look at my picture and zoom x100000000 magnification 🔍 on it just to count my pores. Just because it says pore clearing or acne treatment whatever marketing buzzword does not mean that it’s good for you. There are skincare products that can make it worse. Even just by going with good reviews, checking the ingredients is worth the while. Put those ugly products into permanent purgatory. 🗑 After enough time and patience, results will slowly show more and more each day. Scars that existed no longer existed. Deeper scars that start to look smaller. There are no days off to application or improving my routine. You will CONQUER and tame this beast you call skin! ⚔️ I’m glad that there’s a medium to express what’s helped me along the way. I’m also here to learn more from the community. All I know is what I’ve learnt so far and I’m so happy to share that I couldn’t believe this is my 50th post on Cherie! 🥳 Accept and love your skin, show yourself the patience you deserve. Thank you so much for reading. But most of all beside those lessons, I should have never forgotten the sunblock. 🤣 You live and you learn.
A Cherie Member Wanted A Video Tutorial❤️
A Cherie Member Wanted A Video Tutorial❤️
WOOOT! FIRST CHERIE VIDEO EYE TUTORIAL! Uploads have been coming in a little later in the day because videos take a WEEEEEE longer to make. 😊 This video has a lot of information packed into one minute! Be sure to pause, rewatch and pay close attention! I didn’t expose my camera correctly so the skin tones might look off but I promise that it won’t compromise the final results of what the shadow will look like in person! It will still look like the photo I previously posted of this look! The more pigment you place on your eye, the more it’ll show. This video shows the basic steps of what I did to create this look 😄 Feel free to ask me any extra questions if you get confused!! Used: ANASTASIA Beverly Hills - Norvina Eyeshadow Palette VISEART - Grande Pro 3 HUDA BEAUTY - Matte & Metal Melted Double Ended Liquid Eyeshadows in shade faux fur Too Faced - Shadow Insurance Anti-Crease Eyeshadow Primer
I turned myself into Neytiri from Avatar👽😊
I turned myself into Neytiri from Avatar👽😊
For this year's Halloween look, I opted for this one. For a detailed tutorial visit my Youtube channel Nita's Glam World. 😊❤️