Isle of Paradise: The Brand Which Makes The Tanning Dreams Come True

Jun. 21, 2020
He has worked with A-listers around the world and has expertly bronzed them all, from Kate Moss, Blake Lively, Kendall Jenner, Kim Kardashian to Lily James, Millie Mackintosh, Sienna Miller and countless influencers and models backstage at Fashion Week. 
He’s committed to make people feel comfortable and calls himself “a body confidence champion rather than a spray tanner”. And his products are so popular with shoppers that one bottle is snapped up every three seconds.
He is Jules Von Hep, founder of Isle Of Paradise, the revolutionary and disruptive tanning brand which is reinventing the tanning game with a unique color-correcting technology that creates a streak-free, real-looking tan, and markets itself as a champion of body positivity, diversity and exclusivity, establishing itself as the self-tan for every-body.
Isle of Paradise is an extremely popular brand with a steadily growing social network, and a present and visible founder, who is totally committed to spreading out the company’s message and values. 
Jules Von Hep is very much the face of Isle of Paradise and the beating heart of the brand: he actively takes part in all the marketing activities and speaks to his public all the time, creating a strong sense of community through the official website, the social media channels and media interviews. 
However, even though “the Isle” is so famous and so deeply connected with its costumers, there still may be something you do not know about it, something which is worth knowing.
Let’s go and see the Isle of Paradise up close to get some cool behind the scene insights!
#1  The brand’s name history 
“Isle of Paradise is the mental state of mind that you take yourself to when you are tanned.” 
This is how Jules Von Hep describes his brand’s name and it perfectly embodies its mission and its origin.
When it came to choosing the name of his new line, Jules thought about what makes him happy in life and that is spending time with his mum and friends, buying new clothes, going on holidays, living life! These are the moments he usually tan for and these are his happy moments, his Paradise.
“ I tan to make me feel more confident. Those times that I’m wearing tan is paradise. The Isle of Paradise is not a real place, it’s a state of mind – it’s the place self-tan takes you to in order to feel great”
#2  The new rules of the tanning game
Isle of Paradise is not just a self-tan label, it’s a tanning brand with a major point of difference: thanks to a cutting-edge science and ingredients, Isle of Paradise is the first tanning company to infuse a unique colour-correcting technology within its products. The 3 colour correcting shades each correspond with the 3 shades of tan; for a light tan there’s peach to illuminate and diminish uneven skin tone. For a medium tan there’s redness-reducing green, and for a dark tan, there’s violet, which reduces yellow tones.
#3  When Jules Von Hep first met Beauty ...
... he was probably eight years old. He was left home on his own and he tried on his mum’s Chanel lipstick. Something clicked in his brain at that time but it was at university that he really felt in love with a beauty product: he was in the shower, washing his hair and thought how incredible was the shampoo he was using.
It was love at first sight. 
#4  Scents of Australia
After finishing his degree in Manchester, Jules Von Hep moved to Sydney for a year to work in magazines.
It was a crucial time of his life: Sydney is the place that Jules credits with changing him as a person and enabling him to feel comfortable in his own skin. And this being one of the main reason that moved him to create Isle of Paradise - he wanted to create a product which could help people to love their body and to feel comfortable with it -, it was a natural choice for him to look for a scent inspired by Sydney when working on his products’ fragrance. 
That’s where Eucalyptus and Peppermint came from: they have been inspired by Jules’ time in Sydney. Isle of Paradise is confidence and happiness in a bottle, and that’s what Sydney did to the King of tanning.
#5 A Tanning Primer? Yes please!
Everything about Isle of Paradise sees things done differently: the use of colour theory and a unique technology which adapts to your skin, creating a custom tan; the presence of curvy models in the advertising campaign and the inclusive message that challenges the “one size fits all” approach to body care; the founder’s mission of creating a brand that could embrace the bodies that we meet everyday - all the bodies: all sizes, shapes, skin tones and textures. 
And the use of a tanning primer. Yes, a tanning primer. 
If the use of makeup primer is obvious, as it helps making the foundation sit better and last longer, why couldn’t they have one of these for tanning? It has been a natural choice for the king of custom self-tan to create and use a product which could help the tan being as much natural as possible, with a long last effect (up to three days more that the usual self tan products) and no smell. 
“Life’s too short Babe. Make peace with your body.” 
Jules Von Hep
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