💫Why You Need to Add Emulsions to Your Skincare Routine

Jun. 28
Emulsions seem to be a mystifying topic in skincare world. It gets thrown around a lot, yet no one really knows what it is or why you should use it. It’s understandably difficult to know everything in the skincare world as companies tend to create jargon that make the already vast world of skincare products even more complex. Emulsions are one of those products you’ve never heard of but may come across and wonder if it would be beneficial for your skincare routine.
Emulsions are especially popular in Korean beauty products, but what are they? What are the benefits? Do they work for all skin types? How do you use them? I’ll answer all of these questions and you’ll find out why emulsions need to be added to your skincare routine. 
What are Emulsions?
The purpose of emulsions is to lock moisture into the skin. Emulsions are a lighter version of a moisturizer. They are usually water-based products which means they don’t apply as heavily as other creams or moisturizers. The majority of emulsions are a watery or gel-like consistency which makes them perfect those who don’t like heavy skincare products. Although these products may be lighter, they contain just as many benefits as the typical moisturizer or heavy cream. Emulsions are a great replacement for some facial creams, but you may still need to keep serums in your routine. 
What Are the Benefits of Emulsions?
Emulsions offer many different advantages for every skin type including:
  • Absorption – Emulsions are well-known for spreading fairly easily on the skin. The thin consistency of these products allows them to penetrate the skin quickly and provide numerous benefits for the skin.
  • Cost – Products that contain emulsions are typically less costly as they can be easily manufactured.
  • Application – Most emulsions are water resistant meaning that it will stay on the skin all day and they leave the skin feeling soft and luxurious. The smooth application allows for the skin to truly shine.
  • Gentle – Emulsions are very mild and do not disrupt the lipid bilayers of the skin. This means that your skin will never feel irritated as a result of using the product. Using emulsions on the skin can even make the skin less susceptible to bacteria and other harmful germs that may come into contact with the skin. 
  • Moisture – The largest benefits of emulsions is the level of moisture they provide for the skin. They are experts in depositing moisture without drying the skin or causing it to appear oily. 
Do Emulsions work for All Skin Types?
Overall, emulsions are beneficial to all skin types, but there is one skin type in particular that respond effectively to emulsions and that is acne-prone skin. For acne-prone skin types, emulsions are great for targeting oil, spots, and excess sebum on the skin. Applying an emulsion to the entire face or just the affected area helps to keep the skin clear of any dead skin cells and excess sebum. Some emulsions have BHAs which help to control the accumulation of excess oil and dirt on the skin as well as hyaluronic acid which provides hydration without an oily feel. Emulsions that are paired with other well-known and powerful skincare ingredients are perfect for keeping the skin hydrated while controlling breakouts. 
For oily skin types, emulsions are a great moisturizer because the light water-based nature allows it to absorb easily into the skin without the weight of a traditional moisturizer or cream. If you have oily skin in a hot climate, emulsions can be a great way to cool the skin while providing hydration. 
Those with normal skin can still gain from using emulsions in their skincare routine. Even if there isn’t a specific issue to target, who doesn’t want smooth glowy skin? Emulsions are perfect for delivering a refreshing dose of moisture that will leave your skin looking soft and hydrated all year round. 
If you suffer from sensitive skin, then emulsions are great for providing hydration without irritating or inciting inflammation and redness. Sensitive skin is very particular and many products are not compatible with this skin type, but the calm, soothing effects of emulsions make it a great option.
Emulsions are a holy grail for those with dry skin – the hydration levels unbelievable. If you use emulsions in conjunction with a cream your skin will never feel dry again. Creams deposit a large dose of moisture into the skin and emulsions help to seal the moisture inside. With this killer combination, you can say goodbye to dry, flaky skin.
How Do You Use Emulsions?
Including an emulsion into your skincare routine will look different for everyone based on their skin types and specific skin issues. Emulsions work for a variety of different skin types and offer a solution to many different issues. The most common use for emulsions is almost like a moisturizer meaning it stays near the end of the skincare routine. Once you have finished your everyday routine and have applied a serum, then an emulsion is next step. Some choose to use emulsions in conjunction with creams but it’s important to listen to your skin and adjust your routine accordingly. 
