Get Rid of that Frizz Now with these Hair Brands!

Jun. 30
Meta Description: Want curls or just hair that is soft and silky and not frizzy? These are some of the best and easily available products in the market to get rid of that frizz!
Have you ever had a perfect blown-out mane only for it turn frizzy the minute you spend outside? You’d be surprised how many women throughout the world are faced with the same problem. Whether the weather is humid, or you are in an air-conditioned room or out on a normal summer day, frizz is annoying. 
Frizz can make people look unkempt even if they aren’t. But out of so many products being advertised to control that frizz, what works? Below are some of the most popular products that have helped people reduce frizz in your hair. 
Briogeo is inspired by family tradition. It started in a small kitchen. The beauty products were made from scratch using the most natural ingredients. Now it is known globally. 
Briogeo is based on the belief that beauty should never be compromised because of harsh ingredients. The name “Briogeo” was derived from bio meaning full of life and geo meaning earth and nature. All of the products are sulphates, parabens and SLS free. So those looking for clean beauty need not look any further!
  • Briogeo Don't Despair, Repair! Deep Conditioning Hair Mask
This is a well-loved hair mask on Sephora. It is an intensive treatment that should be used weekly. It is essentially meant to provide hydration, resilience and strength to the hair. The benefits don’t end there!
Many people have reported a reduction in their frizz. It takes as little as five minutes to bring a natural vibrancy to the hair. Say goodbye to frizzy brittle hair and hello to luscious locks! This product was also Allure’s Reader choice award winner.  
Moroccan Oil
Moroccan Oil as its name suggests is a brand that has made a host of hair and body products infused with only this oil. 
It has been a pioneer in the industry since it was made. What started as a brand selling an oil treatment for damaged hair is now a household name with a long list of products. 
The company philosophy is to empower beautiful transformations and create products that will inspire people to be their most confident selves.
  • Moroccanoil Treatment Light
Treatment Light, MOROCCANOIL, cherie
MOROCCANOILTreatment Light
Contrary to what the name might suggest, this is not oil. Even though it is infused with Argan oil like the other products in this line, it is a lightweight serum. The serum promotes shines and strength while controlling the frizz of the hair. 
It is perfect for those that have fine hair and the hair type of wavy or curly. The Argan oil in the serum has fatty acids and antioxidants to nourish the hair and reduce frizz. The linseed extracts also improve the hair’s health. 
The non-greasy and fast-absorbing formula can give your hair a full look without having it weigh the hair down. 
The Ouai philosophy is embedded in its very name. “Ouai” in Parisian means ‘yes’. Ouai is all about saying yes to the real hair. Based on this philosophy Ouai has created products that help natural hair in looking chic and healthy. 
The Ouai products have smart keratin in them to improve the hair condition and fix any damage. Even the styling products by Ouai are designed to bring out the natural beauty in every type of hair.
  • Ouai Leave-in Conditioner
This conditioner by Ouai is a fan-favourite. On Sephora, there is nothing but raving reviews about the product. The founder has created this and all the other products to give model-like hair to every woman at home. Do you know what the means? No frizz, of course, unless you are going for a messy look. 
This leave-in conditioner protects against flyaways and reduces the frizz to give woman shiny and model-like hair. It will also nourish your dry ends while at it. 
Bumble and Bumble
Bumble and Bumble is one of the main hair care brands at Sephora. It started at a Salon famous for its rebel-elegance. Bumble and Bumble transcended its salon roots and crossed into street fashion.  
Bumble and Bumble promote individuality and attitude. They have clipped coloured and styled their way to prominence around the world. They have been the forerunners for several global trends as well. 
  • Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Heat & UV Protective Primer
This is a heat-protecting and colours safe leave-in treatment made to fight frizz. It detangles, protects and conditions frizzy hair. It helps provide moisture to medium to thick hair. It was also made to suit straight, wavy or curly hair. 
It is free of sulphates, SLS and all the other bad stuff. The ingredients list has a blend of frizz-fighting oils such as Cocos Nucifera oil, kernel oil and macadamia seed oil.
Hopefully, the information helped you find something that will work for eradicating the frizz. Let us know your experience of the products and others that have worked for you!
