Detoxing your makeup bag? Check out these organic beauty brands

Jun. 29, 2020
As many of us are becoming more conscious of what we put in our bodies, it makes sense that we should be just as conscious about what we’re putting on them too. The performance of organic makeup used to be poor in comparison to the wider market, but now brands are creating organic products that are just as pigmented, durable, and easy to use.
Organic makeup is made with organically farmed ingredients, grown without the use of GMOs, herbicides and synthetic fertilisers. This means the formulas are cleaner and safer since they’re less likely to irritate your skin.
The following brands and products are proudly organic so you can make a start on (literally) cleaning up your makeup bag.
RMS Beauty
Perhaps one of the most famous natural and organic brands, RMS Beauty has a full collection makeup products made with natural ingredients. The brand is passionate about clean beauty – all the products are designed to be as pure as possible in order to limit skin’s exposure to toxic ingredients. Where possible they use ingredients that are raw and food-grade so they can better penetrate the skin, and in addition, the ingredients within are chosen to do good and look good, so they actually treat and nourish skin simultaneously.
Hero product: RMS Living Luminizer
This coconut-based cream highlighter gives the ultimate ‘lit from within’ glow, melting into skin and casting a dewy sheen. The formula is so clean, it’s basically skincare.
Inika Organic
One of the first brands to champion natural and organic makeup products, Inika Organic is true to its name, formulating every single launch with a clean ingredient line-up. Every single one of their 80+ products is made with ethically-sourced and 100% clean ingredients, naturally-derived from botanicals and minerals. You can feel the quality in every single one of the products, from the baked foundations through to the mineral-based loose pwoder blushers.
Hero product: Inika Organic Curvy Lash Vegan Mascara
Curvy Lash Mascara, INIKA ORGANIC, cherie
INIKA ORGANICCurvy Lash Mascara
Not only is this mascara clean, organic, and vegan, it also happens to be one of the best mascaras we’ve ever tried. The uniquely curved brush packed pigment onto lashes for an ultra-fluttery effect and the formula is packed with vitamin E to nourish lashes.
Ilia Beauty
With an impressive taglinc, ‘skincare powered makeup’, Ilia Beauty has been an instant hit for clean beauty enthusiasts. The brand believes that makeup should make skin look like skin and is passionate about creating safe and effective formulas. Since launching in 2011 they’ve taken the beauty world by storm with products that routinely outperform their synthetic alternatives. What’s more, everything is packaged sustainably, using recycled aluminium and glass, and recyclable paper.
Hero product: Ilia Beauty Multi Stick
This creamy multitasking pigment stick is made with organic ingredients and can be used to add a subtle pop of colour anywhere from lips to cheeks and eyes.
Founded by an eczema sufferer, Lawless offers up a clean and organic alternative to popular Insta-beauty brands. The products are free from common toxic and hormone-effecting ingredients that can lead to serious health issues, but don’t compromise on delivery a bold, bright, and full coverage result. The brand launched with a line of organic liquid lipsticks but has grown to include primers, foundations, eyeshadows, and bronzers.
Hero product: Lawless Soft Matter Liquid Lipstick
All 11 shades of this bestselling liquid lipstick are free from talc, silicones, and parabens, but packed with pigment. The uniquely hydrating formula is packed with natural moisturisers that keep lips feeling soft and comfortable.
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