The Beginner's Guide to Anti-Aging in your 20's

Jun. 23, 2020
Pick up an issue of Vogue, InStyle, Glamour, or browse the endless feed of Refinery29, Byrdie or PopSugar and you will find an article dedicated to passionately urging you, a delicate woman in her 20's, to start an anti-aging skincare routine immediately or your face will fall off by 50. 
While dramatic protestations tend to have an effect on the tinder of fear that exists in all of us about the physical signs of aging, it is more convincing to truly understand why you need anti-aging treatments when you've barely graduated college! 
Here are the facts: skin starts to rapidly lose elasticity, collagen and glycosaminoglycans (GAG's i.e. the compounds that keep skin hydrated at the tissue level) by the age of 20. You rarely see the physical effects of the internal aging process until later in life, but you will see the effects of external aging factors like: pollution exposure, UVA and UVB sun rays, smoking, etc. The end result: skin that makes you look older than you are, which stops being cool when you can legally purchase a drink.
The most effective strategy to prevent the early onset of fine lines, wrinkles, crow's feet, sun spots and more is to start an anti-aging skincare routine with active ingredients like retinol, hyaluronic acid, and AHA's. The following companies are notorious for their high quality, maximum efficacy anti-aging product lineups.
Kate Somerville 
Los Angeles based skin health expert to the stars Kate Somerville developed her line of incredibly effective products in 2004 after years of working alongside high caliber dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons. 
With a desire to treat skin conditions before they escalate in severity, Kate Somerville developed quality solutions for all skin types from dry and sensitive to acne prone and oily. Her anti-aging lineup includes creams, serums and targeted treatments dedicated to improving skin elasticity and smoothing the complexion. The
DermalQuench Wrinkle Warrior® ($98) is an anti-aging treatment that deeply hydrates the skin with hyaluronic acid while improving skin elasticity with Sichuan Pepper. In a clinical study, 100% of participants noticed a significant improvement of hydration in their skin. Proper hydration of the skin prevents the breakdown of the skin's natural moisture barrier preventing the skin from looking sallow and sunken over time. 
Skinceuticals is a L'Oreal brand situated in the medical skincare space, but don't let that intimidate you! Medical skincare brands like Skinceuticals, Dermalogica and ZO Skin Health are highly recommended by dermatologists and often sold in medical offices by either dermatologists or estheticians on staff. 
Skinceuticals has a high quality product lineup with an emphasis in cutting edge ingredient and delivery system research. Each product in their lineup is guaranteed to improve your overall skin health over time with clinical studies to prove efficacy. The Skinceuticals philosophy is "Prevent. Protect. Correct," which is a key strategy for age delay in your 20's. 
Whether you are a seasoned or rookie retinol user, Skinceuticals has a retinol product perfect for you. Choose from Retinol 0.3 ($67), Retinol 0.5 ($76) and Retinol 1.0 ($88). This night cream formula contains pure retinol, a vitamin a derivative, which is the most effective ingredient for improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The Skinceuticals retinol formula also contains bisabolol, an ingredient used to reduce irritation and redness often caused by retinol use. 
Estee Lauder
This beauty powerhouse needs no introduction. Your mom and grandma may have a few Estee Lauder products on their vanity, but the 2020 Estee Lauder is not your mom’s Estee Lauder; the Lauder team is focused on continually improving their product offerings and maintaining relevance in this fast-moving industry. 
The tried-and-true anti-aging product every woman needs in her beauty arsenal is the Advanced Night Repair ($72). This glorious brown bottle with the delicate gold lettering you see in every influencer shelfie has won over 150 awards and counting. Formulated with the patented ChronoluxCB™ Technology for nighttime skin renewal, Advanced Night Repair restores skin hydration and delays the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles when used regularly. The formula is oil-free, which is crucial for oily, acne-prone skin types making this a product effective for everyone. 
Fresh Beauty
Fresh beauty is dedicated to providing products with effective natural ingredients using modern science yet honoring ancient beauty rituals. Founded in 1991 by Russian immigrants, Fresh Beauty started as a brick-and-mortar shop and expanded into the product lineup we know today. 
Natural skincare need not be ineffective in treating common skin conditions like fine lines, wrinkles and sun spots. Fresh Beauty proves this misconception false with their Black Tea Age Delay collection including the Black Tea Age Delay Eye Cream ($68), the Black Tea Corset Cream Firming Moisturizer ($95), the Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask ($92) and the Black Tea Age Delay Firming Serum ($75). This collection features a robust formula with the Fresh Beauty black tea complex containing black tea extract, kombucha, blackberry tea extract, and lychee seed extract to prevent free radical damage and improve the skin’s elasticity over time. 
