Ingredient Lists and How to Demystify Them

Jun. 28
Learn how to quickly choose your care product based on its listed ingredients
The Trouble with Analyzing Ingredient Lists
As an amateur without any cosmetic education in your past, reading from an ingredient list, let alone understanding it, can be difficult. It's understandable for a few good reasons.
Scientific names are complex.
You won’t always be able to tell right away what an ingredient is from its scientific name alone unless you've had some memorization practice. Take, for instance, the name Glycyrrhiza glabra. Could you tell me that it's the scientific name for Licorice Root? All ingredients have a scientific name, and it isn’t always easy to remember such complex naming conventions. However, you will always see them because it is a requirement by the FDA to have all ingredients used in a cosmetic product listed by their common (which means scientific) names.
The list can be too long.
It is one thing to have a name that you don't understand listed as an ingredient in a product because you can easily look it up. The issue arises when you happen upon a product with a list of ingredients that could take you forever to look up. There isn't always time to look up every single ingredient, especially in a shop where there are so many products to choose from in the first place. 
Natural or Synthetic Ingredients; Which is Which?
Although it may seem like the general consensus is that natural ingredients are better than artificially manufactured ones, good and bad ingredients exist in natural and synthetic forms. FDA Office of Cosmetics and Colors Director Dr. Linda Katz states that people shouldn’t be quick to assume that natural ingredients are safer than their chemical counterparts. In fact, many natural ingredients are much harder to protect from contamination than synthetic ones. Natural is not always better.
Breaking Down your Ingredient List
There is an order to concentration.
No matter how bulky an ingredient list is, FDA laws require that everything in it be listed in descending order of concentration. For your specific skin concern, you want ingredients that deal with the issue at the top of the list, because higher concentrations mean higher potency. This trick also helps you disqualify a product if one of its top ingredients is something that your skin is allergic or reacts badly to.
There are scientific names you'll come across very often.
Here's where you'll need to do a bit of research beforehand. Once again, depending on your skin concern, understand what ingredients work best to resolve it, by their scientific names. Here are some common names that you’ll likely come across in skin or hair care products.
  • Sodium Hyaluronate/Hyaluronic Acid: potent skin hydrators.
  • Any oil: helps skin with moisture, makes hair stronger and less prone to breakage.
  • Alpha Hydroxy Acid (Glycolic or Lactic): correct uneven skin tone and reduce wrinkles.
  • Salicylic Acid: treats acne and soothes irritation.
  • Panthenol/Vitamin B5: in shampoos, it improves hair volume.
There are resources available where you can look up information on any ingredient used in a product, and having them on hand to help you understand ingredients makes it easy to spot them by their scientific names.
Understand the difference between active and inactive ingredients
The FDA defines an “active ingredient” as a component that has a pharmacological effect on the body in a medical treatment product. For example, salicylic acid is an active ingredient in medicinal acne products because the FDA recognizes its ability to relieve acne in certain specific concentrations.
Inactive ingredients generally have no pharmacological effect on the body, but this doesn’t mean that they have no effect at all. They are simply not recognized as drugs having medicinal effects by the FDA, but they can still affect you in a way.  The best example is an exfoliating product micro-sized pumice crystals. The Pumice isn’t an active ingredient, but its abrasive nature affects the skin by digging out dead skin and impurities when you use it. In fact, in a product that isn’t intended for medicinal use, you will often see no listing of active or inactive ingredients at all.
Once you know what to look for and how to look for it, finding the right product for any of your care routines should be a walk in the park. 
