5 Esthetician-Recommended Beauty Brands

Jun. 8
Alongside dermatologists there are very few people who know so much about the skin and the products we should use on it as well as estheticians. They’ve seen everything from acne to roseacea, hyperpigmentation, and rosacea, so they know exactly what products and brands to recommend for every skin type and concern.
Scroll down to learn more about the brands used by the pros.
Paula’s Choice
Founded by skincare expert Paula Begoun back in 1995 and known for having a serious, clinical approach to skincare, Paula’s Choice is still as popular as ever. It receives glowing praise from esthetician Lily Njoroge (@caveofbeauty) who recently recommended the Clinical Niacinamide 20% Treatment. “As soon as I incorporated this into my routine, within about 5 days, I noticed my texture felt smoother as I was cleansing,” says Lily. Now, 5 months later, I practically have NO texture. My pores are barely visible most days and my hyperpigmentation is 90% gone.” With hundreds of products to choose from packed with ingredients like retinol, peptides, and niacinamide, it’s easy to see why estheticians are impressed.
The Inkey List
With innovative formulas and affordable price points, brands like The Inkey List might seem too good to be true. That is until they get the seal of approval from professionals like esthetician Sean Garrette (@seangarrette). His top recommendation is the Hyaluronic Serum. “I’m super picky about the hyaluronic acids serums I use,” says Sean. “I hate when they’re too thick, too sticky, and too expensive (lmao). This hyaluronic acid serum is truly incredible. It has a thin serum texture that absorbs into the skin quickly and easily and doesn’t leave the skin feeling tacky or sticky." It's one of the brand’s bestselling products and has received hundreds of five star reviews on Sephora.
An esthetician favourite and multi-award winner, NIOD’s products are based on the latest innovations in skincare and ingredient technology, designed to provide non-invasive solutions to long-term skin conditions and concerns. The range is small but has already amsassed rave reviews from professionals and consumers alike. According to esthetician Sean Garrette (@seangarrette) he was drawn to the brand because of their ability to “take complicated and obscure ingredients and turn them into incredible products”. A particular favourite for Sean is the Multi-Molecular Hyaluronic Complex which he describes as “one of the most advanced hyaluronic serums that i’ve ever tried - it’s formulated with 15 different types of hyaluronic compounds." We’re sold.
With its fuss-free branding and no-nonsense formulations, CeraVe tops many an estheticians list of recommended brands. It makes sense because the products are developed by dermatologists. The range is extensive and the products are great for anyone on the lookout for gentle, hardworking, and affordable skincare. What’s more, they’re packed with ceramides in order to be suitable even for people with skin conditions such as eczema and rosacea. Esthetician Ashley White (@skinclasshero) is a big fan of the brand’s Resurfacing Retinol Serum, describing it as a ‘superb affordable option... ideal for those looking to accelerate the fading of post inflammatory hyper-pigmentation, improve skin texture, diminish the appearance of pores and manage excessive oiliness”. Sounds like a winner.
Renee Rouleau
It's no surprise that celebrity esthetician Renee Rouleau’s top recommendations include her own range of products, which she designed to provide her clients with an escape from one-size-fits-all skincare. According to Renee, the bestsellers are the “Anti Bump Solution for painful, hormonal, under-the-skin blemishes that appear on the face, chin, jawline or back” and the “️Rapid Response Detox Masque for taming overly sensitive, reactive and breakout-prone skin”. All of her products are formulated to be lightweight and contain high levels of active ingredients, so you’re pretty much guaranteed results.
Now that you know what the skincare experts recommend to their clients, it’s time to restock your skincare routine.
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Kylie x Grinch - Worth the Hype?
Kylie x Grinch - Worth the Hype?
Review time!!! I just received the entire Kylie Cosmetics Grinch Collection in the mail this week & I want to break down each product and tell you what I loved and didn’t love. Palette: I’m not one that reaches for tons of colour usually but all the greens in this palette are gorgeous! There’s a mix of matte and shimmer shades, and as usual, the shadows blend like a dream! The good thing about this palette is that there are still some neutral shades rather than just greens. I definitely appreciate the mixture of shades. Shadow Sticks: The Kylie shadow sticks are probably one of my favourite products they have ever released. They are so extremely pigmented, and so easy to apply. They’re basically fool proof, and they set as a shadow. If you haven’t tried them out, I highly suggest you do! In this collection we have a super pretty light shimmery green, light gold, and two rosy toned shadow sticks. Shimmer Eye Glazes: This product is insane. They are a super intensely pigmented eyeshadow that leaves the lids looking wet & dripping in glitter! One swipe of these on the lid is literally all you need for that intense shimmer. If you’re someone who loves super shimmery eyeshadow, I recommend giving the Kylie Cosmetics Shimmer Eye Glazes a try. This collection came with 2 shades: a minty turquoise green and a gold - & I’m obsessed and so happy to be adding these to my collection!! Olive Kyliner: My go to liquid liner is the black Kyliner, so i wasn’t surprised when i loved the easy application and long wearing quality of this olive Kyliner! The liner applies a lighter olive green and dries down to a deeper olive shade. It’s definitely not something I’d reach for everyday, although it’s definitely cute for the holidays or even for a pop of colour to a neutral eye! Blush: I am a huge fan of the Kylie Cosmetics Blushes as opposed to the other blushes I’ve tried from the brand this one had some shimmer in it! It’s quite similar to the NARS “orgasm” blush but with a stronger pink hue. I love the shimmer in it, it adds a pretty glow to the cheeks, perfect for the holidays.. or any day really :P Highlight: Def on theme, but probably my least favourite product in of the collection :( Don’t get me wrong, it’s super blinding and glowy. Although, once I applied to my face it showed off as very green. Personally I don’t want a green glow on my face! But hey, if that’s your vibe that’s cool! Definitely not a highlight I’d reach for everyday. Lip Kit: Obsessed. This red is EVERYTHING! This Lip Kit is one of the best reds I have ever tried. It has a matte finish and is extremely long wearing. I know it’s sold out but a similar shade would be “BOSS” by Kylie. Lipsticks: These shades are gorg for the holidays and I love the shade range! Long wearing & comfortable on the lips. High Glosses: Kylies high glosses are high shine, but very sticky! So if you’re not a fan of sticky glosses you won’t love these. These shades are perf for the holidays and everyday!
