Clean and Non-Toxic Makeup Brands to Know Now

Jun. 29
Chemical, even when they were toxic used to get the job done in the old days, but the standards of the past couldn’t make it to the future. Now it’s more about going natural and using non-toxic ingredients for almost everything. Makeup is no exception as well.
Companies have made a shift from using toxic chemicals in their makeup products to using natural ingredients or chemicals that are as efficient as the old chemicals yet completely harm-free. In this article, we will be covering some such brands that are renowned for having highly effective products that are free of toxic ingredients and completely clean.
Huda Beauty:
Huda Beauty was launched in 2013 by the renowned beauty blogger Huda Kattan and quickly rose to fame and became of the world’s fastest-growing makeup brands. By now, they have many products that have been created under the guidance of Huda herself with the demands of skin and her clients in mind.
Huda’s products were created to ensure that beauty was made simplified, something that won’t take a toll on your skin. For that, a non-toxic range was required that became the selling point of Huda’s beauty products. Some of her best seller’s include:
  • Legit Lashes Eye Mascara:
This 2 in 1 mascara has 2 brushes and 2 mascaras to ensure that your lashes always look the best they possibly could.
  • New Nude Beauty Kit:
This new Nude Beauty kit contains all the beauty essentials that you may need. From eyeshadow palette to liquid matte lipsticks.
Becca was founded to create products that would result in glowing complexion for all skin colors and types. The brand is PETA certified and dedicated to using ingredients that are completely non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free.
The essence of Becca includes features such as ingenuity, individualism, effortlessness, and choice. Their goal is to make your skin glow on the outside just as much you shimmer on the inside. But for that, they don’t rely on toxic chemicals, rather, they use non-toxic ingredients that are beneficial for the skin and deliver no ill-effects. Some of their best sellers include:
  • Ultimate Coverage 24 Hour Foundation:
This is a lightweight, non-acnegenic, and full coverage foundation that is breathable and provides a natural finish to the skin.
  • Shimmering Skin Perfector (Pressed Highlighter):
One of their award-winning products that that will melt into your skin for a natural and luminous glow.
No introduction needed, Tarte is known as America’s no.1 concealer brand. They pride themselves in never using harmful ingredients like parabens, gluten, mineral oils, phthalates, and triclosan. Their motto is high performance with natural products and breaking down the beauty boundaries by shattering the stereotypes and being kind.
They believe that one must never be faced with a choice of what works for their skin and what looks good on them. Rather, it must work for you while also looking good. Some of their best products include:
  • Shape Tape Concealer:
Tarte Shape Tape Concealer is a full-coverage formula that covers your skin effortlessly for 16 hours. 
  • In Bloom Clay Palette:
This cult-favorite eyeshadow palette is packed with every shade for everyday need.
Hourglass is a cruelty-free luxury beauty brand that is known for its commitment to reinventing cosmetics and innovation. They have crafted their products such that they are completely transformative, undetectable, while effortlessly easy to apply for all skin types and colors. 
As committed as they are to remaining cruelty and toxicity free, they are equally committed to never compromising upon the performance of their products. Some of their best sellers include the following:
  • Ambient Metallic Strobe Lighting Palette:
This fan-favorite velvety-textured palette that provides the brightest and most amplified highlight.
  • Arch Brown Sculpting Pencil:
This mechanical brow pencil has a distinctive triangular shape which combines the benefit of powder, wax, and pencil to fill eyebrows.
The brand itself was born in a Los Angles photo studio which was tested by professional makeup artists and photographers to deliver perfect pictures. All, their products are made cruelty-free and light on the skin. Founded by Davis Factor who is an acclaimed photographer, he knew exactly what was needed to capture stunning and highly captivating photos unlike anything else.
Their top sellers include:
  • Photo Finish Primer:
This gel primer was developed to let makeup last longer on the set and look better that caught the eye of the general public and became a sensational hit.
  • Cali Contour Palette:
An easy to use, ‘six-well’ contour kit with blendable highlighter lets you add warmth and dimension to your look.
Hopefully, this piece was entertaining and informative alike. Be sure to give your feedback and do share your experience with these products if you have used them before.
