Brand Story You Need To Know: Glossier

Jun. 2, 2020
Glossier resembles a cult of a sort, with the following it attracted. Millennials are incredibly fond of this brand because of its authentic and straightforward approach for beauty care.
Girls love products that focus on giving singular attention to their skincare regime. This why Glossier has become such a favorite because it celebrates natural beauty, keeping life real. The tagline of the brand itself states that their beauty products take inspiration from real life.
About Glossier
Glossier has made a name for itself, especially in the hearts of millennials and women of all ages who seek genuine products. It offers a narrow range of products, with a primary focus on skincare.
Glossier takes a holistic, refreshing approach to beauty practices and does not promote artificiality. With this vision, Emily Weiss created her beauty blog that she titled 'Into the Gloss.' She worked at teen vogue and other slots before she gave up her position in 2010 and launched her blog.
Emily shared beauty tricks and trips with her online friends until they mutually discovered their discontentment with traditional beauty brands back then. Then, she decided to launch the first collection of Glossier as a solution in 2014.
Her first four products consisted of a misting spray, lip balm, priming moisturizer, and cleanser. The genuineness and efficacy of those products gave birth to history.
Today, Glossier is one of the most exquisite cosmetics brands, offering skincare, fragrances, and beauty products. The primary focus of Glossier beauty brand is its customers, what their wants and needs are.
With the success of her beauty blog, Emily brought Glossier Inc. into existence in 2014. She wanted to give all the women around the world confidence in their skin and to celebrate their natural beauty.
Most products that we see lined up in supermarket shelves promote a picture of someone you are not. Glossier, on the other hand, does not believe in building beauty in the boardroom.
The brand has a website that reaches out to people. It pays attention to the products people say they love and the reason why they love them.
Glossier is a brand that aims to draw out information and inspiration from the hearts of people. Equipped with such insights from you, their team then works to strengthen their conversations with you and develop thoughtful designs.
All the products you will find in Glossier lines are a true reflection of who you are and just what your skin needs.
Glossier is not the typically flawed traditional brand that tells you what you should or should not do to your face. Instead, the brand focuses on how you wish to take care of your natural beauty and provide you with precisely such products.
So, which products by Glossier should you be using? We have rounded up some of the best sellers of the brand, and here is a list of them. Although all their products deliver what they promise, here are some products that will surely make you happy.
Best Sellers
  • Future Dew: A hybrid oil serum
  • Solution: An exfoliating perfector for your skin
  • Milky Jelly Cleanser: Conditioning face wash
The Glossier beauty brand is perfect for those girls who love to nurture their natural beauty. Their line of products focuses primarily on providing customers what they want. Glossier does not promote artificiality through its products, taking inspiration and information from customer insights.
The focus of the brand is to promote natural beauty and real life. Thus, you will love the natural and straightforward formulae of their beauty products and the luxuriating feeling each product will give you.
Pic source: ins@glossier
Best Reviews
CMON MADDIE..... Really ? 😒
CMON MADDIE..... Really ? 😒
okay so i’m sorry for the light this week but i’m working on a work station. However this Morphe Maddie palette isn’t doing it for the me. In my opinion I believe to pull a good palette together is blend ability and good shimmer or glitters. The shimmers on the is so trash 🗑 sorry to say. i literally had to dig for a good creamy shine. However it isn’t a complete miss. The other colors did have some good pigment and my fav shade is the black shade. It was really dark and blendable. I would probably recommend this to someone with more fair skin because they pigments and shimmers would work better in their favor. Have you used this palette if yes tell me all about below, if no would you still wanna try it out and why ?
