Drybar: Professional Hair Tools Straight From Salon

Jun. 16, 2020
Founder’s Story
There is just something compelling about a good blow dry, the instant feeling of confidence, and being beautiful it gives you. As girls, we know how a magazine-perfect blowout can instantly wipe all our insecurities away. Today, we are going to talk about a brand that is a landmark in the world of blowouts, Drybar.
Drybar came into existence with the sole purpose of focusing on one thing and excelling at it only: Blowouts. Entrepreneur Magazine named it one of the top hundred brilliant ideas of 2010.
Drybar also took the place of honor in the Boom Brands of New York’s Magazine in 2013. Being the founder of Drybar, Alli Webb naturally conceived this business idea as a curly-haired woman. She has been a professional stylist for a long time.
When Alli Webb found her excessive blowout session at the most traditional salons taking a toll on her wallet, she knew she had to find a way out. She began her house-to-house blow-dry service in 2009, giving people an affordable option.
With the help of Cameron Webb, her husband, and Michael Landau, her brother, Alli Webb, launched Drybar. It began as a blowout-only shop, but with rapid progress, they expand to a hundred salons and still counting.
Alongside their blowout services, Drybar also offers a growing line of products for the perfect blowout. You can find Drybar products at their shops and in Bloomingdale, Ulta, Nordstrom, and Sephora. 
With three thousand people under her employ, Alli Webb reached her $100 million revenue mark in the year of 2016. Despite such mega success, the founder continues to strive, along with her team, to maintain the same level of client following with hundred locations as she had with ten.
Alli Webb considers being able to empower women of all types to look and feel confident and beautiful each day, her true rewards. 
Core Concept
Alli Webb's idea of a blowout-only hair salon seemed quite comical to people. No one could make sense of a hair salon with no colors or cuts but only blow-dries, that too for $45. Everyone looked skeptical, to say the least.
Michael Landau recalls how investors laughed in his face when he tried to pitch his idea to them. Many friends of private equity and perceptive VCs too looked upon their idea with scorn. After reaching the million dollars revenue milestone, no one was laughing at Drybar anymore.
Drybar's progress doubled after it launched its popular line of products, including the best-selling hairdryer for $195. Alli's simple idea of making hundreds and thousands of women feel confident and beautiful with a mere blow-dry did not seem credible. 
However, her family looked past the unproven concept; this is why Drybar is perhaps one of the most successful endeavors today. The trio, including Alli, her husband, and her brother, worked past every obstacle and oddity. They brought every skill they possessed to the table, invested their resources, and spent every minute possible at work.  
Today, we wouldn’t be wrong to give credit to the family for Drybar’s massive success, despite how people belittled it in its birthing stages. Alli’s expertise as a trained stylist, Cameron’s career experience as a creative director and Michael’s experience as an entrepreneur, all served to drive the success that is synonymous with Drybar today.
Best Sellers
Here are some of the best-sellers of Drybar for you:
  • On the Rocks: Charcoal scalp scrub, with activated charcoal and sugar
  • The 3-Day Bender: Digital curling iron with a rotating clamp for great waves and curls
  • Detox Dry Shampoo: Best selling dry shampoo that clears all excess oil and impurities
  • The Brush Crush: A heated brush for straightening your hair that gives instant tamer and smoother strands.
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Best Reviews
Life gets busy, hair gets greasy, and sometimes you just need a hairstyle that is out of your way but still so simple and cute. Here is the easiest low bun ever! ✨put your hair into a bun but don’t pull all the way through ✨take the tail, wrap around the scrunchie and tuck in the bottom THATS IT! I said it was easy didn’t I?! Give this a try💗 Xo, Johanna
Why I Decided to Ditch My Clarisonic Brush
Why I Decided to Ditch My Clarisonic Brush
Back in the day, my clarisonic - MIA 2 FACIAL CLEANSING BRUSH was my go to. I started using it religiously (daily). Well, deciding that once a day was way too much to use an abrasive electronic brush on my face, I decided to only use it when needed. When I would use it here and there, almost every time I would breakout. I tried using brand new heads, replacing the heads regularly, etc. In contrast of my personal experience with this brush, much research is shown that these brushes can damage the acid mantle, protective film and natural oils, and amino acids that are on our skin. Abrasive skin tools to me were just a fad and now that we have come so far with knowledge on a healthy skin care routine, we should focus on products that effect the skins beauty from within by using appropriate ingredients that penetrate the skin and change it from the inside out. To me, a deep clean from a brush is not worth me breaking out. I would rather use a chemical exfoliant (such as The Ordinary - AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution ) or a gently microdermabrasion paste/wash (such as philosophy - The Microdelivery Exfoliating Facial Wash ) when needed. What is the go to way to exfoliate your face? Also, has anyone had the same experience with Clarisonic brushes or face brushes in general?
My well-loved drugstore makeup essentials
My well-loved drugstore makeup essentials
These are the drugstore makeup picks I ACTUALLY use! Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Tarte Shapetape Concealer. Even the latest launches from Rare Beauty have me swooning. But drugstore makeup holds a special place in my heart. Walking through the aisles of Target or CVS gets me giddy. Quite honestly, I count those trips as my therapy sessions. Plus, these are the places were I started getting essentials to experiment with when I was younger! My favorite brands to score from are no doubt Pixi, NYX, Essence Cosmetics, Sonia Kashuk, Maybelline and Covergirl. They’re just my go-to’s! They’re the brands constantly putting out dupes for cult favorites. Everything in this picture, I use on a daily basis. I’ve been going through Maybelline Lifter Glosses like they’re going out of style. I actually was responsible for my local Target running out of stock once...oops. Another new essential that’s crawled its way into my everyday routine is the Covergirl Cooling Glow Stick. It’s part of their new Clean Fresh line and I use it on my WHOLE face. Top tip: try it under your eyes over your concealer 👀 I’m still in search for the perfect drugstore CC cream, does anyone have any good recommendations?
CMON MADDIE..... Really ? 😒
CMON MADDIE..... Really ? 😒
okay so i’m sorry for the light this week but i’m working on a work station. However this Morphe Maddie palette isn’t doing it for the me. In my opinion I believe to pull a good palette together is blend ability and good shimmer or glitters. The shimmers on the is so trash 🗑 sorry to say. i literally had to dig for a good creamy shine. However it isn’t a complete miss. The other colors did have some good pigment and my fav shade is the black shade. It was really dark and blendable. I would probably recommend this to someone with more fair skin because they pigments and shimmers would work better in their favor. Have you used this palette if yes tell me all about below, if no would you still wanna try it out and why ?
This week’s ✨Cherie Spotlight ✨ w/o Jan 11
This week’s ✨Cherie Spotlight ✨ w/o Jan 11
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