🌮 🍕Sinful Colors Sweet and Salty Collection: Tacos, Pizzas, and More!

Jun. 24
Are you bored in the house and you’re in the house bored? Why not ramp up your mani-pedi game with scented nail polishes!
Sinful Colors released the Sweet and Salty Collection earlier this year. Fronted by trendy beauty Bebe Rhexa, this scented polish includes fragrances such as tacos and cheese puffs.
I’ll delve into all the mouthwatering shades and let you know what to expect. 
Sinful Colors Sweet and Salty Line: What Food-Inspired Fragrances Are There?
Rather than that unpleasant chemical stink, imagine the scent of your fave snack instead—yum, right?
The Salty and Sweet nail polish is also delightfully budget-friendly: each polish is only $3.00 a pop, cheaper than the food it smells like.
Let’s dive in nose-first:
1. Taco Tuesday
Taco scented nail polish has to be first on the list—I’m a taco-fanatic. 
The bottle might look a little unappetizing, but the smell is something else entirely. You’ll get a legit whiff of that trademark tortilla aroma. 
The scent isn’t overpoweringly strong, but it’s definitely there. Aesthetics-wise, the polish applies is pale orange with darker orange, red, and green flakes—pepper and lettuce accents!2. Pizza Party
There’s nothing like pizza for almost any occasion, including mani-pedis. 
This pizza scented nail polish is subtle—if you’re expecting the same experience as opening a takeaway box from your pizza parlor of choice, you might be let down.
However, there’s a mild aroma reminiscent of that unmistakable pizza-dough-smell. You know, like when you bite into a thick crust and get that bready-smell?
On application, the polish is somewhat similar to Taco Tuesday. The base is tan with yellowish and red flakes, which you could look at as mozzarella and pepperoni.
3. Cheese Puff
Let’s be real: we’ve all had the dreaded cheesy fingers after indulging in a bag of Cheetos. 
The Cheese Puff can match your nails to your fingertips after a late-night snack—it’s a vibrant flaming orange with a thick texture.
The fragrance is pretty spot-on, which can be a pro or a con: it has that distinctive cheesy odor to it. Unless you seriously love your cheesy puffs, that might get a little nauseating after a while.
4. Donut Even
Donut Even isn’t only a cute name, it’s one of the sweetest-looking scented polishes in the collection. 
The base is pale pink and the rainbow-colored flecks turn your nails into the perfect strawberry-rainbow-sprinkle donut.
Scent-wise, you can anticipate sugary accents (duh) that are mouthwateringly donut-ish. If you adore candy-themed scents, you’ll be a fan.
5. Cookies & Creme
Cookies and cream work in almost any form: ice cream, milkshakes, actual cookies... I could go on.
This nail polish is in the same category as Pizza Party and Taco Tuesday: you’ll probably want to wear it exclusively for the fragrance. 
It’s a brownish-grey base with dark brown sprinkles. Yes, that’s basically cookies and cream in a nutshell but it isn’t particularly enticing to look at.
In terms of smell, it has a sweetish cream odor—it’s one of the most food-ish fragrances in the collection.
6. Chocolate Cake
By this point, I’m starting to get a little peckish—Chocolate Cake is the last scented nail polish to review. 
The texture is rough, which is interesting—like a dry, spongy piece of cake. The color is a deep chocolate brown to suit the name. 
You’ll get whiffs of chocolate from the bottle, but it’s rather faint. You probably won’t be drooling over your nails all day (or get your crush to either). 
What Other Scented Nail Polish Brands Are There?
Sinful Colors aren’t the only scented nail polish brand on the market. Other brands to get your nails smelling delicious include:
Revlon Parfurmerie Scented Nail Enamel
Revlon Parfurmerie Scented Nail Enamel includes a collection of 10 colors and fragrances—there’s a decent variety.
You can pick from enticing scents such as lime basil, winter mint, ginger melon, and China flower. The perfume should last for up to a week, but the coverage isn’t ideal.
KleanColor Nail Lacquer Scented
The KleanColor Nail Lacquer Scented line offers 23 perfumed colors, the most diverse selection on the list.
With timeless shades and sweet scents, they can complement any style. All the options consist of top-quality pigmentation and are chip-resistant, but may take some time to dry.
L.A. Girl Fruity Scented Nail Polish
L.A. Girl Fruity Scented Nail Polish polish consists of several popping colors. There’s everything from deep blue to a striking blood red. 
The scents are inspired by the fruit the color represents. For example, blue is Blueberry Fizz.
Be warned that the polish might chip quicker than a non-aromatic variety.
Get Heaven-Scent Nails
Scented nail polish can definitely be an awesome addition to your beauty lineup. 
Every time you lift your hands to your face, you’ll get a whiff of your favorite aroma! They’re also a great conversation starter and Insta-worthy share.
Bear in mind that for lines such as Sinful Colors, removing scented nail polish can turn into a chore. Flecks and glitters are the worst to scrub off your nails.
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Join the trending topic 🏷 Beauty Thanks
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