The Organic Skin Co.
The Organic Skin Co.
Have you tried this brand yet. This brand is The Organic Skin. THE ORGANIC SKIN Co. - Cheeky Lips • This product is a blush and lip product. Versatile, multi-purpose blush Designed to provide a perfect natural flush and the pout to match. • Cheeky Lips comes in eight bangin’, long-lasting, highly pigmented colors. • Whether you’re looking for a soft pink blush for your cheeks and lips. • Organic castor seed oil and supercritical extracts of rosemary, pomegranate and calendula will help to replenish your cheeks and lips, keeping them smooth and healthy. 💭 I wasn't sure how to use this product when I first received it. The color is very pretty. The texture is soft and smooth. I used this on my lips. The color is very pigmented and long lasting. I tried this on my cheeks and wasn't a fan. It was too greasy for my liking. #The Organic Skin - Natural Lipstick[products]#[TwoStars] • This lipstick comes in 12 colors. With the added benefits of calendula and rosemary supercritical extracts, as well as nourishing organic oils and carnauba wax. Shades: Coral & Ruby Red 💭 I really wanted to like these lipsticks. The packaging is so pretty. The issue is the texture. These lipsticks are a little rough. I wasn't able to wear it by itself. You Definitely have to apply a gloss before using or it will break. Unfortunately it became to stressful to use. lol They wouldn't apply the right way. #The Organic Skin - TASK FORCE NINECALENDULA AND TURMERIC CREAM [products]#[FiveStars] • Infused with 9 active natural ingredients – aloe vera, jojoba seed oil, lemon peel oil, calendula, turmeric, rosemary, honeysuckle, vanilla, and seabuckthorn – this multi-tasking treatment cream has moisturizing, antiseptic and antibacterial properties. 💭 This is a nice everyday cream. The texture is nice and light. It leaves your skin smooth and moisturized. It's non-greasy and smells amazing. This cream is good for all skin types including sensitive skin. #The Organic Skin - The Eyes Have it[products]#[FourStars] • With 8 colors to choose from you can mix, match and blend our cream eye shadows. Highly pigmented, long-lasting, multi-hued, and full of supercritical extracts. How to use: Using your finger or an eye shadow brush, apply to your eyelids. Shades: Greenstone & Silhouette 💭 These are really nice eyeshadows especially if you like cream shadows. It's easy to apply and the texture is smooth. Once these shadows dry down, they stay in place. My issue was on of the shadows was hard. It kept rolling up as I was trying to get it out of the package. The shades are very pretty especially greenstone. It's very pigmented. I'm not sure if I would purchase any of these products. Your thoughts? (Gifted) #whoisnee #cheriecreator
The Best Highlighter Ever?!
The Best Highlighter Ever?!
Alright.. I’ve never been someone who’s loved a super intense highlight, I’ve always preferred a matte face. But I’ve recently tried out this Jouer Cosmetics highlighter in the shade “Citrine” (mind you, it comes in a set with a lip oil for only $25!!!!) I think I’ve changed my mind on highlighter.... This is by far the best highlighter I have ever tried! It claims to give a “glow-from-within” finish, and ITS TRUE! It’s like real life face tune (seriously!!!) If you’re like me and you prefer that flawless, soft-focus glow, you will love this highlighter. It doesn’t have any chunky glitter, but It definitely is still blinding. The finish is definitely not like any other highlighter i’ve tried. Highly, highly recommend! *I’ve included a photo with flash, without flash, and what it looks like on!*
✨Cute Bun Hairstyle✨
✨Cute Bun Hairstyle✨
Hi Guys!!! I recently saw this scrolling on Pinterest and I wanted to recreate it! It’s SO easy and took about 5 minutes total!! It looks so fancy yet it’s so simple! I have medium to thin hair but this can work on pretty much all hair types! (: (tip: spray texture spray beforehand) this helps it stay in better!)☺️ HOW TO: -I like to pull my bangs out first (: - you’re going to section it as if you’re doing a half up half down hairstyle -then you’re going to start twisting that part of your hair -I twist it around like I’m doing a ballerina bun😅 -then I secure it with a hair tie ❤️ -you can leave like that! Or I like to pull it out a little so it’s more loose!✨😊