Best Brands for Acne-Prone Skin

Jun. 18, 2020
Acne is problematic, we agree on that; but it is not something to panic about. In fact, it is quite common and natural. If anything, you can interpret it as a sign that your skin has changing needs for the moment. So don’t worry and try to handle it calmly like you would do with anything else.
Acne can be for a number of reasons, most primary of which is not using the right products from right brands that can truly cater to the intrinsic needs of your skin. For Acne-Prone skin, it is imperative that you select products of those brands that have a history of fighting this condition.
In this piece, we will be covering four brands and mentioning a few of their best products that are perfect for Acne-Prone skin.
When it comes to skincare based on medically backed products, Neutrogena takes the spotlight. It is one of the most recommended skincare brands from dermatologists globally. The brand offers some of the best products in the range of skincare and markets its products in over 90 countries.
The company was initially called Natone (a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson Company) but had its name changed due to Neutrogena because of a soap that was named Neutrogena and became so synonymous with the company name that they thought it would be best to change the name of the brand.
As a medicated brand, they have a range dedicated to acne prone skin with products specifically targeted towards the root cause of acne. Some of those products are:
Acne Proofing Daily Scrub
A daily useable facial scrub that can help you fight acne breakouts while also defending your skin against the new ones; making your skin more acne resistant.
Oil-Free Acne Face Wash (Original)
The original Neutrogena face-wash that fights-off excessive oil from your face; one of the main reasons for facial acne.
Rapid Clear Stubborn Acne
This leave-on mask is regarded as an acne medicine that vanishes into your skin and help fight stubborn acne that won’t leave your face anyhow.
La Roche-Posay:
La-Roche Posay is an international dermatologically approved brand that is recommended by over 90000 dermatologists worldwide. Formulated with high safety standards and high efficacy, their products are available in a wide range to offer solutions to all and any every type of skincare problem. They have a dedicated range specifically to combat acne related problems.
The brand is keen on making their products dermatologically efficient and fight-off acne as efficiently as possible; hence they formulate each product according to very strict standards by combining skincare innovation and medically approved ingredients. Some of the best products they have to offer for acne prone skin include:
Effaclar Acne Treatments System
An effective and powerful system that helps you fight acne with medically approved products that are not only efficient but also highly regarded for their quick effect.
Effaclare Gel Facial Wash for Oily Skin
Oily skin is highly prone to acne that is why this face-wash cleanses skin from inside and removes excessive oil without making the skin dry.
Effaclare Clarifying Toner Acne Solution
This Clarifying Solution acne toner is medically formulated to help clean off excessive dirt and oil that clogs the pores which result in acne.
Tata Harper:
Created by Tata Harper herself, the brand is a tale of uncompromising standards. The brand is a pioneer in natural luxury skincare. The brand was established by Tata after she couldn’t find 100% natural beauty products that were up to her standards of purity, efficacy, and quality. 
Free from synthetic chemicals, GMO, toxins, fillers, artificial colors and fragrances, she created a range that is 100% natural and can be used by all skin types without having to worry about the health of the skin. 
Especially when it comes to acne prone skin, Tata Harper ensures that their products work deeply and fight the root-cause of acne naturally. Using only natural ingredients, their acne cure range is suitable for all skin types.
Some of their products specially designed for acne-prone skin include:
Clarifying Cleanser
This Clarifying Cleanser gets rid of blemishes naturally and can be used daily to make sure acne never return to your face.
Clarifying Mask
Clarifying Mask, TATA HARPER, cherie
TATA HARPERClarifying Mask
Part of the same treatment package, this clarifying mask treats acne prone skin and work in combination with the cleanser to treat facial acne thoroughly.
Clarifying Moisturizer
And finally, moisturizer to seal the deal. The best thing about it is that this moisturizer won’t make your skin excessively oily, just moisturized enough to maintain its health.
And finally Clinique, a brand that needs no introduction. Clinique has a simple mission, to create skincare products that are an all in one compendium; safe, effective, and easy to use. A brand that gives remarkable results in limited time. 
Their remarkable products are ideal for all skin types, colors, and tones. All their products are 100% allergens and fragrance-free. Their range to treat acne is highly efficient and regarded as one of the best in the world. Their products have no side-effects and their acne cure range is the result of years of expertise and experimentation.
Some of their best products include:
Acne Solutions Clinical Clearing Gel
A unique formulation that is perfect for acne prone skin and works rapidly to eliminate root causes of acne.
Acne Solution Oil-Control Cleansing Mask
Cleansing mask to restore balance to the skin and controls excessive oil secretion from pores.
Acne Solution Acne+Line Clearing Solution
A truly medicated formula that fights off acne and gets rid of blemishes and breakouts in an effective and rapid manner.
So, if you too have Acne-Prone skin, be sure to give these brands and the recommended products a try and tell us about the results. If you have used any of the mentioned products, be sure to tell us how they treated your skin and how effective they were.
