Florence by Mills: The Brand for ‘This’ Generation

Jun. 18
Beauty is associated with the choices made by each generation which is why it is different for every generation. Today, I would like to introduce my peers to a brand that needs no introduction. The brand is highly successful and has plenty of leverage attached to its name. You don’t need to tell it to someone twice (unless they are hard of hearing) and you definitely won’t see someone saying 'no' to one of their unique products. It’s none other than Florence by Mills. Beauty is said to be skin deep, but it is actually much more than that; at least that’s what is the founding principle of Florence by Mills. To them, beauty is an expression, an expression of who you are, how you feel, what you want to say; it’s just you, you and you.
Florence by Mills:
As they say on their website:
“Clean skincare and beauty, created for us by one of our own”
Florence by Mills prides itself with not, in fact, never using any kind of parabens, sulfates, dyes, animal by-products or testing their products on animals. In short, they like to keep it clean. They do, however, prefer to use ingredients that are highly beneficial and good for the skin, including vitamins, antioxidants, and botanicals that work their magic skin deep and bring out that natural glow you long for showing on your face.
Florence by Mills works hard to create safe and effective products that are truly revolutionary and work their magic that is visible in a short amount of time. Their products are designed to be suitable for all skin types and free of any synthetic fragrance. To them, it is more about feeling good than looking good; to be free and true to yourself with your skin speaking for itself.
About Millie Bobby Brown:
Bobby Millie Brown (Mills) who has had the experience of sitting in hundreds of makeup chairs to have her face decorated in a variety of ways, she discovered that it is not about following the same old boring beauty tutorials and standard procedures to give yourself that standardized look which makes everything bleak and common.
So she decided to make something which as she says, is made by love, to express yourself. She named the brand Florence after her great-grandmother, a strong and powerful woman who did what she pleased. Inspired from the liberating attitude of her great-grandmother, Millie named her brand after her.
Core Concept:
At its heart, the brand encourages defining beauty on your own terms, without any rules, regulations, or a struggle towards perfection. Just play around just as you please while looking your best, just the way you would like to see yourself. They have designed the products such that they are easy to apply, clean, and fun to use. On top of that, Millie made the entire range quite affordable for everyone so they can experiment as much as they please and be happy with what they have created.
Additional Highlights:
Set out to redefine beauty for Gen-Z, Florence has offered in its range essential products that are specifically for changing and growing skin. The idea is to create better options that make a more inclusive beauty culture.
The range was launched with 9 skincare essential products that encourage experimentation and discovering what suits ‘you best’. Currently, with over 15 products in the range, Florence proudly claims for all their products to be dermatologically tested and infused with essential vitamins and minerals to help your skin getting nourished while you are on the go.
On top of that, all their products are cruelty-free (PETA and vegan certified). The range is designed with her generation in mind, so Bobby Mille made sure that her entire range is simple, easy to use, balancing, and priced to be affordable.
Notable Products:
Among the most notable products offered by Florence by Millie, the one worth mentioning is:
Swimming Under The Eye Gel Pads:
These whale-shaped eye pads are soaked in the soothing and hydrating essence that is both rejuvenating and hydrating. It freshens up the entire face and gets rid of those puffy eyes that help you get back to the present.
Hopefully everyone will love this piece just as much we love our favorite young TV star, Bobby Millie Brown. Be sure to give your feedback and share your own experiences if you have used Florence by Millie before.
Best Reviews
2021 Fashion Week Inspired Makeup - Hermès
2021 Fashion Week Inspired Makeup - Hermès
This look is inspired by models for Hermes for 2021 spring/summer fashion week. This look focuses on super dewy skin and a bold, red lip as the center of attention. This look was really easy to recreate and something I would actually rock IRL (except for the lack of mascara because mascara is bae). I’ve included the inspo photo from Allure. To add a glowy base to my complexion, I used Glossier. - Futuredew Oil Serum Hybrid . I only ever use 1 pump of this oil-serum hybrid because I think any more makes me look like a grease ball. I applied this all over my face and dabbed a tiny amount onto my eyelids. This product is perfect for applying on bare skin, under makeup, and can even be used over makeup for a natural, wet-looking highlight. After I applied my complexion products, I dabbed a tiny amount onto the high points of my cheekbones. Sticking with the dewy theme, I used the ILIA - Super Serum Skin Tint SPF 40 in “balos”. I’m not sure if the models were wearing complexion products because their skin looked super natural, yet also “flawless”. Since I have some redness on my cheeks, I used this skin tint to even out my skin tone and amp up the dew. I lightly concealed underneath my eyes with the e.l.f. - Hydrating Camo Concealer in “light peach”. The models don’t appear to be wearing any cheek products, though I did add a tiny bit of AOA studio - Sculpt FX Contour in “fawn” to help sculpt my cheeks a tiny bit like the models. I finished the look off with the SEPHORA COLLECTION - Cream Lip Stain Liquid Lipstick in “always red”. I’ve had a mini of this for quite a while. It’s beautiful, comfortable despite being matte, does leave a tint behind, and is long-wearing. This is the kind of lipstick that would last from the runway well into the after party (in non-COVID times, of course). The models don’t appear to be wearing any mascara, so I skipped that. I filled in my brows a bit more than usual for a fuller appearance. I used the essence - Superlast Eyebrow Pomade Pencil in “dark brown”. Such a fun look! You guys it’s sooo hard not to smile. How do models do it?! 🤪 Look for another fashion week look soon. All brands are cruelty-free except for Sephora Collection. Prices: futuredew $24, skin tint $46, concealer $6, contour stick $1, lip stain (full size) $15, brow pencil $3.50 #Cherie Partner
2 more days to WIN this 🏷 New Beauty Buys
2 more days to WIN this 🏷 New Beauty Buys
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🌟Giveaway is LIVE in 🏷 New Beauty Buys ❤️
🌟Giveaway is LIVE in 🏷 New Beauty Buys ❤️
✨The giveaway is live!! ✨You have a chance to win 4 full-size NEW beauty products that launched last month if you post into 🏷 New Beauty Buys before 10/18/2020 at 11:59 PM PST (details in previous post) 🌈❤️ Please don’t miss out!✌🏻 🌟Creator Spotlight🌟 Check out @madihomewood profile to see her new beauty buys! “So I first saw this brand when @CedricShi did a post about the EARTH HARBOR - AQUA AURA Reparative Eye Creme and absolutely fell in love with the packaging. I started doing some research and fell equally in love with the brand and can’t wait to dive into these products...”
