9 Ways Rosehip Oil Will Help Your Skin

Jun. 4, 2020
What is rosehip oil?
Rosehip oil has built up quite the following. It is not every skincare oil that can boast followers ranging from Miranda Kerr to Victoria Beckham and even the Duchess of Cambridge!
So, what is contained in this oil that makes it literally worthy of royalty? 
Rosehip oil is derived from the rosa canina rose bush which is mostly grown in Chile. The rosehips are what is left over after the roses have dropped their petals. The remaining fruits and seeds from the rose plants are then pressed to produce the oil.
The oil is full of skin nourishing vitamins and essential acids alongside phenols with antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties. 
So, how can rosehip oil benefit your skin? Read on to find out!
Number One: Use it as a moisturizer 
Rosehip oil is a brilliant and all-natural alternative to your daily moisturizer. The fatty acids that are found in rosehip oil are the main ingredients in most moisturizers anyway – but by using rosehip oil you are cutting out any additional chemicals or preservatives that might have been added to your at home moisturizer. 
Furthermore, its dry and non-greasy texture will apply easily to your skin without leaving any shiny and unwanted residue. Or if you don’t fancy applying the oil to your skin, rosehip powder can be orally ingested and work the same moisturizing wonders! 
Number two: Use it as an exfoliator 
On the search for a glowing and vibrant complexion? Rosehip oil is what you have been looking for.
The oil is full of vitamins A and C that boosts skin cell turnover and skin cell regeneration. In simpler terms, its natural exfoliation will tighten your pores leading to a reduction in any dullness in your skin. 
Rosehip oil is particularly effective as an exfoliator when it is combined with baking sodas. Just be precautious if you have naturally acne prone skin as the oil might clog your pores. 
Number three: Use it as a hydrator 
Hydration is key to achieving softer skin and a youthful complexion. 
Just two of the fatty acids in rosehip oil are linoleic and linolenic acid. These acids help the skin cells retain hydration by strengthening the cell walls so they don’t lose water so easily. 
If you suffer from dry or itchy skin, this might be the hydration that your skin has been craving all these years! 
Number four: Use it to reduce scars and wrinkles 
There is no reason why scars, stretch marks or wrinkles have to stay permanently on your skin. Rosehip oil has a long history for healing wounds – a few lines here and there are no match! The fatty acids and essential oils in rosehip oil will evoke tissue and cell regeneration in the skin. 
In a mere matter of weeks applying rosehip oil daily any damaged skin will quickly repair leaving your skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom! 
Number five: Use it to boost collagen production 
Fancy firmer skin? Collagen is key.
Unfortunately, as the skin ages the amount of collagen production also decreases. But the vitamins A and C in rosehip oil can do what aged skin cannot: they can boost enzymes to break down collagen in your body.
Just a few drops of the oil to your face every day can start turning the years back in no time!
Number six: Use it to fight inflammation
Inflammation can make the best of us self-conscious. But it needn’t.
Rosehip oil is rich in polyphenols and anthocyanin as well as vitamin E and all these elements have long been praised for reducing inflammation. This means that rosehip oil can be used to fight rosacea, psoriasis, eczema and dermatitis. Inflammation will never ruin your day again! 
Number seven: Use it as sun protection
Not only does exposure to the sun over time age the skin, it can also drastically increase your risk of contracting skin diseases. Therefore, it is essential you are protecting your skin from the sun. And rosehip oil can help you do so.
The antioxidants of vitamins A, C and E in rosehip oil fight sun damage and the effects of UV exposure while also preventing photoaging. With a drop of rosehip oil on your face you can go out and enjoy the sun guilt free! 
Number eight: Use it to reduce hyperpigmentation 
Hyperpigmentation refers to dark patches visible on the skin. It is usually caused by excess melanin in the skin following too much sun exposure. Notably it has also been linked to hormonal changes such as in pregnancy or menopause and a side effect of certain medications such as birth control pills.
Rosehip oil contains vitamin A which is composed of retinoids that help to reduce hyperpigmentation. Alongside retinoids, the oil also consists of lycopene and beta carotene that work to lighten the skin when applied to the dark patches. Any patches which might be bothering you will soon be a thing of the past.
Number nine: Use it to boost your skin’s immunity
Healthy skin equals strong skin. And rosehip oil’s antioxidants and fatty acids are pivotal to building up the strength of your skin cells. By strengthening your skin cells, your skin is in a much better position to fight any bacteria that might otherwise lead to outbreaks or, worse, infections. 
Possible Side effects
It is better to be safe than sorry – particularly when it comes to skin care. Therefore, before using rosehip oil you should carry out a patch test by applying a dab of the oil to a sensitive area of skin (such as behind you ear) and leave it for 24 hours to check if you are allergic to the oil. If after 24 hours there are any signs of irritation, itchiness or inflammation you should not use the oil. If the area of skin does not heal you should see a doctor.
How to use Rosehip Oil
If, however, your skin shows no sign of irritation you can start adding rosehip oil into your skincare regime right away! Apply the oil up to twice a day, either by itself or mixed with a carrier oil or pre-existing moisturizer. 
To boost the durability of your Rosehip oil store it in a cool or dry place, or for the best results reserve a place for it in your refrigerator! 
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