Glossy hair secret😱💗
Glossy hair secret😱💗
Yall!!! Ever since I cut 4 inches off my hair a few weeks ago, I made a promise to myself to take care of my hair so it could grow longer, stronger and much healthier. Well let’s cue in THE inkey LIST - Vitamin C Brightening Hair Treatment is AMAZING! I am so happy with the results that I have been seeing with it. If you are looking for a product to help with your hair, try this out! The Inkey list has so many different AND affordable products that help with so many hair issues that you need to try them out! If you have questions - let me know!! Xo, Johanna
How to build your skincare routine
How to build your skincare routine
How to build your skincare routine VOL. I - for many people getting into skincare it can super confusing (even as a professional it is) 😳 • Therefore I’m coming out with a series to help anyone who needs some guidance on where to begin 😉 • 3 parts: Step 1 - addressing your skin concerns! Step 2 - doing some research on different brands, ingredients, products to use or even consulting a professional and Step 3 - buying the essentials and not splurging 🤷🏽‍♀️ • Many esthetician’s and dermatologists offer consultations to clients who need help or guidance so check the ones in your area to see if that’s an option for you 👏🏽 • Not splurging is KEY! The last thing you want to do is drop $500 on products, only to find out your skin doesn’t agree with them or you don’t like them 🥴 • Was this chart helpful? Are you excited about this new series? 💙 • What’s your beginner skincare advice for building a routine? ♥️ CeraVe - Foaming Facial Cleanser For Normal To Oily Skin PAULA'S CHOICE - Resist Advanced Replenshing Toner
My Top 5 Foundations for Oily Skin
My Top 5 Foundations for Oily Skin
Here are my top 5 foundations for oily/combination/acne prone skin! These are by no means my only favorite foundations, just the ones I keep going back to. 1. ESTĒE LAUDER - Double Wear Stay-in-Place Foundation This matte, oil-free foundation controls oil all day. It’s sweat, heat and humidity-resistant, waterproof and 24-hour colour true. With buildable, medium-to-full coverage that feels lightweight and so comfortable. No touchups needed. Best for hot weather/ holidays. The only Downside is that it doesn’t come with a pump 2. MAYBELLINE - Fit Me! Matte & Poreless Foundation This foundation is a must have if you are looking for a good drugstore option for oily skin. It’s super affordable and gives a beautiful finish without feeling heavy on the skin. 3. HUDA BEAUTY - Fauxfilter Foundation is perfect for you if you are looking for full coverage. Just a couple of pumps go a long way. However, the formula isn’t ideal for anyone with dry skin or for people sensitive to string fragrances. 4. L'ORÉAL - Infallible Pro-Matte Liquid Longwear Foundation This formula blends unbelievably well and you can build this to completely full coverage! ! I'm beyond impressed for this being drugstore. 5. The Ordinary - Colours Coverage Foundation with SPF 15 this is my everyday foundation and gives good enough coverage. I just have to mix two different shades to get my color as the range is quiet limited but for the price I pay, I don’t mind. Always stay away form words like “dewy”, “luminous”, “shiny” , “glowy” if you have oily skin. Let me know if you have any questions.
DON’T try these at home!
DON’T try these at home!
With so many self- proclaimed beauty gurus in the world today, it’s very easy to get sucked into the DIY trend. Most experts and skincare specialists will tell you these homemade concoctions are not as good as they are made to be. Here are 5 ingredients you should not put on your face and why. 1. Essential Oils- The fragrant portion of plants is what makes essential oils. Modern science has revealed how fragrant oils cause problems for the skin. In the long run components in essential oils can significantly irritate and damage the skin. 2. Lemon Juice 🍋- Lemons are extremely acidic, which will irritate your skin. You can experience excessive redness, dryness, and skin peeling. Using lemons on your skin can cause more damage then benefit to your skin. 3. Coconut Oil- This ingredient causes a lot of debate amongst my followers, but fact is a fact, coconut oil is highly comedogenic. This means that the oil clogs pores on your face. When you apply coconut oil to your face it lays on the surface and is not able to be absorbed into the skin due to its large molecules. It can cause breakouts, blackheads, and whiteheads. 4. Witch Hazel- Here is another debate stirring ingredient. A lot of my patients and followers swear by witch hazel because of its immediate results on absorbing oil on the skin. What they fail to understand that it is not only absorbing the excess oils, but it is also stripping your skin of its natural oils. This can be very damaging to your skin and it’s natural protecting barrier, causing unnatural sensitized and dry skin. 5. Toothpaste- Such a popular trend and so harmful to your skin. Toothpaste contains high levels of baking soda which will mess with your skin’s ph level. This can lead to redness and burning of the skin. Toothpaste is a horrible option for your blemishes and instead I would recommend THE inkey LIST - Succinic Acid Acne Treatment As tempting as it is to try natural remedies at home, do your skin a favor and resort to stabilized and researched ingredients and products.