Black Lives Matter: The Beauty Brands That Are Doing Their Part

Jun. 5
Now is the time to champion the cause, speak out at injustices, educate those around you, listen to voices of minorities and instigate change within the system. There are certainly still those that seek to divide us, discredit the movement and remain silent on the issues faced by the black community, but we must stand in solidarity.
Here's are a handful of beauty brands that are taking action to combat racial injustices and give a voice to the disenfranchised.
Sephora's new initiative allows Beauty Insider members to use their accrued points to make donations to the National Black Justice Coalition, an organization that is dedicated to helping black members within the LGBTQ community.
With the points-to-dollars donation program, with every five-hundred points, users can donate $10. A representative of Sephora also announced they would be giving more than 1 million dollars to support organizations like the National CARES Mentoring Movement, the Center for Urban Families, the NAACP, the National Black Justice Coalition, and the National Black Coalition on Black Civic Participation Black Women's Roundtable, all who work tirelessly to bring equality to black communities.
One of the first brands to step up and contribute was Glossier. They announced that they would be donating $500,000 across five different organizations, including Black Lives Matter, the NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, the Equal Justice Initiative, the Marsha P. Johnson Institute, and We the Protestors. Not stopping there, Glossier will also create a fund of $500,000 as grant money for black-owned beauty brands. Their Instagram page now also serves as a place for resources and education.
Anastasia Beverly Hills
ABH announced that they would pledge 1 million dollars "towards the fight against systematic racism, oppression, and injustice." They began with a donation of $100,000 to Black Lives Matter, The Innocence Project, The NAACP Legal Defense and Education Fund, Black Visions Collective, and The Marshall Project, and are currently exploring other programmes to support.
Their statement on Instagram went on to say that they are exploring new initiatives that will financially support Black-owned businesses and makeup artists.
Tata Harper
For #blackouttuesday Tata Harper Skincare encouraged their followers to donate to five organizations which they have also pledged support to: The Equal Justice Initiative,⁣ The Emergency Release Fund, NAACP Legal Defense Fund,⁣ Black Lives Matter and Color of Change. They shared uplifting messages of going forward together, whilst founder Tata Harper shared a message on her personal accounting saying "What if 2020 is the year we've been waiting for? A year so uncomfortable, so painful, so raw - that it finally forces us to grow. A year that screams so loud, finally awakening us from our ignorant slumber."
Urban Decay
Urban Decay encouraged Instagram followers to 'speak up' and said 'silence is not an option', while also acknowledging their Black colleagues and those within their community. As well as donating to Black Lives matter and encouraging fans to educate themselves on the situation, they also donated to the Minnesota Freedom Fund. A nonprofit that helps fight the harms caused by incarceration. They work to pay bail for low-income individuals who cannot afford it on their own. As of now, the American bail system affects Black people a disproportionate amount.
In lieu of a one-time donation, Herbivore committed 100% of their profits from one weekend to three charities: Black Lives Matter, the Minnesota Freedom Fund and the American Civil Liberties Union. They raised $46,000 in total and have announced that they will explore options internally to continue their efforts in actively contributing to anti-racism initiatives all year round.
Their statement read: 'This must stop. We stand with George Floyd and those who have lost their lives at the hands of racist police brutality.'
Beauty giant, Deciem, the umbrella company behind The Ordinary, NIOD and The Chemistry Brand, gave a $100,000 donation to Black Lives Matter and the NAACP Legal Defence & Educational Fund.
They are using their platform to share marginalized voices, and have asked followers to share a 1-minute video with them, which will later be released as a compilation —also vouching that their Instagram Stories will become a dedicated space to continue this critical conversation.
Kosas joined the fight urging its followers to make any donations they can, sign petitions, and reach out to local representatives.
In a statement released on Instagram, they said "We will not be silent. We stand in solidarity with all those fighting against social injustice. Kosas will be pledging $20k to organizations who are actively fighting to make real change: Black Lives Matters, Black Lives Matters LA, and Color of Change."
The green skin-care company donated $10,000 to the ACLU and additionally pledged to give 100% of all its profits in the week of June 1 to various organizations each day. Organizations include Black Lives Matter, the NAACP, the Southern Poverty Law Center, Campaign Zero, Reclaim the Block, Black Visions Collective, and Bay Area Black-Owned Business Relief Fund. They also put a spotlight on black-owned beauty brands and called for followers to 'vote with our dollars.'
This may only be the beginning, we sincerely hope to see more brands, both big and small, take action and condemn violence against minorities in America. We ourselves at Cherie will continue to be a part of the ever-growing, every learning conversation and advocating with our platform. On our Instagram, you can find useful resources on the movement, as well as Black-owned beauty brands that could use your love in these trying times.
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Skincare Trend - Superfoods 🥬
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💖Creator Roundup 🏷 Cherie Made Me Buy It
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Hair Growth Remedies You Need To Know
Hair Growth Remedies You Need To Know
We all crave long luscious locks, right? I know I do. Unfortunately, I wasn’t blessed with Rapunzel-like hair. Hair growth depends on several factors, including diet, environment, and genetic history. However, some remedies can help keep strands healthy, ultimately allowing them to grow long and strong.   I’m sharing my favorite hair growth hacks that I swear by.   About My Hair: I personally have very dry, long, curly hair. I tend to get a lot of breakage because of heat styling and occasional chemical treatments (highlights). My biggest hair concern is keeping my hair and scalp healthy.   My Go-To Hair Growth Products:   Biotin: I take 1 biotin pill every day. While this may not be suitable for all (always ask your doctor first), I did get an OK from my doctor to take them. I do think they really make a difference. I’ve tried a bunch of biotin brands before, and these seem to work best for my hair. Plus, they're pretty inexpensive. You get a 3-month supply for under $20. These are made with coconut oil as well, which helps keep hair hydrated.   Briogeo - Scalp Revival Stimulating Therapy Massager Scalp Massager: Healthy hair starts at the scalp! Once I learned that I’ve never looked back. I use my scalp massager by Briogeo around 2-4 times per week to give my scalp some much-needed love! Massaging the scalp helps improve blood and circulation. When you have increased blood flow, the hair follicles are getting more nutrition. This specific massager from Briogeo was just under $20. Every time I use this, my hair and head feel incredible after.   Hair Growth Tips: #1. Don’t use too much heat. Take it from me. I have scorched my hair so many times. #2. Eat a lot of protein. #3. Don’t over brush wet hair. I only use a wide-tooth comb on my hair when it’s wet.