Pride Month 2020: Which Beauty Brands Support the LGBTQ Movement?

Pride 2020 is almost upon us—the wonderful month that’s all about raising awareness for LGBTQ rights.
Aside from donating to one or more awesome charities, you can also shop consciously to show your love. I list 10 beauty brands that are all about Pride Month 2020.
Here are 10 cosmetics companies supporting Pride 2020:
  • Face Halo Love is Love Face Cloth
  • Sally Hansen Pride Collection
  • Marc Jacobs Enamored (With Pride) Lip Gloss
  • Herbivore Prism Pride Kit
  • Morphe Limited Edition Continuous Setting Mist
  • Batiste Love is Love Dry Shampoo
  • Fluide
  • NOTO Botanics Agender Oil 
  • Formula Z Mission Z Lipstick
  • Depixym Pride Collection
  • 10 Beauty Brands That Stand Behind the LGBTQ Community for Pride Month 2020
    You can combine your love for cosmetics with your desire to do good things come Pride month. These cosmetics lines are offering special products to celebrate Pride and donating to help too. 
    1. Face Halo Love is Love Face Cloth, $35.00 on Amazon
    The company released a limited edition Love is Love face cloth in honor of Pride 2020. Each packet comes with three pads: classic white with a cute rainbow lining. 
    You’ll get more than an attractive product to add to your collection. Face Halo promises to donate 5 percent of its profits to The Trevor Project, a foundation for LGBTQ youth. 
    2. Sally Hansen Pride Collection, $25.00 on Ulta 
    2020 marks the second year Sally Hansen donate an unspecified amount to GLAAD, the Gay and Lesbian Allegiance Against Defamation. 
    The Sally Hansen Pride Collection includes six vivid shades to keep your nails Pride-themed all month long. The polishes are Insta-Dry for convenience.
    3. Marc Jacobs Enamored (With Pride) Lip Gloss, $29.00 on Sephora
    Fashion icon Marc Jacobs has always been one to advocate equal rights. Jacobs released a Pride-themed line of lipglosses—the packaging is rainbow. There are four shades available with a high-shine finish for an on-point pout. 
    The elite beauty and clothing brand is donating $20,000 split equally between two LGBTQ organizations. Le Refuge is a French safe haven for LGBTQ youth, and Sage assists senior members of the community.
    4. Herbivore Prism Pride Kit, $56.00 on Herbivore 
    Herbivore’s Pride contribution comes in the form of the Herbivore Prism Pride Kit. The kit includes a stylish bag plus two exfoliating products from the Prism collection.
    The kit isn’t cheap, but 100 percent of the profits from each sale will go towards The Trevor Project plus The Trans Women of Color Collective.
    5. Morphe Limited Edition Continuous Setting Mist - $16.00 on Ulta
    Morphe emphasizes pushing boundaries and self-expression: blend the rules!
    With that motto, you’d be right to expect generosity for Pride Month—and Morphe lives up to the challenge. The Limited Edition Continuous Setting Mist should keep your hard work in place all day.
    The mist is a part of the Pride Free To Be Collection, and 100 percent of the profits from sales will go GLSEN. This organization brings attention to issues LGBTQ students face.6. Batiste Love is Love Dry Shampoo - N/A in the U.S
    The brand partnered up together with the LGBT Foundation, an organization that supports over 40,000 individuals from gay, lesbian, trans, and bi communities. 
    Batiste pledged to donate roughly $37,000 (£30,000) from sales of Batiste Love is Love, a limited edition variety of their classic dry shampoo. You can only find it on Superdrug in the UK, unfortunately. 
    7. Fluide - Any Product
    Fluide is makeup for everyone, regardless of gender or sexuality. This beauty brand isn’t only supporting the LGBTQ community for Pride: they’re active all year round.
    They partner with various non-profit organizations that focus on protecting and advocating for the LGBTQ community, and donate profits to them as well.
    8. NOTO Botanics Agender Oil - $40.00 on NOTO Botanics
    NOTO Botanics is a genderfluid cosmetics line that offers beauty solutions for everyone, regardless of race, sexuality, or gender. 
    The aptly-named NOTO Botanics Agender Oil is a giveback product supporting this message of inclusivity. 
    An undisclosed percentage of their profits for this multipurpose oil go towards organizations such as the LGBT Youth Center and Planned Parenthood.
    9. Formula Z Mission Z Lipstick - $18.00 on Formula Z
    4Ever Lips, FORMULA Z, cherie
    FORMULA Z4Ever Lips
    Formula Z Cosmetics is another beauty line standing up for LGBTQ rights all year round. The company’s founding principles are all about inclusivity: beauty for all.
    The Mission Z 4Ever Lips line dedicates 30 percent of each sale towards The Trevor Project. 
    There are nine matte shades available, including a color named Unisexy.
    10. Depixym Pride Collection - $145.00 on Depixym
    Depixym is an outspoken brand that claims to make products for people: “no positioning, no gender, no rules, no bullsh*t.”
    The cosmetics emulsions company released the Depixym Pride Collection to celebrate that message. One-third of each sale will contribute towards Akt and Mermaids, two UK-based charities for LGBTQ youth.
    Celebrate Pride 2020!
    I hope you can dazzle extra-hard with these Pride makeup and beauty items.
    Remember that Pride Month is a time to rejoice and to make a difference—every gesture of goodwill counts.
    Advocate for LGBTQ rights, donate directly to foundations like the ones I’ve listed here and buy from brands that contribute towards essential foundations. 
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