Shampoos That Works Wonders For Anyone

Jun. 28, 2020
When it comes to hair, I think most people reach for any old shampoo on the supermarket shelf. But the key to a good hair day, every day, lies more in just having the right styling products but also having a shampoo that serves your locks. Giving your tresses what they need and deserve isn’t hard. I whipped together this handy guide to get help get everyone started!
 Living Proof
Living Proof is the perfect balance of science and luxury haircare, all their products are silicon free and really deliver results. If you’re looking for a brand with an entire range of products that cater to different hair types, Living Proof pretty much does it all!
For Colored Hair
Color Care Shampoo, Living proof., cherie
Living proof.Color Care Shampoo
Did you know you lose the most hair color the first few washes after a treatment? That’s why the best protection you can give your new color job is a protective shampoo. Living Proof’s Color Care provides your mane with a gentle wash and helps keep your hair cleaner for much longer. Their technology goes above and beyond and offers UV protection, plus hard water mineral protection that degrades hair color.
For Fine Hair
Full Shampoo, Living proof., cherie
Living proof.Full Shampoo
If you have fine, flat hair you’re probably no stranger to waking up to lackluster hair in the morning. To give your hair, a bit more body is Living Proof’s Full Shampoo which volumizes and gives you a totally full look.
For Frizzy Hair
No Frizz Shampoo, Living proof., cherie
Living proof.No Frizz Shampoo
Frizzy hair can look a little messy, don’t you think? Using Health Hair Molecule technology , the No Frizz Shampoo blocks humidity, smooths hair strands and keeps oil and dirt at bay. It leaves your hair feeling weightless and looking immaculate!
Created by THE Tracee Ellis Ross, Pattern embraces your natural curls and makes products to bring out the best in them. They’re not about taming your curls and coils or trying to control them. Instead, they’ve built a brand that encourages you to cherish them.
For Curly Hair
Breathe life into your curls with what Pattern describes as liquid sunshine! This creamy shampoo moisturizes every inch of your head and hair with aloe Vera, Coconut Oil and Honey. It helps remove any build-up from products without stripping your head of natural chemicals. Speaking of chemicals, they skipped all the harsh chemicals that can have harmful side effects. It’ll give your curls a whole new bounce!
Drunk Elephant
We all know and love Drunk Elephant for their skin-loving skincare line that boasts confidence in bare skin. They live in a category of their own when it comes to the ingredients they use because even some regulatory guidelines allow harmful chemicals to slip through. Drunk Elephants is in a league of their own, and now their also doing haircare!
For Dry Hair And Scalp:
Nothing’s more annoying than a dry, lifeless hair and that usually starts with a dry scalp. This Drunk Elephant Cocomino Glossing Shampoo formula begins at the root of the problem. It uses a blend of coconuts and amino acids to dissolve years of build-up while nourishing your hair. This creamy foam effectively lifts dirt, leaving your locks lighter, hydrated and healthier-looking
Aveda has been a beloved haircare brand for many years. Their principles lie in sustainability along with promoting a balance in mind, body and soul. Nature is a significant cornerstone of the brand, and they’ve established a soil to bottle philosophy which allows you to understand where each ingredient came from truly.
For Oily Hair:
Oily hair can be just as itchy as a dry scalp and can also lead to redness or breakouts. This Scalp Benefit Balancing shampoo cleans your roots and scalp to remove excess sebum. With regular use and some massaging, it creates the perfect foundation for your hair, providing a soothing sensation.
For Damaged hair:
If your hair has experienced some damage from the sun, heat damage or chemical damage, reach for Aveda’s Damage Remedy Restructuring Shampoo. Made with Quinoa Proteins and Babassu Oil, they help to wash away harsh pollutants clinging to your hair and work to repair and strengthen each strand of hair. One wash away from revived locks!
For Coarse Hair:
If your hair is feeling rough, coarse to the touch and a little unmanageable, look no further. Made with Babassu, Coconut, Cherry Blossoms and Sweet Almond, they all work together to maintain your hair’s healthy oils while also restoring the softness and shine from ends to root. You’ll love running your hands through your hair after this Cherry Almond Softening Shampoo is put to work!