Best Reviews
My trick for completely covering dark circles!🙈
My trick for completely covering dark circles!🙈
I have always had pretty prominent dark circles due to genetics and no doubt lack of sleep! Through a ton of trial and error I have found a routine and products that work really well for me to cover my dark circles almost completely (I do have slight hallows which makes it look like a dark circle). Surprising I use 4-5 products to achieve this look. •First I use a warm (as in orangey) red lipstick. Yes, lipstick. It counteracts the blueish tones under your eyes. Trust me. This is the step that is a game changer. I use Kosas - Weightless Lip Color but any warm toned red lipstick will work. I mainly focus this on the inner part of my eye where I have the most darkness. (I also use this under my nostrils because I have slight shadowing there). •I next use BECCA - Under Eye Brightening Corrector and it is much lighter and peachier than the lipstick. This is great to use on top of the lipstick to blend together. It is much more emollient and easier to work with. This has light reflecting particles to help brighten the eye even further. •I then use two concealers on top of those. Currently I am using a light shade of DOSE OF COLORS - Meet Your Hue Concealer This concealer is easy to work with. Super creamy and has minimal creasing. I only apply a small dot to my inner eye with this one. •I then use a warmer-more yellow shade (Snow) of Too Faced - Born This Way Super Coverage Multi-Use Concealer on the outer edge of my eye and in the mid part of my cheek (this allows for a brightened inner face and less product under the eye the better). I then use a beauty blender to blend these two completely. Blend up under the eye and out the inner corner as well. •My last step is to set this all down!! My favorite powders to use are laura mercier - Translucent Loose Setting Powder and Charlotte Tilbury - Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder Both are great for setting the face. I like to bake with the LM powder since it is a loose powder and it’s easier to use product. Hope this helps. 🥰 #cheriepartner
🚨Dupes Alert: La Mer vs The Ordinary🚨
🚨Dupes Alert: La Mer vs The Ordinary🚨
Hi everyone, 🤩 Recently I purchased Lamer serum from Seoul airport, whose price is super super good!!!! I have used it for a week. I got to say. It surprisingly does the refine work!!! Initially, I just expected to use it as a regular serum, which is mainly focused on moisture. I have a combination skin type. However!!! I found my pores got minimized after using it! And my skin is softer and glows more than before. It is a massive surprise for me!! As for the moisture, it is just fine, nothing special (cu z it is hundreds of bucks) For the ordinary Squalane, I have heard it a lot before! I also purchased it from Seoul airport(my friends bought it and shipped it to me). I received it three weeks ago to share some thoughts about the difference between this and the Lamer one. The Squalane can really do a moisture job very well. Its drop feels super smooth and easily absorbed. I won’t feel my skin dry all day after I apply it every morning. Especially in winter times, moisture is almost the most crucial thing for skincare, and the ordinary Squalane can complete the mission with a not bad price. Dupe or not? I feel like, if you only need moisturizer, the ordinary Squalane is perfect, but if you want to fix other skin problems, may go for Lamer. All in all, up to your budget!😘😘
How is a dark spot formed?
How is a dark spot formed?
Hyperpigmentation (or dark spots) is something everyone deals with. It can happen at any time to anyone. The most common cause of hyperpigmentation is sun damage but it can also occur from stress, inflammation, acne, or health concerns in general. To understand how a dark spot is formed you have to understand a few terms. Melanocytes are melanin producing cells that are in the bottom layer (you have 5) of your skin’s epidermis (the outer layer above the dermis). Whatever the cause is it triggers hormones to stimulate the melanocyte. This causes the melanocyte to product melanin (pigment). As the melanin travels up the 5 layers of your epidermis it will form a melanin cap as it deposits into the outermost layer. This deposit is what we consider a dark spot. How do we fix this? There are a few ways we can prevent or fix this. Firstly, WEAR SUNSCREEN!!! Protection is key in skincare. Currently I’m using the KINSHIP - Self Reflect Probiotic Moisturzing Sunscreen Zinc Oxide SPF 32 which is a gel probiotic sunscreen. It has a peach tint that goes clear once applied. This mineral sunscreen doesn’t feel heavy or give a white caste making it perfect for all skin tones. It also gives the skin a little bit of a natural glow. With sun damage being the major cause of hyperpigmentation this will be your key player in prevention. Another route to go is exfoliation. I use the The Ordinary - AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution once a week to help shed that outer layer of dead skin. I have other reviews where I go more in depth into this product but for the purpose of this post AHAs will help exfoliate the outer layer of skin which helps to lighten the pigment deposit. This mask is very strong so I would only use it once a week. It should tingle but it shouldn’t burn. Please only follow up with hydrating and sensitive friendly ingredients as your face will be more sensitive after use. And finally you can use skin brightening products. Currently I’m using the GOOD MOLECULES - Discoloration Correcting Serum . This serum highlights a form of tranexamic acid and 4% niacinamide to help brighten the appearance of hyperpigmentation, acne scars, and sun damage. This serum has a little bit of a slip compared to most others I’ve used but once worked into the skin it absorbs nicely. I’ve seen huge results in the brightening of post acne hyperpigmentation. Another amazing option for this is The Ordinary - Azelaic Acid Suspension 10% . This has a cream formula that can be used all over the face or concentrated in certain areas. This this acid helps the skin renew itself more quickly reducing blemish formation. It also kills the bacteria that cause acne. It also contains brightening agents to help with pigmentation. Personally, I think all three should be incorporated into a routine to treat unwanted pigmentation spots but sunscreen and exfoliation are the most important.
