Fine Lines And Wrinkles: Differences & 5 Tips To Prevent Formation

May 9, 2020
Looking youthful, vibrant, and strong is a desire for many people. In fact, if many people had their way, they’d remain young forever. But, natural aging is just part of life, and there is no escaping it. Neither is it something to be embarrassed about. Aging is marked by the appearance of large and deep folds of wrinkles, which, admittedly, can be an unpleasant sight to some people. That is going to be the main focal point of this article.
It’s not uncommon to hear people use the words “wrinkles” and “fine lines” interchangeably. However, technically speaking, they are not the same thing. So, what’s the difference between fine lines and wrinkles? The simple answer is that fine lines are considered to be early signs of wrinkles. A more detailed answer requires that we get down to the nitty-gritty of these two terms.
Fine Lines
Dr. Elizabeth Houshmand is a board-certified dermatologist and consultant. In one interview she did back in 2018, she described fine lines as “tiny skin creases that usually occur in the most expressive areas of your face.” The most expressive areas of the face include: around the forehead, eyes, and mouth. 
Fine lines are superficial in nature, which means that their depth hardly extends beyond the topmost layer of the skin. They are hard to notice, but for most people, as soon as they hit their early thirties, they become recognizable. They usually occur in anyone (or a combination) of the following ways: 
  • Tiny lines across the forehead
  • Slight creases between the eyebrows
  • Fine creases at the corner of the eyes
  • Fine creases running throughout the thin skin immediately below the eyes
  • Small creases at the corner of the mouth and sometimes around the lips
According to Dr. Houshmand, fine lines do not necessarily imply aging. She explains that fine lines could be a sign of dry skin, damage from excessive exposure to sunlight, or genetics. On the other hand, it should be noted that fine lines – if left untreated – can deepen with age. This is because the skin’s collagen and elastin begin to break down, making it lose its natural ability to snap back into its original shape and position.
Now, wrinkles, unlike fine lines, are deeper, more defined, and more noticeable to the eye. They form when fine lines are left untreated. The following areas in the face (and skin) are deemed to be high risk for wrinkle formation:
  • Where fine lines formed
  • Around saggy skin
  • Where there has been substantial and gradual volume loss of skin
  • Regions of repetitive motions such as eyes (for blinking and squinting) or mouth (smiling and talking)
Wrinkles are often caused by the age-related breakdown of the skin's collagen and elastin. The former holds up your skin while the latter maintains its elasticity. Sun damage, dehydration, genetics, and poor skincare routine can also lead to the early development of wrinkles. Dr. Houshmand believes that wrinkle formation can certainly be delayed by taking measures that actively lessen their appearance, which brings us to our next section.
How Can You Prevent Formation of Fine Lines and Wrinkles?
Since both fine lines and wrinkles are crease-based, preventative measures remain similar. However, you’ll be best served by addressing the fine lines before waiting until wrinkles form. 
  • Hydration
The most effective way of hydrating your skin is by drinking lots of water – which will find its way to your skin cells to prevent dehydration.
  • Use Medical Grade Skincare Topical Products
Products infused with ingredients such as retinol can help your skin achieve healthy exfoliation and turnover. It is also important to use products that are developed for your specific skin type.
  • Wear Sunscreen
Whether it’s winter or summer, make a habit of always wearing broad-spectrum sunscreen. It will protect your skin from the harmful UVA/UVB exposure. 
  • Advanced Skin Treatment
Make a habit of periodically having advanced skin treatment procedures such as chemical peels and skin resurfacing. 
  • Minimize Repeated Facial Expressions
If possible, minimize repetitive facial expressions and movements to avoid weakening the skin’s collagen and elastin. 
Ultimately, everyone will develop wrinkles at some point as they age. Fortunately, there are preventative skincare measures that can be taken to slow the natural aging process and allow for graceful aging. These measures hardly disrupt a person’s day to day living; if anything, they support a generally healthy lifestyle. 
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Which moisturizer is right for my skin type?
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