Christophe Robin
Christophe Robin’s is all about enhancing a woman’s natural beauty with color. His product line up is all colored hair-friendly and uses natural resources that have a long history, ingredients like lavender, chamomile, lemon and pear oil. His latest innovations include products that can be used for both your skin and hair.
For All Hair Types:
All hair types eventually experience some kind of breakage or shedding, that’s why your most basic shampoo should help regenerate your hair and promote growth. This Regenerating Shampoo with Prickly Pear Oil is perfect for everyday use, with its super creamy formula it hydrates your hair instantly. It also works to smooth hair fibers to avoid unwanted frizz and delivers a lasting shine.
For Sensitive Hair:
This gel-like shampoo will help breathe new life into dull-looking, sensitive locks. If you need volume, body, shine and some protections for your hair, say no more! This Delicate Volumizing Shampoo With Rose Extracts gentles cleans while giving you some natural volume. Ideal for sensitive and colored hair types, it’s acidity helps to lock-in color with its mild formula. 
Next time your shampoo is running low, remember to get your hands on something more tailored for you. The secret to good hair doesn’t start with styling, but in those regular washes that impart much-needed hydration, cleaning and vitamins. Let me know in the comments below which hair type you have and which shampoo has served you well!
Best Reviews
NEW FIND! And I’m pleasantly surprised!?
NEW FIND! And I’m pleasantly surprised!?
It was time to get a new moisturizer. I was currently using the HONEST - Hydrogel Cream paired with the PAULA'S CHOICE - Omega+ Complex Moisturizer , RADHA BEAUTY - Rosehip Oil , and timeless SKIN CARE - Squalane Oil 100% Pure because I have pretty dry skin. I love both of those moisturizers (although I’m not fond of all the Paula’s choice Omega+ complex moisturizer ingredients, but I loooooove the texture and feeling of it ) and love my oils (I won’t stop using the oils), but knew I needed a richer cream and also wanted to keep it down to just one cream, for time and my bank accounts sake. So if you’ve seen my last post, I was deciding between 3 brands but I couldn’t decide and was also nervous to try a new moisturizer, even though I knew I needed one, because I’m also acne prone so a new moisturizer to me was just terrifying lol. I was about to just get my usual HONEST - Hydrogel Cream because I knew it didn’t break me out and I like it a lot, although not quite as moisturizing as I need, it was on the safer side and I can’t imagine going a day without a moisturizer on this Sahara desert of a face!!! But then I discovered this brand I’ve never seen before? It’s called Awake Human. It’s not even a listing on Cherie for me to add the product! I read the ingredients and was intrigued (scroll through pics to see ingredients list), but because of my fear of new moisturizers, I was hesitant.. but I decided to bite the bullet because the ingredients looked amazing, was cheaper than Paula’s choice and the honest beauty’s moisturizer, but had the same amount of product. I received it a few days ago and I am in love!!!!! Soooooo rich and creamy and hydrating feeling, and it had the same smooth, rich, texture as the Paula’s Choice omega moisturizer, that I love so much!!! It comes in a nice little pump type of packaging, which I like. Keeps bacteria and gunk out. If you scroll through my pictures, you’ll see it. And a little bit goes a long way! The picture you see of the product on my fingers is the amount I use, but you can totally use less, especially if you have more oily or normal skin. I just like a lot of moisturizer! Lol I’ve noticed my face is much less dry feeling and looks smoother with less texture. I will keep you updated, but I think this is my new fave!!!! I’m so excited lol. Here the link the purchase: If you’re hesitant but intrigued like I was, I strongly encourage you to just try it. And if it happens that doesn’t work for your face, because remember, everyone is different and skincare is not a one size fits all, then it would most definitely be a really really nice hand cream, that would fit nicely in your bag. Have you heard of this brand before? And if so, have you used anything from them?
