Brand Story: Boscia. Truly Japanese, Truly Natural

Jun. 16
Beauty is eternal, beauty is forever, but beauty is also in need of regular care. The delicate nature of beauty demands absolute and regular care that would help it retains itself for as long as it possibly could. It’s an investment actually, the more you invest in taking care of your beauty, the more it resists the signs of ageing. The more natural the treatment, the more effective it is; this is why I have decided to introduce some extra-ordinary brands that deserve recognition and their products, a chance to be used. Today’s pick is Boscia.
Boscia Brand Story:
Boscia prides itself with the use of natural ingredients that are 100% organic and 100% preservatives free. One may raise a question on the ‘100% preservative-free’ notion, but Boscia stands firm on its claim.
About Boscia:
Boscia has been adamant on using the power of nature to make amazing products that are both completely harmless and absolutely beneficial. Since 2002, they have kept plants at the base of their operation as an open secret for their success. Using absolutely natural ingredients starting from trees and bushes and ending up in bottles; they deliver a promise of naturally beautiful skin, as their arsenal consists of nothing but natural ingredients.
Designed to work with all skin types (especially sensitive skin), their products utilize the essential properties of natural ingredients and let them do their job without any artificial chemical interference. Utilizing the power of green, Boscia deliver a natural glow to the skin that is so indigenous to Japanese skin type. The secrets of the Japanese skincare routine are embedded deep in the Boscia products that make them highly efficient; enabling them to deliver notable results before you would expect.
Here’s a little in on their secret that makes their products so unique and preservatives free. The process for the manufacturing of their products employs ultra-clean room technology. The ‘pharmaceutical-level’ clean environment ensures that there are no contaminants in the atmosphere where the products are packed which leaves plenty of room for innovation and care which makes Boscia products what they are.
The Story of Co-Founder Lan Belinky:
The co-creator and general manager of Boscia was born and raised in Japan. Getting familiar with the deeply rooted beauty beginnings form an early age, spending her youth in the country that is the global centre for skincare excellence and innovation. Lan saw her grandmother and aunt’s beauty rituals and unique beauty product application practices which mesmerized and allured her, naturally beckoning her towards the world of beauty.
After the entire family moved to the USA in 1996, Lan’s father and the founder of Boscia ‘Gen Inomata’ laid foundation of his dreams; a brand that brought the influential Japanese skincare secrets and routine stateside. Lan at the time spoke only Japanese and worked on learning English while studying and remaining true and close to her Japanese heritage.
Lan graduated for the University of Incarnate Word with a degree in business marketing and spent all the time she could spare help cultivate her father’s dream. She later joiner Boscia full-time and dedicated her expertise to take her father’s dream to new heights.
Lan always was biased towards the fusion of botanical science and believed that by using ingredients that are inherently good for skin can help in the creation of products that are also good for the skin. Seeing many milestones met under her guidance and supervision, utilizing her biculturality, she launched products inspired by her Japanese heritage that made Boscia where it stands today.
The No-Preservative Theory:
According to them, they utilize advanced Japanese technology with its state-of-the-art unique manufacturing and filling process that ensures that their products aren’t in need of harmful preservatives and remain fresh and effective for the entire duration of their use. Boscia has their well-hidden highly advanced technology that is an amalgamation of Japanese traditional remedies and therapies that enables the ingredients in their products to work in harmony and symphony that eliminates the need for any possible preservative.
Best Seller:
Boscia’s Detoxifying Black Charcoal Cleanser is one of their best sellers that cleanses the skin deeply while also brightening it and providing a natural glow.
Hopefully you liked what you read and saw. It is a brand worth looking into and I believe they have many products that are truly unique and amazing. Be sure to give your valuable feedback and share your own experiences that you had with Boscia.
Best Reviews
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The Organic Skin Co.
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Sensitive Skin Game changer ❄️
Sensitive Skin Game changer ❄️
What is the product? Avène - Thermal Spring Water Spray How does it work? Thermal Water works by soothing the skin and calming any irritation What are the notable ingredients? Mineral Spring Water What is the price? $18.50CAD Where can you purchase? Shoppers Drug Mart, Rexall Pharmacy and online How long have I been using it for? I’ve been using thermal water for over two years, I started off using this product on my body and now still use it on my face What is my experience ? My experience with thermal water has been good, I suffer from eczema on both my body and face. It was hard finding products that wouldn’t irritate or cause a flare up. When that happened this product saved my skin and soothed it. At first I was not exactly sure how water would help my skin, but after doing research thermal waters are meant to have healing properties for the body and skin. What are my thoughts? This product is nothing short of amazing, you are able to use it for multiple areas and it lasts so long. The mist is super fine which makes it perfect for spraying on large or small spots, and pressing into the skin similar to how you apply a toner. Would I recommend to a friend? I would absolutely recommend this product to a friend or family or even someone looking to help soothe their skin but who doesn’t want to break the bank!! My overall rating? 5/5 Would I repurchase? I have and will continue to repurchase this product until I find something that exceeds how amazing this is! #CheriePartner
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A Year in review!
A Year in review!
This year has definitely been a wild ride. I’ve learned so much more about my hair and skin in this last year than I ever thought I would or needed to know! All the way from using witch hazel and not paying attention to my curl pattern, to staying completely fragrance free with face products and staying away from harsh toners and paying attention to what my hair was trying to do! Using this app has really opened doors for me that I wouldn’t thought possible for my beauty process! I can’t wait to see what more years bring me, and us! Thank you @cherie!