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RENTINOIDs: the BEST super ingredient
RENTINOIDs: the BEST super ingredient
🌸 note: two of the products in my picture are prescription only, high grade retinoids. but i have tagged their drug store dupes that are the SAME product with a lower concentration 🌸 WHAT IS A RETINOL? in the most basic form, a retinoid is a form of VITAMIN A which encourages skin cells to break down and turn over faster, resulting in reduction of acne, wrinkles, dark spots and signs of aging. It promotes collagen production, unclogs pores, and reduces scarring. its actually thickens skin, preventing wrinkles from forming ☀️☀️ALWAYS USE AN SPF WITH RETINOIDS☀️☀️ because your skin cells are dying and regenerating so quickly, you are much more prone to sunburns. And we know sunburns are literally life-threatening they vary HIGHLY in strength (weak to strong list)  - retinoid esters: The weakest version of a retinoid, but is good for sensitive skin, surface level  retinol: found in a variety of products, works on the cellular level of skin - adapalene (differin): Used to be prescription only but can now be found in a low-dose age in most drug stores. penetrates deeper and slows the production of sebum with faster cell turnover - retinoic acid (Retin-A/tretinoin): works deeper in the skin, can produce overnight results in the form of dead skin peeling. Very advanced skin cell turnover, as it penetrates and stimulates cell death and production. Skin can become very sensitive, irritated , and red - isotretinoin (Accutane): essentially sebum production is very limited and skin cell turnover is dramatically increased. on ingestible medication that will make your skin peel, dry out, and really kill acne. It’s prescription only but very effective. 🌸 products i use! prescription only: ADAPALENE 0.3% dupe: DIFFERIN - DIFFERIN Acne Treatment Gel ADAPALENE is the primary form of retinol in this product. this has been my go to product for years, it makes me less sun sensitive then Retin-A 0.05%, while still giving me excellent skin cell turnover and anti aging benefits. It helped my skin go from absolute shiz to a much cleaner glowing face (see 4th pic) prescription only: RETIN-A 0.05% dupe: janssen - Retino-A 0.05% Tretinoin Cream TRETENOIN is the primary form of retinoid in this product. these two may actually be the same product, but the one that I have I know is usually prescription grade. it will make your skin peel overnight, so I use it as a spot treatment if I get any deep set nodular acne. i used this for a couple years but it made me really sun sensitive, it is very strong! luxury brand: SUNDAY RILEY - A+ High-Dose Retinol Serum RETINOL ESTER and CoQ10 are the primary forms of retinal in this product. this claims to have a 6.5% blend of stabilize retinoids and botanical retinoid alternative extracts. I think that it is incredibly overpriced for what it is. There are very similar dupes such as those from the inkey list and the ordinary
My Favorite Falsies! 👑 ✨ 💖
My Favorite Falsies! 👑 ✨ 💖
I am OBSESSED with falsies! This is going to sound extra, but I honestly feel like a different woman when I put them on. They complete a makeup look and can make it go from 0-100. They are an essential part of opening your eyes and enhancing the best features of your eyes. You can go for natural ones, dramatic, attention grabbing and whatever mood you’re feeling! In fact, I love them so much that I actually used to invest in lash extensions. I have been using falsies since I was in high school so I have experienced good falsies and bad ones too. I have almond shaped eyes and I understand that it could be overwhelming to find the right falsies for your eye shape...this is one of the reasons why I LOVE House of Lashes. They have an eye shape guide and recommend which lash styles are best for you. My top three favorite lashes from this brand are: Au Naturale, Bouidoir Lite and Demure Lite. 1) Au Naturale I go for these often. They are wearable for any occasion. This gives a “your lash but better guide”. I also use this when I create a dramatic look, but don’t want to over power it with lashes. 2) Boudoir Lite This has a dense center. They are dramatic, but soft enough. I go for these when I go out 3) Demure Lite These are also soft and more on the natural side with an oomph. This helps open my eyes and emphasize any eye look. House of lashes are a bit on the mid range price. However, ELF and Ardell are also my fav falsies that are on the affordable side. My favorite “your lashes, but better” falsies is the Ardell Wispies. These look sooo natural! I use it as an alternative to my Au Naturale. Another falsies that I always grab for especially if I want the attention stealing is the ELF Social Butterfly. These are faux mink lashes and did I mention they are $3?! Ardell and ELF are very affordable, but HOL falsies are much easier to apply so if you’re a beginner, I would suggest you invest in HOL. It’s worth it! Lashes can be reused 15+ times depending on how you care for them. Here are my quick step by step for falsies: 1) Measure the lashes to your eyes and cut to your desired length. Most falsies are large so always measure it to your eye first. 2) For easier application, grab one of those lash glues with wand. Apply extra glue on the corners of the lashes because these tend to come off easily 3) Wait 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky then grab your tweezers to apply falsies closest to your lash line. 4) Hold it until it is fully glued to your natural lashes 5) This step is optional, but apply mascara to diffuse your falsies to your natural lashes. This will give you a natural result 6) Apply eyeliner or use a dark eyeshadow to hide the lash band. 7) Voila! Then enjoy! It took me a while to get this down. I’ve been applying eyelashes for more than 10 years and even to this day, I’m still not the best at it. Just keep practicing! What is your favorite falsies? Xoxo, Francesca 💋 #CheriePartner