My Top 5 Foundations for Oily Skin
My Top 5 Foundations for Oily Skin
Here are my top 5 foundations for oily/combination/acne prone skin! These are by no means my only favorite foundations, just the ones I keep going back to. 1. ESTĒE LAUDER - Double Wear Stay-in-Place Foundation This matte, oil-free foundation controls oil all day. It’s sweat, heat and humidity-resistant, waterproof and 24-hour colour true. With buildable, medium-to-full coverage that feels lightweight and so comfortable. No touchups needed. Best for hot weather/ holidays. The only Downside is that it doesn’t come with a pump 2. MAYBELLINE - Fit Me! Matte & Poreless Foundation This foundation is a must have if you are looking for a good drugstore option for oily skin. It’s super affordable and gives a beautiful finish without feeling heavy on the skin. 3. HUDA BEAUTY - Fauxfilter Foundation is perfect for you if you are looking for full coverage. Just a couple of pumps go a long way. However, the formula isn’t ideal for anyone with dry skin or for people sensitive to string fragrances. 4. L'ORÉAL - Infallible Pro-Matte Liquid Longwear Foundation This formula blends unbelievably well and you can build this to completely full coverage! ! I'm beyond impressed for this being drugstore. 5. The Ordinary - Colours Coverage Foundation with SPF 15 this is my everyday foundation and gives good enough coverage. I just have to mix two different shades to get my color as the range is quiet limited but for the price I pay, I don’t mind. Always stay away form words like “dewy”, “luminous”, “shiny” , “glowy” if you have oily skin. Let me know if you have any questions.
The best workout hairstyle!
The best workout hairstyle!
Hairstyles for the gym don’t have to be cute - but it’s nice when they are!! Here is a SUPER easy Dutch braid into a bun - perfect for the gym when you don’t want your hair getting in your face when you’re moving around! Begin with the Dutch braid which is a 3 strand braid taking pieces from either side of your head, UNDER the middle strand of hair. Then fluff it out by pulling on the braid strands and then take all of that and put into a half bun, wrap the extra hair and you’re done!!! Literally so easy yall and SO STINKING CUTE!! Xo, Johanna
New moisturizer alert!✨
New moisturizer alert!✨
So I took the advice of many on my last post and decided to drop the Murad - Nutrient-Charged Water Gel . I was disappointed to do so, considering I have had such great luck in the past with other Murad products, but sadly this wasn’t it for me! Although this stuff went on like BUTTER, I found out it had some pretty heavy duty sulfate properties in it, which is a big no-no for my pores and acne prone skin. The fragrance was also incredibly strong, which I didn’t quite mind as that stuff has never truly bothered me in the past, but after a weird breakout once incorporating that product, as well as the COSRX - Advanced Snail 96 Mucin Power Essence, and reading all the kind and helpful replies, I said goodbye to the moisturizer and returned it for.....🥁🥁🥁 COSRX - Propolis Light Cream !!! Now, finally an entire K-Beauty routine!! I have only been using the cream for about two days, however, it’s genuinely as soft as the Murad moisturizer , if not more. Plus, NO fragrance! and NO sulfates!!!! The last two days I’ve woken up, my skin has for once felt so hydrated in the morning, not too oily, and not too dry! I will keep tabs on this one for sure, before I give it too much credit, but I think she’s likely to stay safe and sound in my routine 😂 Have you ever tried this product? What did you think?!
My well-loved drugstore makeup essentials
My well-loved drugstore makeup essentials
These are the drugstore makeup picks I ACTUALLY use! Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Tarte Shapetape Concealer. Even the latest launches from Rare Beauty have me swooning. But drugstore makeup holds a special place in my heart. Walking through the aisles of Target or CVS gets me giddy. Quite honestly, I count those trips as my therapy sessions. Plus, these are the places were I started getting essentials to experiment with when I was younger! My favorite brands to score from are no doubt Pixi, NYX, Essence Cosmetics, Sonia Kashuk, Maybelline and Covergirl. They’re just my go-to’s! They’re the brands constantly putting out dupes for cult favorites. Everything in this picture, I use on a daily basis. I’ve been going through Maybelline Lifter Glosses like they’re going out of style. I actually was responsible for my local Target running out of stock once...oops. Another new essential that’s crawled its way into my everyday routine is the Covergirl Cooling Glow Stick. It’s part of their new Clean Fresh line and I use it on my WHOLE face. Top tip: try it under your eyes over your concealer 👀 I’m still in search for the perfect drugstore CC cream, does anyone have any good recommendations?