Dark Spot Skin Care: the Four Best Brands to Try

Jun. 18, 2020
Struggling with hyper-pigmentation and dark spots? Try these amazing skincare brands to re-discover an even complexion and healthy glow. 
Annoying patches of darker skin can be caused by sun worshipping, acne scarring, pesky hormones or the simple act of aging. There are plenty of serums and exfoliators on the market that will fade, lighten and brighten. Here’s the four dark-spot correcting skin care brands we think you should try.
Kiehl’s is a skincare brand with a distinguished heritage. Their journey started 180 years ago in a small apothecary in New York and over the years they have produced some ultra-effective, iconic products. 
Skincare is medicine at Kiehl’s, a philosophy which makes sense considering their origins as a chemist. So, why should you trust them to fix your skincare woes? Kiehl’s have a non-nonsense scientific approach that embraces natural elements. 
Dark spots are just the kind of challenge that the Kiehl’s team love to do battle with and happily, they usually win! Lovingly developed pharmaceutical, medical and herbal ingredients are packed into each elegant bottle. 
This is a product that uses powerful activated Vitamin C, hydrating white Birch and anti-oxidising peony. It is both a corrective and preventative serum that quickly pulls up the sleeves of its tiny chemist’s coat and gets to work brightening, boosting moisture and fading uneven areas. 
When used with the ‘Clearly Corrective’ facial wash and moisturizer this serum should make a big difference to the texture and clarity of your skin. 
Science based skincare is at the core of Skinceutical’s. Detailed research, rigorous trials and innovative products provide the customer with skincare that brings out the natural health and beauty of their complexions. 
Luxury and chemical compounds shouldn’t sit well together but the creams produced by this forward-thinking company are celebrated by both scientific journals and delighted friends over dinner. 
Hyper-pigmentation that results from pregnancy or menopause can feel like a medical rather than a cosmetic issue. It makes sense to turn to skin care that feels and looks like it could be prescribed by the doctors but also has the scent and silky texture of a decadent treat. 
Advanced Pigment Corrector provides a chemical exfoliation that increases the radiance of your skin and fades noticeable dark patches. 
The ingredients sound terrifying! High strength Hydroxyphenoxy Propionic Acid, Salycilic Acid and Ellagic Acid. However, they are suitable for all but the most sensitive of skins and promise to give you the dewy, luminosity all women crave. 
Sunday Riley
Sunday Riley is a skincare brand which believes in the use of generous levels of efficient, fantastic quality active ingredients. There is hard science in their ethos, but this is softened with the use of soothing botanicals and a commitment to sustainability and cruelty-free beauty. 
The brand is nearly 100% vegan and both Leaping Bunny and PETA approved. 
Sensitive and dry skins often need a kinder approach to problem solving. So, if you have delicate skin that is easy to upset, adore creams with delicious scents and want a truly effective product then Sunday Riley is a wonderful brand to try.
Good genes utilizes the gentlest AHA to exfoliate the skin. Purified Lactic Acid zooms in on the problem dark patches while sloughing away the dead skin cells that mask peachy skin underneath. 
Brightening Lemongrass and Licorice are added to the potent cocktail of hard-working ingredients. After the required three minutes of massage, your skin will have had a serious workout, that’s when the extract of Prickly Pear begins to soothe any irritation. 
Neutrogena is an affordable skin care brand with impressive credentials! Their inventions are often enthusiastically recommended by glossy magazines and beauty geeks. They are also the ‘go-to’ brand for dermatologists. 
Neutrogena is about simple, gentle and effective skincare that will bring out the best in all types of skin. Their unique relationship with the medical profession gives the customer a real feeling of trust. Great reviews and an ongoing fondness show that this faith is deserved. 
A tiny amount of this high-potency serum will soak in super quick and promises to brighten the skin and significantly fade areas of discoloration. 
Vitamin C and Retinol are the tools which dermatologists consistently recommend for curing hyper-pigmentation and signs of aging. Sensitive skins need to be careful with them but the expertise at Neutrogena should reassure most people that they are fine to use this dark spot corrector. 
Most women and men will develop dark patches of skin at some point in their lives. We hope that it’s comforting to know that there are hero dark-spot correcting skincare products out there waiting to be discovered. 
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Heatless waves make for healthy hair!
Heatless waves make for healthy hair!
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this hair repair treatment saved my split ends!
this hair repair treatment saved my split ends!
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👀 Share your 🏷 Derm Tips on Cherie
👀 Share your 🏷 Derm Tips on Cherie
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Tips from a derm for exercise induced acne
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