Best Reviews
My trick for completely covering dark circles!🙈
My trick for completely covering dark circles!🙈
I have always had pretty prominent dark circles due to genetics and no doubt lack of sleep! Through a ton of trial and error I have found a routine and products that work really well for me to cover my dark circles almost completely (I do have slight hallows which makes it look like a dark circle). Surprising I use 4-5 products to achieve this look. •First I use a warm (as in orangey) red lipstick. Yes, lipstick. It counteracts the blueish tones under your eyes. Trust me. This is the step that is a game changer. I use Kosas - Weightless Lip Color but any warm toned red lipstick will work. I mainly focus this on the inner part of my eye where I have the most darkness. (I also use this under my nostrils because I have slight shadowing there). •I next use BECCA - Under Eye Brightening Corrector and it is much lighter and peachier than the lipstick. This is great to use on top of the lipstick to blend together. It is much more emollient and easier to work with. This has light reflecting particles to help brighten the eye even further. •I then use two concealers on top of those. Currently I am using a light shade of DOSE OF COLORS - Meet Your Hue Concealer This concealer is easy to work with. Super creamy and has minimal creasing. I only apply a small dot to my inner eye with this one. •I then use a warmer-more yellow shade (Snow) of Too Faced - Born This Way Super Coverage Multi-Use Concealer on the outer edge of my eye and in the mid part of my cheek (this allows for a brightened inner face and less product under the eye the better). I then use a beauty blender to blend these two completely. Blend up under the eye and out the inner corner as well. •My last step is to set this all down!! My favorite powders to use are laura mercier - Translucent Loose Setting Powder and Charlotte Tilbury - Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder Both are great for setting the face. I like to bake with the LM powder since it is a loose powder and it’s easier to use product. Hope this helps. 🥰 #cheriepartner
you might be laughing at how short my fingers are, but did you apply your sunscreen today? 😗 hi all! my name is jada, i am a content creator that is apart of the instagram beauty community, and now i am on cherie! i’ve been using this lovely sunscreen for a few months now, and i fell in love with it. but why is sunscreen important? sunscreen helps protect us from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays: UVA and UVB. long term exposure to these rays result in damage to the skin's thickest layer – the dermis – and result in fine lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and hyperpigmentation. it is important to apply spf every single day, and to even re-apply sunscreen every couple of hours! for starters, this spf contains very necessary ingredients, such as: 🥑 avocado: moisturizes, reduces signs of aging, and treats sunburns. 🧴jojoba oil: soothes and hydrates the skin. 🍫cacao: provides powerful anti-oxidants and evens out your skin tone. 🥕 carrot juice: contains vitamin C which enables it to promote healing. 🌻 sunflower oil: prevents skin irritation from sunburn and other skin irritants. now as for my thoughts: being a person of color, it’s always been quiet difficult finding a sunscreen that won’t make me look like casper the ghost. THIS, however, does not. it blends in very beautifully and smoothly, and provides the most maximum hydration. with that being said, the only con about this product is that it might be a little TOO moisturizing. it makes me look my already extremely oily skin even oiler. it can sometimes be difficult to remember how much sunscreen to use, which is why i use the #twofingermethod! using two fingers to apply sunscreen is just the prefect amount to apply your sunscreen. it may seem a bit much, but it’s worth it! what is your favorite sunscreen?
2020s Biggest Trend: Dermatologist Approved
2020s Biggest Trend: Dermatologist Approved
The biggest trend in 2020 is PERSONLIZRD SERUMS. I tried #Atolla and here are my genuine thoughts (SURPRISE AT THE END OF CAPTION!) Do you ever feel like there are too many skincare products out there and have no idea what you need? Trust me, it’s happened to me too! I have been using #ATOLLA which is a company that formulates serums with a mixture of ingredients to target with your skin needs. Here are some of the benefits: 1) The serum is personalized for your skin. 2) you are able to monitor your skin changes each month with a skin test 3) Your formulation is altered monthly to target your problem areas. 4) It formulates several key ingredients into one serum, rather than buying separate creams. 5) it takes into account the products you are currently using. My initial skin concerns when completing my skin quiz with Atolla was battling dry skin as well as skin hyperpigmentation. They sent me a product with vitamin C complex as well as Alpha Arbutin. Vitamin C acts as my antioxidant against sun damage, evens out my hyperpigmentation, increases collagen, and increases hydration. Combining this with alpha arbutin, which targets the enzyme that produces pigment, only further reduced my hyperpigmentation. Like everything, results did not come overnight, but with consistent use, I was able to really even out my skin pigment and hydrate my skin. 🎉🎉🎉CHERIE SURPRISE 🎉🎉🎉 I've asked Atolla to give my CHERIE APP followers an exclusive code “DRCHRIS” for 25% off! Excited to see what you guys think!! 🙌🙌 Atolla - Custom Serum INGREDIENT BREAKDOWN:⤵️ The vitamin C helps with collagen growth, hyperpigmentation, as well as sun damage. The Alpha arbutin targets primarily hyperpigmentation creating an even skin tone. Depending on your product, you can use it in the morning or night.
