The Types Of Wrinkles You Need To Know! And How To Treat Them

May 19, 2020
Not all wrinkles are born equal. We fight them off with creams and serums, but perhaps we forget the beauty of someone’s smile lines as proof of a life well-lived.
We hope this guide can help your awareness of the types of wrinkles, how they appear, how to slow their formation, and treatment options. But we also want to use this quick read to let you know that wrinkles are not a sign of your imperfection, but rather the art of your life and the beauty of memories lived. 
We are all humans and regardless of how much Botox you inject, lines will appear inevitably. It is best to embrace this as part of life instead of fighting the process of mother nature. 
The Main Sources of Wrinkles
The main places where wrinkles appear over time include:
  • Laugh Lines – sometimes known as nasolabial folds, the lines from your smile on cheeks around lips
  • Crow’s Feet – The lines at the corner of your eye moving outward to the hairline
  • Forehead Lines – The lines across your forehead, often due to stress and worry or frequent overexcitement and facial exaggeration
  • Worry Lines – The vertical lines that sometimes are shaped like parenthesis, between the eyebrows, caused by furrowing
  • Lip Lines – Often caused by smoking, the pursing shape causes lines around the lip. Even sucking a straw can increase the speed of these hatch-patterned lines developing
  • Bunnies – A horizontal line on the nose which lies between the eyes
  • Marionette Lines – Often requiring fillers, these are the vertical lines that are lower than your smile lines, named after marionette puppets, which also have these lines laterally around the chin
The Main Types of Wrinkles 
The main two types of wrinkles are:
  • Static – Lines that are caused naturally over time from loss of collagen. 
  • Dynamic - Lines that are caused by facial movements such as smiling or raising eyebrows. 
The primary variations of these lines are:
Gravitational Folds
These are more noticeable in people over the age of 50 to 60, most commonly seen on the elderly in their 70s to 90s. As the name suggests, these are more dramatic folds that will occur as we grow into our later years in life.
Gravitational Folds are caused by a lack of collagen, which will lead to sagging. It has been proven to be more common in those with a thinner face as compared to a plumper person of thicker skin or weight. If you are larger, your skin is prone to less of these types of folds. (Note: This is not an incentive or motivation to be larger or smaller, simply the science behind it. Be who you are in the healthiest version of yourself!). 
Permanent Elastotic Creases
These appear around the neck as you age and are a permanent loss of collagen. They are caused by sitting with your neck creased for any reason, such as a pillow that is propped too high and cramming your chin into your chest.
Compression Lines
These are caused by anything that squishes your face or body around. Most people that sleep on their sides get compression lines on the side of the face they sleep on most frequently, as well as in their décolletage and neck area. Women will get lines between their breasts that extend upwards to the neck. 
Most lines will disappear a few hours after you’ve gotten out of bed, but repeating this on daily-basis will cause these lines to cement more permanently. 
Dynamic Expression Lines
As discussed as the counter to Static Lines, Dynamic lines are part of a life with experiences.  
Unless you want to fight living a meaningful life filled with joy, sadness, and everything in between - You should not want to stop these lines from forming. Take pride in a life of swelling emotion and focus on keeping your mind, body, spirit, and skin healthy from the inside out. 
What Causes Wrinkles? 
The leading causes of wrinkles include the following:
  • Repeated expressions on the face (often leading to worry lines, smile lines, crows feet are caused by smiling, forehead lines are caused by raising your eyebrows in surprise, etc.) 
  • Sun damage and exposure to UV Rays (and lack of SPF of sun protection, crucial to protecting against aging)
  • Smoking (predominantly impacts lines around lips)
As we addressed, you should not stop smiling. So unless you are smoking (and should stop!), then your only real remedy against wrinkles – is SPF.
According to, 90% of visible skin aging is caused by overexposure to the sun and it’s ensuing damage.
SPF over 30 does not do as much as you think, so aim for a spot around 30-50 SPF that includes:
  • Broad-spectrum
  • Oil-free
  • Non-nano zinc oxide (at least 20%)  
Treat Wrinkles or Prevent Them?
Once those lines form, it is exceedingly difficult to undo time’s mark. 
Prevention will be the best course of action, as compared to temporary treatments like Botox, or cremes and serums, which will work more slowly, only sit on top, and can only do so much. 
Even if you see no wrinkles yet, start your anti-aging routine early! 
Ways to prevent wrinkles before they form are:
  • Use anti-aging products morning and night
  • Always cleanse and moisturize daily, exfoliate dead skins cells twice per week
  • Use SPF that is oil-free, every morning! Religiously! 
  • Incorporate things that increase the health of your skin, such as topical cremes that include:
    • Vitamin C
    • Collagen
    • Omegas
  • Reduce your intake of sugar
  • Stop smoking
  • Incorporate beta carotene into your routine
  • Incorporate more superfoods, berries, kale, and leafy greens which cause an alkaline body of optimal health
  • Sleep on your back instead of scrunching your face into the pillow on your sides or stomach position
  • Go to a dermatologist and make a budget for more:
    • Facials 
    • Lasers 
    • Peels
    • Microdermabrasion
    • Anything that increases the natural health of your skin without fillers and additives
  • Get enough sleep (health specialists recommend 7 hours minimum)
  • Reduce your stress
  • Drink a half-gallon of water per day; the recommended amount is about 2-liters per day (about a half-gallon). 
If you have gravitational pulls such as marionette lines, you will need a facelift or fillers to fix these. 
In Conclusion 
There are plenty of lines you can fight with the mastery of prevention. But we hope the main takeaway of this article is to embrace those dynamic lines that show you’ve smiled, laughed, cried, and lived. Those are the most beautiful things you can wear. 
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