Best Reviews
My Top 5 Foundations for Oily Skin
My Top 5 Foundations for Oily Skin
Here are my top 5 foundations for oily/combination/acne prone skin! These are by no means my only favorite foundations, just the ones I keep going back to. 1. ESTĒE LAUDER - Double Wear Stay-in-Place Foundation This matte, oil-free foundation controls oil all day. It’s sweat, heat and humidity-resistant, waterproof and 24-hour colour true. With buildable, medium-to-full coverage that feels lightweight and so comfortable. No touchups needed. Best for hot weather/ holidays. The only Downside is that it doesn’t come with a pump 2. MAYBELLINE - Fit Me! Matte & Poreless Foundation This foundation is a must have if you are looking for a good drugstore option for oily skin. It’s super affordable and gives a beautiful finish without feeling heavy on the skin. 3. HUDA BEAUTY - Fauxfilter Foundation is perfect for you if you are looking for full coverage. Just a couple of pumps go a long way. However, the formula isn’t ideal for anyone with dry skin or for people sensitive to string fragrances. 4. L'ORÉAL - Infallible Pro-Matte Liquid Longwear Foundation This formula blends unbelievably well and you can build this to completely full coverage! ! I'm beyond impressed for this being drugstore. 5. The Ordinary - Colours Coverage Foundation with SPF 15 this is my everyday foundation and gives good enough coverage. I just have to mix two different shades to get my color as the range is quiet limited but for the price I pay, I don’t mind. Always stay away form words like “dewy”, “luminous”, “shiny” , “glowy” if you have oily skin. Let me know if you have any questions.
this isn't a lipstick 👀💋
this isn't a lipstick 👀💋
I did a little video with some of my favorite reds a little while ago, but I feel like NYX - Intense Butter Gloss in Apple Crisp deserves its own post! It's glossy, pigmented, AND affordable... we love to see it! 🙌🏾
are pore bubbling masks worth it? 🧼🛁💬
are pore bubbling masks worth it? 🧼🛁💬
since COVID has started, I know many people are on new (or refining old) skincare journeys and I’ve recently been experiencing some dryness/dehydrating as the winter rolls around, which also aggravates my already oily skin. I’ve worked in the beauty industry for a while and also was formerly an esthetician, so I can get picky with skincare and ingredients. ‼️for reference, my skin type is: combo (oily/dehydrated), formerly acneic, hyperpigmentation prone, and sensitive 🔬I’ve used Dr. Jart in the past and love that it’s a Korean, science-backed brand so I was stoked to try this Porecting Solution Mask! this mask promises fresh, clear glowing skin that deeply cleanses and purifies pores. the mask contains charcoal and saponine, which creates the bubbling effect you see in the above photo. this product does not contain sulfates, paragons, are phthalates. 🛁when I first took it out of its package, I thought there were *two* masks per package instead of one, but if you read the instructions, there’s actually a “mask film” on the actual mask itself that you’re supposed to remove, so make sure to do that! the actual mask is thick and full of product while the mask film is thinner and lighter in color. the directions also give you a tip to massage the mask to release the bubbling/foaming effect - I did this mask with my mom at the same time in separate rooms and she totally didn’t read the instructions so her mask didn’t bubble at all, so I would suggest to definitely massage the mask. 💬I left it on for 20 minutes and it continued to bubble about 5-10 minutes in, then stopped bubbling. you can hear the bubbles pop as the mask sits on your face, which is kinda weird but cool. the mask didn’t slip off AT ALL which is also a huge, even when I put a sweatshirt on over my head. after taking it off, the serum took about another 10 minutes to soak into my skin and my face felt super smooth and my pores looked tighter and more clean. I have a few sebaceous filaments on my nose that I sometimes pick at and as I was rubbing the serum into my skin, I saw that some of the sebaceous filaments on my nose were sloughing off (which is gross, but speaks to how well the product worked)! overall, I would definitely recommend and use this again! if you have oily skin or otherwise clogged pores, sebaceous filaments, blackheads, etc. I would suggest this for you. even if you have dry/normal skin, this would be a good option since my skin didn’t feel dried out at all afterward, even in my dry spell now, and felt rather hydrated and plump. five stars! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
My well-loved drugstore makeup essentials
My well-loved drugstore makeup essentials
These are the drugstore makeup picks I ACTUALLY use! Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Tarte Shapetape Concealer. Even the latest launches from Rare Beauty have me swooning. But drugstore makeup holds a special place in my heart. Walking through the aisles of Target or CVS gets me giddy. Quite honestly, I count those trips as my therapy sessions. Plus, these are the places were I started getting essentials to experiment with when I was younger! My favorite brands to score from are no doubt Pixi, NYX, Essence Cosmetics, Sonia Kashuk, Maybelline and Covergirl. They’re just my go-to’s! They’re the brands constantly putting out dupes for cult favorites. Everything in this picture, I use on a daily basis. I’ve been going through Maybelline Lifter Glosses like they’re going out of style. I actually was responsible for my local Target running out of stock once...oops. Another new essential that’s crawled its way into my everyday routine is the Covergirl Cooling Glow Stick. It’s part of their new Clean Fresh line and I use it on my WHOLE face. Top tip: try it under your eyes over your concealer 👀 I’m still in search for the perfect drugstore CC cream, does anyone have any good recommendations?
The best sunscreen for dry skin☀️
The best sunscreen for dry skin☀️
Y’all… Let me tell you how dry my skin gets. My skin gets so dry that it looks like my skin is actually flaking. I have struggled with dry skin my entire life and I hardly find any products that truly help my skin. I reached out to a friend who gave me a skin care routine and she suggested this sunscreen PURITO - Centella Green Level Unscented Sun SPF50+ it is honestly the best! Not only is it scent free but it hydrates my skin without burning it. I have high sensitivity to a lot of products and this is one that doesn’t make my skin irritated or break out. If you struggle with dry skin, try out this sunscreen! Not only does it help with the dryness but also you should always be protecting your face with sunscreen!!!