Unbelievable Result in Few days 🤤😍😍
Unbelievable Result in Few days 🤤😍😍
I'm making a revised review of this serum because lI've realized it's actually one of the best products I've ever used, and here's why. This serum can either be your favorite beauty product or something that confuses you. So lll explain how to use it properly and why it is so great. The vitamin C derivative is Magnesium Ascorbyl Phosphate, a water soluble and stable form of vitamin C. This makes it safe for use in clear glass containers. So if you're worried about oxidation, this one should not oxidize like the notoriously unstablel- ascorbic acid. The first ingredient is water, followed by citric acid, lactic acid and malic acid. The exfoliation quality of this serum is very gentle yet effective for brightening the complexion. Many vitamin C serums are highly irritating and irritating products are not going to help your skin, there is no point in continuing use of a product that leaves you bright red and irritated constantly. This also has panthenol, two types of Hyaluronic acid and aloe Vera to hydrate the skin deeply. Peptides in the formula help to train skin cells to act younger, rebuild collagen and firm up the skin. And I have noticed that effect, my skin feels firmer. Antioxidant rich green tea, kale and spinach provide protection against free radical damage, making this perfect for use in the daytime under SPF. So, on to how to use this. Do not apply it to dry skin or it will feel sticky. Apply this to doamp skin after cleansing, or after misting your skin with something water based like after misting your skin with something woater based like the Evian Mineral Water Facial Mist. This helps it to sink in deeply and also prevents the Hyaluronic acid from pulling water out of your skin. Trust me, this keeps the serum from feeling tacky. The feeling of this serum is wonderful, it feels refreshing and comforting. It spreads nicely since the consistency is very thin. I use 1 and a half pumps on my wet face and pat it in and l also get my neck and backs of my hands. This doesn't cause any pilling/dry skin patches; it just leaves me feeling so hydrated and ready for the day. This serum is incredible. It's perfect for people with sensitive skin who want a vegan/cruelty free/silicone free serum that will hydrate, anti age and brighten the skin and protect against free radical damage. I give it 10/10 and I would repurchase, given the price is actually not terrible in comparison to so many other vitamin C serums. A little goes a long way and lenjoy using this daily! YOUTH TO THE PEOPLE - Superfood Firm and Brighten Vitamin C Serum
🌟💎 A hidden gem in cherie giveaway prize
🌟💎 A hidden gem in cherie giveaway prize
This is my night skincare routine for oily, combination , acne prone skin. These products are so good and help me lots with painful acne around jawlines. 🧖🏻‍♀️I use #Senka - SENKA All Clear Water Micellar White[products]#[FiveStars] ove my makeup. I like this one because it has green tea in it and very suitable for combination acne prone skin. 💜 Next, I use TATCHA - The Rice Wash Soft Cream Cleanser aka the perfect winter cleanser. Even my usually oily skin likes this. It’s very gentle, smells so so nice and luxurious. Lathers beautiful but still creamy. It cleanses your face as it should but doesn’t dry your skin out during winter. 💆🏻‍♀️For acne treatment, I exfoliate withCOSRX - One Step Pimple Clear Pads 2x/week and use LA ROCHE-POSAY - Effaclar Adapalene Gel .01% Topical Retinoid Acne Treatment 3x/week but not in the same night. 🔥✨ Then we have this lovely moisturizer INDIE LEE - Daily Skin Nutrition I’ve tried many oil free moisturizer for my stubborn oily skin but nothing works. It’s always look dull and shiny in the afternoon. If you have the same issue this product is perfect for you. This moisturizer IMMEDIATELY sinks into your skin and keeps my skin hydrated all day. It makes my skin so soft, doesn’t feel sticky after applying, even suitable for sensitive skin. The only downside to this is it’s the scent. It smells kinda weird to me but will disappear after a few minutes. That’s all from me. Hope you like this post 😁 *Music: Together( Prod. by Lukrembo)