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Jun. 18
Skin comes in all variations of color, tone, and types. Although different skin types can be catered to base on their specific requirements, sensitive skin is still a confusing phenomenon that is baffling its victims. Is it oily or is it dry? Is it a rash or my skin just decided to react to something on its own? Broken capillaries? Itchy skin? The list goes on and on; no really, it does.
Sensitive skin at times gives you a run for your money. Women with sensitive skin spend good bucks on products and brands that don’t do much good; rather, they make things worse at time. This is why this piece is composed to introduce to you some of the best brands available in the market that are ideal for sensitive skin. The article also contains some of their best products that are highly recommended for all variations of sensitive skin type.
Skin Ceuticals:
Skin Ceuticals is a highly recognized and preferred brand by dermatologists globally. Their products are designed with advanced skin care techniques and ingredients that are backed by science and have been proven to be beneficial, specifically for sensitive skin type.
The brand was born from high-end research on skin cancer that provided insight into the deepest secrets of skincare and led to a pivotal breakthrough in antioxidants for sensitive skin. Their products are rich in high-potency formulas that are concentrated with active ingredients which optimally penetrate deep into the skin and provides excessive care and correction for sensitive skin.
Some of their best sellers that are also perfect for sensitive skin include:
This rapidly acting gel soothes sensitive skin and relaxes the complexion of sensitive skin (redness or broken capillaries, etc.)
This night-time serum is rich in antioxidants and provides a normal and soothing appearance to skin, treating it from inside overnight.
This intensive calming botanical masque is designed to calm sensitive skin prone to discomfort and quickly provides a soothing and relaxing sensation to the skin.
Simple Skin:
Just as the name suggests, Simple Skin makes simple products that are highly regarded for their gentle nature and kind impact on the skin. Their focus is on creating skincare products that are ideal for skin in terms of making it more balanced and perfect.
Since sensitive skin is complicated, Simple ensured that their products are not. This is why they designed an entire range for sensitive skin that soothes it and calms it from inside. Treating the causes that result in sensitive skin and providing it lasting comfort.
Some of their products perfect for sensitive skin include:
This cleansing water with minerals and plant extracts ensures that there is no residue left on skin that can cause it to react negatively with it.
This 100% natural foaming cleanser keeps sensitive skin fresh without causing any irritation or discomfort and it is safe for daily use.
Removing makeup from sensitive skin is quite risky and painful at times. This is why these eye makeup remover pads are gentle to skin and free of strong chemicals that may cause discomfort to sensitive skin.
Colorescience is a brand dedicated to healthy skin which understands that skin is affected with more than just sunlight or pollution. They have an obsession with preventing the skin from any kind of possible damage which is why they are highly preferred by physicians and dermatologists and recommended for sensitive skin.
Their strategy consists of taking preemptive measures to tackle skincare issues before they surface. Whether it’s protection from UV or free-radicals, Colorescience is ever ready to take its stance against skincare problems faced by sensitive skin anytime of the day. Their focus in on protecting sensitive skin from external elements.
With their scientific research embedded deeply in each and every one of their products, Colorescience offers a powerful range that tackles sensitive skin efficiently:
This brush-on sunscreen protects sensitive skin from harmful UV rays and creates a protective barrier that remains effective throughout the day.
Now you don’t have to worry about your complexion turning dull thanks to this brightening perfector. Along with providing protection from UV light, it will also brighten up your skin.
Sensitive skin is prone to redness which is why this clinical redness corrector is perfect for skin redness and those broken capillaries that are visible on the skin surface.
Tatcha is a Japanese luxury beauty brand that is even adored by famous celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Meghan Marke. The brand is founded by Victoria Tsai who suffered from acute dermatitis. In her search for a cure, she met a modern Geisha in Japan who introduced her to centuries-old remedies and treatments used by Geishas to cater to the needs of their skin on a daily basis.
Combining traditional Japanese skincare rituals and modern science, Tatcha has created a range that is perfect for sensitive skin with natural and herbal ingredients. Their range for sensitive skin is very effective and quick to provide results.
Some of their best products for sensitive skin include:
For those who are new to Tatcha, this starter set will provide a revolutionary experience for sensitive skin that will tackle all issues with this single set. 
This rice polish will sooth sensitive skin from inside while giving it a calming sensation nd making your sensitive skin shine bright.
This skin softener will make your skin plump and soft to the touch without causing any discomfort or irritation to your sensitive skin.
This concludes our piece on best brands and their ideal products for sensitive skin type. Be sure to give your feedback and tell us about your own stories if you have used one of the recommended products.