A Cherie Member Wanted A Video Tutorial❤️
A Cherie Member Wanted A Video Tutorial❤️
WOOOT! FIRST CHERIE VIDEO EYE TUTORIAL! Uploads have been coming in a little later in the day because videos take a WEEEEEE longer to make. 😊 This video has a lot of information packed into one minute! Be sure to pause, rewatch and pay close attention! I didn’t expose my camera correctly so the skin tones might look off but I promise that it won’t compromise the final results of what the shadow will look like in person! It will still look like the photo I previously posted of this look! The more pigment you place on your eye, the more it’ll show. This video shows the basic steps of what I did to create this look 😄 Feel free to ask me any extra questions if you get confused!! Used: ANASTASIA Beverly Hills - Norvina Eyeshadow Palette VISEART - Grande Pro 3 HUDA BEAUTY - Matte & Metal Melted Double Ended Liquid Eyeshadows in shade faux fur Too Faced - Shadow Insurance Anti-Crease Eyeshadow Primer
My Job Interview Makeup 💄🔥
My Job Interview Makeup 💄🔥
The best way to get the job is to look and feel your best! ✨ I always wear my power color (RED! ❤️) to give me that added boost of confidence! I hope you enjoy this look. Makeup details below! ↘️ Moisturizer: Aveeno - Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer SPF 30 Foundation: Alima Pure Mineral Foundation in Natural 2 Blush: Alima Pure Bluah in Pink Brows: NYX - Micro Brow Pencil MAYBELLINE - Fast Sculpting Brow Gel Eyeshadow: MAYBELLINE - The City Mini Eyeshadow Palette Curler: SHISEIDO - Shiseido Eyelash Curler Mascara: it Cosmetics - Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing and Lengthening Mascara Contour Palette: e.l.f. - e.l.f. Contour Palette Lips: Clinique "Cherries in the Snow" 🍒 @CLINIQUE - Free Dramatically Different Lipstick Full Size With Brand Purchase
A Satisfying Texture | Foundation for Dry Skin❤️
A Satisfying Texture | Foundation for Dry Skin❤️
Look at this awesome close up of the AMOREPACIFIC - Color Control Cushion Compact Foundation Broad Spectrum SPF 50 😍 I have this thing called Trypophobia (fear of small holes) but for some reason this close up just fascinates me. You can really see the luminescence of the foundation within the sponge! For those of you who aren’t familiar with CC formulas/cushion foundation, they are typically a smoother, more liquid-like formula than your average foundation that is made to even out skintone. Most true CC formulations focus more on skincare elements and a wee bit less on color/color ranges, especially those from Korean brands. Western brands definite amp up the diversity of their skintone range, as well as overall pigmentation in their formulas. This means you’ll find more full-coverage CC cream/foundation from “western” brands like IT Cosmetic’s it Cosmetics - it Cosmetics CC+ Cream SPF 50+ . (Not my favorite for dry skin. I felt like the Sahara Desert all over again when I used their formula 🙄) Therefore, it might be difficult to find a shade that fits you if you have a deeper skintone. Side note: I consider IT cosmetics to be a western brand because upon a bit of research, the company was bought by L’Oréal and the products are mostly manufactured in China. I love this foundation for super dry skin because of how moisturizing it is. It’s awesome for creating that second-skin finish with a natural, dewy glow. If you have light-medium with slight neutral-gold undertones and struggle with a bit of texture, this foundation line could work well for you! Every time I try something new or I’m stuck in a rut, I always go back to this foundation. I love the ease of use and blendability. The size is great for travel and I find that it doesn’t bother my dry, sensitive, acne-prone skin. You can get a medium to slightly buildable full coverage without “erasing” the dimension/shadows in your face. Even though it has SPF it doesn’t wash my face out completely and doesn’t create a white cast. If there is any, it’s only slightly noticeable. You would have to look reeeaaally close to see it. Layering on powder/cream products are a breeze. I found the best way to use this product is with a slightly damp beauty blender. Start by placing a little bit onto the skin and then proceed to layer more as needed. There is something to be mindful of when you are using this product. If you live in a more humid/moist climate, I would add a little powder after your face primer and then proceed to add this foundation to help keep this in place throughout the day. You could also carry a powder puff with you throughout the day for touch-ups. Because the foundation has high moisture and provides a dewy finish, it can impact the longevity if you live in an moist/humid area 😊 Yay to a healthy glow! ❤️😄