Best Reviews
Clear Hydrated Skin The Clean Way✨
Clear Hydrated Skin The Clean Way✨
Staying in the trend of clean beauty, I have found an amazing product to add to my everyday routine. Odacité SKINCARE - Blue Aura Cleansing Water This is a cleansing water that is marketed to use in place of your cleanser for a “quick” clean. When looking for a good cleansing water, you want one that is hydrating and gets your face clean. Keep in mind not all cleansing waters are designed to clean makeup (I highly recommend a cleansing balm and cleanser). About This Brand: ✨Vegan ✨Cruelty Free ✨Certified Organic ✨ NO: Fillers | Parabens | Nanoparticles | Petrochemicals | PEG | Synthetic perfumes | Dyes | Phenoxyethanol. This cleansing water is so hydrating and satisfying to use. It smells very fresh and a little goes a long way. What is very important to me is my dry spot aren’t tight or irritated. I have been using this day and night and have seen amazing results acne and skin barrier wise. I included this in my routine after a regular cleanser and before my serums. So essentially, I use this as a “toner”. I do this to clean up anything my cleanse left behind, or the cleanser itself. INGREDIENTS: ✨Tumeric: Amazing for hyperpigmentation and overall skin brightness ✨Holy Basil: I drink the tea and can vouch this is an amazing adaptogen that can overall benefit every aspect of your life. It combats aging and free radical damage. ✨Neem: great anti aging ingredient that helps protects your skin barrier. ✨Aloe Vera Juice: this is great for your skin barrier overall. It hydrated, protects and brightens. I highly recommend this cleansing water and it is on sale for $9 at Boxycharm Pop Up 🥰🥰
Double Your Lash Length With Sky High Mascara!
Double Your Lash Length With Sky High Mascara!
I bought this mascara after seeing a post about it on Facebook. I love trying out new mascaras but rarely do I find one that I will use regularly like my beloved tarte - Maneater Mascara However this stuff is good. MAYBELLINE - Lash Sensational Sky High Waterproof Mascara It gave my lashes so much volume & length they literally doubled in size! My lashes are already pretty long to begin with but this made them look amazing. The photo is after applying only one coat so I can only imagine how good they will look after two or three coats! It also didn’t clump up my lashes at all. I applied it really quickly & lazily too because I was in a rush to get ready & I was still amazed! I honestly think this is going to be my new daily mascara. It is waterproof but not the annoying kind that leaves your eyes completely black when you go to take it off. It came off really easily with my POND'S - Facial Moisturizers Dry Skin Cream which is what I’ve always used to remove my eye makeup, since I was a kid! @cherie@Cheriebeauty@CheriePick
A Journey of Self 🌹
A Journey of Self 🌹
I figured Black History Month was as good as any opportunity to talk about my self finding. Growing up in a small yet old family, I always had questions about my roots and family history. I also struggled with self conscious doubts about my appearance. Why is my nose this big? Why is my hair this curly? Why am I taller than average? These weighed heavy on my mind growing up because honestly, sticking out sucked. So, I finally dove deep into my family’s origin and decided to do an Ancestry DNA analysis. I immersed myself with every corner of the site. I only got the chance to finish my maternal grandmas side of the family tree, but even that has plenty of gaps. Yet, when I received my DNA results I was stoked. Then I realized, I don’t know much about any of these places. So I dug even deeper. I have a little journal of things I’ve learned and want to know, but this was quite the experience. It was heartbreaking and satisfying at the same time. I highly recommend for every race and background to do this DNA Test. The best part of this was scrolling through photos of the people of the respected countries I was DNA matched to. I swear I saw a girl who looked like me, but everyone else thinks I’m tripping lol. In the end, I’m satisfied with my results and findings. Relatively speaking, this way of self discovery has been the most effective.
Do It All Toner 🍃🍃
Do It All Toner 🍃🍃
I have been loving the brand Truly lately ✨ I recently purchased this: 🍃TRULY - CBD Jelly Toning Solution 🍃 And it’s by far one of my favorite toners. Ingredients: 💚100MG CBD 💚Glycolic Acid 💚Tea Tree Oil 💚Organic Aloe 💚Rose Petal Extract This brand is also: 💚Vegan 💚Cruelty Free 💚Clean I use this every other night and it as tremendously helped my skin barrier and acne. I was really concerned about the glycolic acid irritating or drying my skin but it didn’t at all 🤩 I highly recommend this to combo and oily , acne prone skin. This will be a toner I keep in my night routine. I got it from Ulta (of course) for $24 (I paid $15 after coupons) Do you use CBD products? 🍃
Okay guys as I have said before I am guilty of rarely ever wearing sunscreen. I just never liked the feel of it on my skin. I always felt like it made me greasy & clogged my pores. However, once I heard about this product I was very intrigued. NIOD - Survival 30 It actually isn’t sold in the United States for some reason so I had to purchase it on a UK website. (Beauty Bay) It is an antioxidant serum with SPF 30. At first, it appears to be tinted but it’s actually not. On NIOD’s website they state: “The slight tinted appearance is derived from the active technologies including Lutein, Fractionated Melanin and Pycnogenol.” It blends in with your skin so easily & does not leave a white cast like some other SPF products. However this serum literally makes my skin tone soo even & perfect! It also contains silicone so it completely smooths over my pores. AND besides all that great stuff, it’s a mineral sunscreen! So it protects against environmental & lifestyle issues. Like UV rays, blue light, etc. I have never loved a product as much as this one! I literally cannot believe how good my skin looks while using this stuff! For a 30ml bottle, I paid $33 on the Beauty Bay site. For me, that is completely worth it! It comes in this adorable packaging & pretty glass bottle. It also has a pump dispenser & squirts out the perfect amount for a single use! I really can’t recommend this stuff enough guys! It’s wonderful!! @cherie@Cheriebeauty@CheriePick