Best Reviews
Trending Super Ingredient: Collagen ✨
Trending Super Ingredient: Collagen ✨
Collagen has been a trending super ingredient for what seems like some time now! There are even brands (like Elemis and Algenist) who take this ingredient to a whole new level and create entire lines dedicated to them. I wanted to take a second and talk about what collagen can (and can’t) do for the skin. Collagen is a protein that provides structure to the majority of your body. It provides the firmness and strength of the skin. It is something your body produces naturally but at the age of 25 the production slows down. The skincare market has turned the term collagen into an anti-aging buzzword. I’ve seen many claims that it can help stimulate collagen growth but this isn’t true. The only thing topically applied collagen will do is moisturize the skin. It’s a great moisturizer at that but the molecule is too large to penetrate the top layer of skin therefore most “benefits” brands claim with it are not true. I wanted to break down some products that I’ve had the pleasure of trying (which were gifted by Elemis except for the little marine cream SPF 30 which I got in gratis) that contain collagen. Despite collagen not being the super anti aging powerhouse the market makes it seem to be I do like these products. First, the ELEMIS - Pro-Collagen Marine Cream SPF 30 is a lightweight cream perfect for the morning. I have oily yet dehydrated skin but I’ve noticed as the weather has been changing it’s been slightly more dry so I’ve been using this. It absorbs really well and has a really pleasant berry smell (I don’t normally care for scents in skincare but I make exceptions as my face isn’t sensitized right now). Next, the ELEMIS - Pro-Collagen Eye Revive Mask has been my FAVORITE go to night eye cream. It has a thick gel consistency which feels amazing under the eyes. It’s really moisturizing and luxurious. Next, the ELEMIS - Pro-Collagen Marine Cream Ultra-Rich which I’ve personally been using as a neck cream at night. This cream has a thicker consistency compared to the regular marine cream making it perfect for those with dry skin. It’s very moisturizing and smells like the normal marine cream. Next, the ELEMIS - Pro-Collagen Energising Marine Cleanser is something that I hate that I like it so much because it’s over priced for a cleanser (tbh everything Elemis is overpriced and I only recommend it if you have the money to spend/want to). It smells AMAZING like the marine cream (which I’m okay with since it’s a wash off treatment). It’s a gel consistency that lathers really well without stripping the skin. It does a really good job cleansing my face and I’ve yet to have it feel stripped. Finally, the ELEMIS - Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm which I do think is very moisturizing like the whole line but it’s not my favorite cleansing balm. It washes off nice but it’s a bit goopy in consistency and the vapors irritate my eyes.
I turned myself into Neytiri from Avatar👽😊
I turned myself into Neytiri from Avatar👽😊
For this year's Halloween look, I opted for this one. For a detailed tutorial visit my Youtube channel Nita's Glam World. 😊❤️
Never Give Up On Your Skin
Never Give Up On Your Skin
Looking at my unfiltered photo you may be thinking that I don’t suffer from cystic acne but I do and I did. In my early teens my skin was PERFECT. By college, I would get 1-2 pimples near the time where my red seas be flowing. In my early 20s and as I’ve aged it got worse. I experienced enlargement of pores, cystic acne, blackheads on a repeat vicious cycle. Now in my late 20’s I combat all of those knowing that I’m a combination type. I did Seeing as my skincare was considered a bar of soap, I set out on my skin journey. Trying products that were absolutely no good. Yes, I trotted to Target and have picked up Clean & Clear. I’ve gone down the road and used the St. Ives Scrub 👀 Do I have to wash make up off every night? 😖 I remember feeling lost and down in the dumps, frustrated because I couldn’t see results. Mistaking tightness as a measure of effectivity, I suffered from dryness. Causing my skin to produce more oils, I made my pores bigger. 😟 To this day my pores on my nose and cheeks are still very visible to me. Popped too many a pimple because I couldn’t resist.✖️✖️✖️ I do Throughout every mistake I became motivated to learn. This was my skin and certainly if it’s mine then it’s within my control. I obsessed because I feel that the more time I spend on it, the more beneficial it will be for me and my well being. Sometimes that means breaking the bank 🏦 and sometimes you put on your cheap skates. 💨 Through my visits at the dermatologist and guidance from my mom, I’ve come to accept so much despite feeling like giving up. 🔚 Lessons Along The Way No one is going to get as close to my face as I do to a mirror before my shower 🛀. Unless you’re my husband who smooches me and always tells me I’m beautiful. 🥺 No one is going to have that much motivation to look at my picture and zoom x100000000 magnification 🔍 on it just to count my pores. Just because it says pore clearing or acne treatment whatever marketing buzzword does not mean that it’s good for you. There are skincare products that can make it worse. Even just by going with good reviews, checking the ingredients is worth the while. Put those ugly products into permanent purgatory. 🗑 After enough time and patience, results will slowly show more and more each day. Scars that existed no longer existed. Deeper scars that start to look smaller. There are no days off to application or improving my routine. You will CONQUER and tame this beast you call skin! ⚔️ I’m glad that there’s a medium to express what’s helped me along the way. I’m also here to learn more from the community. All I know is what I’ve learnt so far and I’m so happy to share that I couldn’t believe this is my 50th post on Cherie! 🥳 Accept and love your skin, show yourself the patience you deserve. Thank you so much for reading. But most of all beside those lessons, I should have never forgotten the sunblock. 🤣 You live and you learn.