To shave, or not to shave?
To shave, or not to shave?
I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard the question, “Will my hair grow back thicker?” When discussing shaving ones face, or even just body hair in general, so I decided to make this post. Just a little preamble here.. I myself have facial hair. No, I do not have PCOS, I’m just a hairy lady 🤷🏻‍♀️ and I’ve learned how to accept it over the years because trust me when I tell you it was a self-esteem battle! I’ve tried every single hair removal product and method out there, and I always go back to what’s tried and true; shaving. But more importantly, I’ve done lots of research and spoken to my dermatologist about this myth as well, and I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s a pile of 💩 With a little help from Dr. Kristeen Cherney who wrote, Shaving Does Not Affect the Thickness or Rate of Hair Growth for Healthline, I’d like to break down some myths. MYTH #1: hair will grow differently when shaved and even be more coarse So this is actually half true and here’s why. As Dr. Cherney puts it, “Unshaven hair has a finer, blunter tip,” so when your hair grows back from shaving, you’ll end up seeing the coarser base as opposed to the “softer, thinner part that will eventually grow back,” if, of course, you let it! MYTH #2: hair grows back darker The new hair may be more thick, but it’s not because of shaving. Remember, this hair hasn’t yet been exposed to the elements or soaps or even chemicals that we use on the daily, which if you didn’t know, actually lightens the hair. MYTH #3 (the best for last): hair will grow back thicker when shaved, especially on the face Let’s break down how our hair grows so you can get a better understanding of why this statement is false. According to Dr. Cherney, “It takes about 1 month for body hair to reach its full length. This is why body hair is more shorter than the hair on our heads.” If you look at the image above, you can get a better understanding of the hair follicle, which is where our hair starts. One photo shows a blade ready to glide over top of the dead hair on the surface of the skin and the second photo shows what it looks like after. As you can see, all shaving did was, and for a lack of a better word, trim the hair! It didn’t actually get rid of the entire hair from the hair follicle. So to conclude with the words of Dr. Cherney, “Since shaving doesn’t remove hair under the skin like other hair removal methods do, it’s impossible for you to affect its colour, thickness or rate of growth.” There ya have it. So it’s safe to say, go ahead and shave! Don’t let a silly myth stop you. Just make sure you do it properly so that you don’t damage that beautiful skin 😌
DIY BB Cream: My New Fave Trick for Summer
DIY BB Cream: My New Fave Trick for Summer
Note: I am wearing some concealer and strobe stick in the “after” pictures. Okay, so I’ve just learnt this quick and super simple recipe for making your own Tinted Moisturiser! I can’t believe that I’ve never heard of this before, and can’t wait to test it more this summer ☀️ So, I found out that you can create your own tinted moisturiser by mixing some of your favourite face cream with some of your favourite mineral makeup powder! When I moved to Australia, I noticed that my usually dry, fairly sensitive skin was not tolerating foundation during the summer. The high humidity here caused every foundation I owned to break up, powders would bunch to it, and I’d look terrible by midday! Some days, I wished I just hadn’t worn any makeup 😫 I started using the nude by nature - Natural Mineral Cover Foundation SPF 15 on top of a high quality moisturiser and full coverage concealer, and enjoyed the results. However, I always felt a little bit drier than I wanted to. Now, I’m going to be testing out this new trick ✨ Mix a pump of your favourite moisturiser - mine is currently the CeraVe - Daily Moisturizing Lotion For Normal To Dry Skin - with a good couple shakes of your mineral powder foundation in a container. Mix the two ingredients together, and dab it onto your face. You’re boosting your hydration whilst blending the natural mineral coverage into your skin! 😇 I bet this method will be much longer lasting than just slapping makeup on top of slippery face cream. Adding more mineral foundation will increase the pigmentation and coverage of your tinted moisturiser mixture, but I don’t expect to get anything more than light coverage out of this. Still, this is a beautiful fix for uni days, grocery runs, or any time I want to look a bit more vibrant without the effort! Two ingredients that I already own, and a couple seconds of mixing 😍