Key to preventing and treating STRAWBERRY LEGS🍓
Key to preventing and treating STRAWBERRY LEGS🍓
The key to preventing and treating strawberry legs First- What are strawberry legs? StrawberryStawberry legs are common little black/brown dots that occur on people's legs after shaving. It is most common in people of color, and those with fairer skin, but darker hair. Strawberry legs is very common, and very simple to treat and prevent -Hydration I mention in my video that most of my products are hydrating, why's that? Strawberry skin is common with those with drier legs, making the appearance of the hair follicle more noticeable. A way to prevent this is to keep your skin very hydrated, and not to use too many stripping body washes. I am using this on method - Stay Hydrated Body wash from method. -Exfoliation Another very important key to preventing strawberry legs is exfoliation. This helps lift up any ingrown hairs and soften the hair follicle, which helps a smoother, and easier shave. However, you need to exfoliate BEFORE shaving, as it preps the skin and gets all the dead skin out of the way. When choosing a body scrub, refrain from buying a scrub that isn't natural, as those tend to be more harsh, and give an uneven exfoliation. I recommend any sugar scrub from Tree hut, I am using this one TREE HUT - Moroccan Rose Shea Sugar Scrub -Shaving oil Up until recently I didn't even know these existed. After some research, I found myself asking, “Why aren't these more popular??” Shaving oils are so much better for your skin. Unlike shaving creams/foams, you are able to see exactly what you are shaving, they also help give a closer shave, and provide a very smooth surface to shave on. I have been using this shaving oil TREE HUT - Bare Moisturizing Shave Oil for a little over a month now, and I still haven't gotten any little nicks or cuts!! -Razor- i'm sure you all have heard of the brand Billie, or have at least seen the thousands of ads on instagram, well, it is definitely worth it. For a very cheap price, you can get a very effective razor. This razor has 5 nickel free blades and gives an amazingly close and easy shave. I'm sure you can use any type of razor, but I highly recommendbillie - Billie Razor , but just make sure to change your blades once a month! Post shaving mist- Another product I've never really heard of, but this is essentially an after shave. A post shaving mist can help cool and calm irritated skin from after shaving, as well as prevent ingrown hairs, and itchy skin. I use this one TREE HUT - Bare Post Shave Mist Moroccan Rose Body serum- I use this serumTRULY - Jelly Booster Pigment Treatment Body Potion to help hydrate and fix the complexion on my legs. I actually used this to help fade my old scars and ingrown hairs on my legs, but I've also noticed that it has disappeared the appearance of my strawberry legs. Lotion- Finally, the common lotion. This ties to my first point about hydrating with strawberry legs, this lotion TREE HUT - Shea Moisturizing Body Lotion Moroccan Rose smells amazing of rose, and gives a nice glowy look without feeling greasy.
how I saved my skin!!
how I saved my skin!!
🎶 I’m in love with the CICA 🎶 (lol) but seriously, I’m NOT kidding! It SAVED my skin! If you’ve been following some of my posts, you may know I’ve been using Tretinoin for approximately 8 weeks. I’ve also used a 15% Azelaic Acid cream and a strong benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin mix treatment gel interchangeably. Despite their cell turnover and acne-healing properties, these three products together have pretty much destroyed my skin barrier. Not to mention I recently spent a week on vacation, all of which was out in the sun. I don’t easily burn, but these products made me extra sensitive to the sun and my skin was stinging and inflamed and peeling. It really was not fun, especially when you’re just trying to enjoy a nice getaway. I bought the LANEIGE - Cica Sleeping Mask 4 days ago and it has literally turned my skin around! My skin hasn’t looked this good since before quarantine started! With just one overnight use, the redness that seemed to be everpresent on my cheeks, just DISAPPEARED! And by consistently using this over the course of the last 3 nights, I’ve found my skin has become more bouncy, glowy, and definitely much less red. The texture is really light, really creamy, really hydrating, but not greasy, even for my combination-oily skin! Though this is an overnight mask, I find it light enough to be a good day-time cream for that extra boost of hydration for the changing seasons (maybe not in the hot humid summer though). This overnight hydrating and calming mask is hypoallergenic, vegan, and free of parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, and contains less than one percent of synthetic fragrances. It contains Fermented Forest Yeast Extract, which Laneige claims to be even more beneficial than traditional Cica products! It’s just packed with hydration and soothing ingredients that you’re gonna wanna just touch your face all the time and marvel at the beauty of your skin! This is targeted for dry and irritated skin, but if you have combo or oily skin, I think you could use this as a mask too! All this goodness is 2 fl oz for $34! Pretty good steal considering a lot of other companies give a lot less product for a lot more money :( All in all, this is my holy grail product for calm, hydrated, dewy skin. Let me know below if you’ve had positive experiences with this product!