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Halloween Ideas: Bratz (yes again) Part 3 💋🎃
Halloween Ideas: Bratz (yes again) Part 3 💋🎃
Can you tell that I’m obsessed with Bratz tehee This look is simpler than the other I had posted before this so I wanted to put this here for those who are looking for an easier way! This is technically a cut crease still but there’s only one color for the base! I used Take Me Back To Brazil for the vibrant blue color!! I like to put eyeshadow primer on a flat brush to cut my crease or you can use concealer if you want! I think concealer is def easier cuz the consistency is a lot smoother!! For the eyeliner, I used the NYX Epic Ink liner to do my regular eyeliner! I did add an extended part into my crease to really give that dramatic effect aka Bratz style 💁🏻‍♀️ #CheriePartner
Key to preventing and treating STRAWBERRY LEGS🍓
Key to preventing and treating STRAWBERRY LEGS🍓
The key to preventing and treating strawberry legs First- What are strawberry legs? StrawberryStawberry legs are common little black/brown dots that occur on people's legs after shaving. It is most common in people of color, and those with fairer skin, but darker hair. Strawberry legs is very common, and very simple to treat and prevent -Hydration I mention in my video that most of my products are hydrating, why's that? Strawberry skin is common with those with drier legs, making the appearance of the hair follicle more noticeable. A way to prevent this is to keep your skin very hydrated, and not to use too many stripping body washes. I am using this on method - Stay Hydrated Body wash from method. -Exfoliation Another very important key to preventing strawberry legs is exfoliation. This helps lift up any ingrown hairs and soften the hair follicle, which helps a smoother, and easier shave. However, you need to exfoliate BEFORE shaving, as it preps the skin and gets all the dead skin out of the way. When choosing a body scrub, refrain from buying a scrub that isn't natural, as those tend to be more harsh, and give an uneven exfoliation. I recommend any sugar scrub from Tree hut, I am using this one TREE HUT - Moroccan Rose Shea Sugar Scrub -Shaving oil Up until recently I didn't even know these existed. After some research, I found myself asking, “Why aren't these more popular??” Shaving oils are so much better for your skin. Unlike shaving creams/foams, you are able to see exactly what you are shaving, they also help give a closer shave, and provide a very smooth surface to shave on. I have been using this shaving oil TREE HUT - Bare Moisturizing Shave Oil for a little over a month now, and I still haven't gotten any little nicks or cuts!! -Razor- i'm sure you all have heard of the brand Billie, or have at least seen the thousands of ads on instagram, well, it is definitely worth it. For a very cheap price, you can get a very effective razor. This razor has 5 nickel free blades and gives an amazingly close and easy shave. I'm sure you can use any type of razor, but I highly recommendbillie - Billie Razor , but just make sure to change your blades once a month! Post shaving mist- Another product I've never really heard of, but this is essentially an after shave. A post shaving mist can help cool and calm irritated skin from after shaving, as well as prevent ingrown hairs, and itchy skin. I use this one TREE HUT - Bare Post Shave Mist Moroccan Rose Body serum- I use this serumTRULY - Jelly Booster Pigment Treatment Body Potion to help hydrate and fix the complexion on my legs. I actually used this to help fade my old scars and ingrown hairs on my legs, but I've also noticed that it has disappeared the appearance of my strawberry legs. Lotion- Finally, the common lotion. This ties to my first point about hydrating with strawberry legs, this lotion TREE HUT - Shea Moisturizing Body Lotion Moroccan Rose smells amazing of rose, and gives a nice glowy look without feeling greasy.
How to Get More Use Out of Your Bright Colors💕
How to Get More Use Out of Your Bright Colors💕
HELLOOOOOOO! I had a much needed mini break yesterday so there was no post BUT TODAY... I wanted to share some awesome tips since for most of us it’s fall/winter season and many of our bright colors are hibernating until spring! If you’re a person who typically says no to bright pinks, oranges, neon greens, etc. in the fall/winter season or don’t know what to do with them, here’s how you can utilize those colors to benefit your look/wardrobe! I set an example in this photograph of a very wearable but bright makeup look. Here’s how I got it to look “put together” without needed to add a boatload of other colors or create a high contrast. By exploring these techniques you can get a softer look but still stay in the same color spectrum 1. Play with the tones of the shade and apply it to different areas of the face! It can be difficult to use multiple shades of the same color spectrum on the face because things can turn messy/muddy very quickly. You might even look sunburnt if you’re using pinks. This can be due to the fact that some colors have the same undertone that creates the final product. Your skintone also plays a role in how the final results will look. The easiest thing you can do is play with these undertones. Have some fun with shades that can be cool or warm in undertone. You can balance out the face by having some cool tones in certain areas and warm in others. This way you won’t look “sickly”, “crazy”, or sunburnt” at the end of everything. In photo 2, you can see towards my eye area that it’s slightly “warmer” than the makeup on the rest of my face, specifically my upper lid area. The shade I created was a mixture of the color “Wild” and “Delicate” from Violet Voss - Sakura Blossom Eyeshadow and Pressed Pigment Palette , which are both warm in color/undertone. Next, I added a light cool-toned pink on my lower lid. I wanted the eyes and cheeks to capture most of the attention. Therefore, adding the cool-toned pink helped add dimension without taking away the focal points of the upper lid and cheeks. The idea is to have a sense of balance. 2. Play with Textures! If you have a ton of shades that have bright colored sparkles/shimmers and don’t know what to do with them, use them here! Imagine this being your wardrobe. You can enhance certain patterns in a blouse or t shirt with another pattern. This concept is the same for eyeshadows/face makeup. The micro-particles can really rejuvenate your makeup and enhance the look to create dimension. Imagine have a full face of the same color of bright matte pink. There might not be that UMPH you see in your typical editorials/makeup photos. By adding some highlights and other textures, it will give your eyes something to look at! Use shimmers that may have a similar color profile if you want a unified look. Other Products Used: WAYNE GOSS - The Weightless Veil Blush Palette 3CE - Velvet Lip Tint Happy Experimenting!