I just tried OLAPLEX Nº 0 & Nº 3 🤷🏻‍♀️
I just tried OLAPLEX Nº 0 & Nº 3 🤷🏻‍♀️
☁️This 2-part treatment system takes 20+ minutes. You do it on dry hair before you shampoo & condition. First you saturate your hair with Nº 0, wait 10 minutes, don’t rinse, then add Nº 3 & leave on for an additional 10+ minutes. Nº 3 can be used alone, but Nº 0 is meant to be used only as a precursor for Nº 3. I originally bought this for my bf’s heavily damaged hair, but he’s so lazy about using anything😑 So finally we made it happen. My hair isn’t currently damaged from bleach like it used to be, however, because I have a neurological disease, some days I’m in so much pain, tossing & turning in bed all day, I pull my hoodie over my head & use a heating pad on it. Days like this my thick hair becomes a wreck. Swipe for photos. I definitely get a lot of breakage around my hairline, I’m so over it lol, I’ve got silk pillowcases coming in the mail💤💌 I picked a “bad hair day” like this from the other day after my flareup calmed down to try this 2-part treatment system for you guys. I’m aware that no hair treatment can make a strand of hair full length again once it’s snapped short... I was more curious to see what this treatment could do for my bf’s hair. He washes it waaay too much because he thinks it’s dirty due to his job, which gives his hair tons of sun damage. I was mortified when he told me he washes it twice a day! Don’t do this! It strips away your natural oils! His hair is so brittle & dry! OLAPLEX - No. 0 Intensive Bond Building Hair Treatment Kit $28/5.2 of Nº 0 + 1 oz of Nº 3 Everyone seems to be raving about Olaplex products, so I had my hopes set pretty high. This may be an unpopular opinion, but this treatment didn’t impress me much. I have to use sooo much product for my hair & it’s only shoulder length. My hair is extremely thick, I’m no stranger to using extra product, but this was a little ridiculous. I used almost the entire full size Nº 0 & every last drop of the sample size Nº 3. The amount I used on my bf was quite little. His hair is very thin & only like 4-5” long. OLAPLEX - No.0 Intensive Bond Building Treatment $28/5.2 oz He thought I was using a lot, because the nozzle dispenses so slowly (which is good I guess because the consistency is like water) but the level only went down about a half inch. Not really any scent. I found it so time consuming to do this step myself. The applicator made me feel like I was in highschool using box dye. I actually transferred it to an empty (& clean) Briogeo spray bottle because I was so frustrated. It dispensed it a lot faster, but still be very careful. I had a cut on finger & it burned really bad, so don’t get it in your eyes! OLAPLEX - No. 3 Hair Perfector $28/3.3 oz Similar to typical hair conditioner in texture/consistency/scent-easy to apply. THE RESULTS: His hair: still fried This just wouldn’t be feasible for my hair considering I emptied a $28 bottle for 1 use. Hair was soft after nothin special.
My Job Interview Makeup 💄🔥
My Job Interview Makeup 💄🔥
The best way to get the job is to look and feel your best! ✨ I always wear my power color (RED! ❤️) to give me that added boost of confidence! I hope you enjoy this look. Makeup details below! ↘️ Moisturizer: Aveeno - Positively Radiant Daily Moisturizer SPF 30 Foundation: Alima Pure Mineral Foundation in Natural 2 Blush: Alima Pure Bluah in Pink Brows: NYX - Micro Brow Pencil MAYBELLINE - Fast Sculpting Brow Gel Eyeshadow: MAYBELLINE - The City Mini Eyeshadow Palette Curler: SHISEIDO - Shiseido Eyelash Curler Mascara: it Cosmetics - Superhero Elastic Stretch Volumizing and Lengthening Mascara Contour Palette: e.l.f. - e.l.f. Contour Palette Lips: Clinique "Cherries in the Snow" 🍒 @CLINIQUE - Free Dramatically Different Lipstick Full Size With Brand Purchase