Frizz and fly-aways happen to the best of us. No matter how often we moisturize our hair during the winter, escaping static electricity seems impossible. To better understand how to tame your hair static, you need to know a little bit more about what causes it. So, What Causes Hair Static? Static electricity is created when two objects rub against each other. This swap causes a kind of electric charge to build up on your hair. If there is humidity in the air, the charge can usually just go away on its own.🙏🏼 There’s many ways one can get rid of fly-aways and hair static…You can use hair oils, leave-in conditioners, there’s even some anti-frizz, anti-static hair products you can use. However, I have found a way that works best for me. I got this idea from celebrity hair stylist, Jen Atkin (founder and owner of OUAI). She says that one of the best ways to get rid of fly-aways and hair static is by using a blush brush and hairspray. I have very thick, curly and frizzy hair naturally. My fly-aways and static appear on either side of my parting and they normally appear straight after I wash and straighten my hair. All I want is a sleek smooth look, but these fly-aways always get in the way.🙄 #Sorbet - Flexible and Shine Hairspray[products]#[FiveStars] I use the Flexible and Shine Hairspray from Sorbet. I love this product because it keeps everything in place but doesn’t harden your hair (that’s the worst). I spray this hairspray onto a plain old (no name brand) blush brush, and slowly stroke down the strands of hairs that are static. This really does work like a bomb. You do have to go over the strands a couple of times until all of them are sleek and smoothed down. There’s my little trick of the day. Try it out and let me know if this hack works for you! Paula x
My trick for completely covering dark circles!🙈
My trick for completely covering dark circles!🙈
I have always had pretty prominent dark circles due to genetics and no doubt lack of sleep! Through a ton of trial and error I have found a routine and products that work really well for me to cover my dark circles almost completely (I do have slight hallows which makes it look like a dark circle). Surprising I use 4-5 products to achieve this look. •First I use a warm (as in orangey) red lipstick. Yes, lipstick. It counteracts the blueish tones under your eyes. Trust me. This is the step that is a game changer. I use Kosas - Weightless Lip Color but any warm toned red lipstick will work. I mainly focus this on the inner part of my eye where I have the most darkness. (I also use this under my nostrils because I have slight shadowing there). •I next use BECCA - Under Eye Brightening Corrector and it is much lighter and peachier than the lipstick. This is great to use on top of the lipstick to blend together. It is much more emollient and easier to work with. This has light reflecting particles to help brighten the eye even further. •I then use two concealers on top of those. Currently I am using a light shade of DOSE OF COLORS - Meet Your Hue Concealer This concealer is easy to work with. Super creamy and has minimal creasing. I only apply a small dot to my inner eye with this one. •I then use a warmer-more yellow shade (Snow) of Too Faced - Born This Way Super Coverage Multi-Use Concealer on the outer edge of my eye and in the mid part of my cheek (this allows for a brightened inner face and less product under the eye the better). I then use a beauty blender to blend these two completely. Blend up under the eye and out the inner corner as well. •My last step is to set this all down!! My favorite powders to use are laura mercier - Translucent Loose Setting Powder and Charlotte Tilbury - Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder Both are great for setting the face. I like to bake with the LM powder since it is a loose powder and it’s easier to use product. Hope this helps. 🥰 #cheriepartner