What is My Skin Type: Dry? Acne-Prone? Oily? Find Out Now

May 8
Almost all humans have thought of skin perfection, even though we don't express it visibly. We look at our skin, frequently, and crave to see it glow. One common question that arises with this challenge is: how can I make my skin look and feel healthy?
To figure that out, however, we need to first know what our skin type is. Granted, everyone has a unique skin. No matter how flawed or flawless your skin is, there are distinctive properties that set you aside much like your fingerprints.
Nevertheless, this individuality can be capped into 6 categories. To answer that burning question at the center of your mind, we've searched everywhere for simple questions that'll reveal what skin type you have.
Not only does knowing your precise skin type enable you to select the right beauty products, but it'll also help you determine several techniques used to make the body look good. Here's how to know and own your skin type.
How to Know Your Skin Type
1. Describe how your pores look
  • A. Medium-sized but not so visible
  • B. Large
  • C. Medium-sized and visible
  • D. Large and visible
  • E. Only visible in the T zone
  • F. Small and almost invisible
    2. Which of these describes your bedtime routine?
  • A. Covering the face in liberal amounts of night cream, serum, moisturizer, or oil
  • B. Clearing pores with a face wash or cleanser
  • C. Getting rid of my makeup
  • D. Completing my acne regimen or applying acne treatment medications
  • E. Removing dead skin cells
  • F. Nothing special, just wearing my eye mask
    3. How does your skin feel first thing in the morning?
  • A. Dull and dry
  • B. Oily all over
  • C. Enlarged and out of tone
  • D. Another blemish likely appears
  • E. Part oily, part dry
  • F. Like always, it just feels right
    4. How does your skin feel a few hours after waking up?
  • A. Still dry, even after moisturizing my skin
  • B. My foundation has disappeared
  • C. Flushed and blotchy
  • D. I need to conceal my blemishes, again!
  • E. Part oily, part dry
  • F. Smooth and without blemish
    5. What is your major skincare concern?
  • A. Flaking, peeling, or scaly skin
  • B. Large pores and shiny face
  • C. Any small thing triggers an acne breakout
  • D. Cystic acne and other severe blemishes
  • E. Large and not-so-elastic pores
  • F. Random blemishes
    6. How does your skin react to sunlight exposure? Skin…
  • A. Gets dull and shallow
  • B. Burns so fast
  • C. Becomes red
  • D. Starts itching
  • E. Tans so fast
  • F. Burns after a while
    7. How does your face feel when washing it?
  • A. Itchy and lacking of moisture
  • B. Dry but soon secretes excess oil all over
  • C. Dry until it gets normal after some time
  • D. Dry but soon secretes excess oil in the T zone
  • E. Cheeks feel dry while the T zone feels even
  • F. Clean and even
  • 8. How does your skin feel applying makeup?
  • A. Makeup stays on for the whole day, as long as I use liberally
  • B. Makeup looks cakey
  • C. Makeup stays on for some hours
  • D. Skin tone appears uneven because of excess oil all over the face
  • E. Skin tone appears uneven because of excess oil produced in the T zone
  • F. Makeup stays on for the whole day without using generous amounts
  • Mostly A's, you have dry skin.
    Have you noticed that your skin type is the dry one? If yes, worry less. Increasing the moisture and upping its oil makes you less vulnerable to acne. Many dermatologists emphasize the characteristics of dry skin.
    This skin type usually sticks together, and one can easily be disgusted by merely looking at it. Following the breakout of oil from the root, it is likely to develop fewer blemishes. A common downside is how dry and cracked the skin looks.
    That's why it's a must to moisturize the skin of this kind daily. It would help best if you practice this as a routine.
    • If possible, add moisture to the air with a humidifier.
    • Take only cold or lukewarm baths.
    • After baths and showers, moisture straightaway (do so according to the current season).
    • Pick a cream or ointment over a lotion.
    • Use only gentle skin care products (avoid using deodorant soaps and products that contain alcohol, fragrance, etc.)
    • Increase your daily intake of omega-3 fatty acids.
    • Don't use non-hypoallergenic laundry detergent.
    • Wear non-irritating clothes.
    • Use lip balm or lip salve.
    • Cleanse your face no more than once a day.
    Mostly B's, you have oily skin.
    There's a unique way to confirm that this is your skin type. Clean your face with water and observe it after a while. If it gets oily, this is your derma. This is because sebaceous glands release excessive oil.
    There's an increased release of sebum in located regions—including chest and back—whenever you're stressed out. Hence, circumstances like this demand the use of lotion-free products to retain a shiny and decent appearance of the body.
    • Cleanse your face at least twice a day.
    • Maintain consistent use of acne treatments.
    • Exfoliate but don't scrub at your skin.
    • Ensure your skin care products are water-based and oil-free.
    • Apply an astringent or alcohol-free toner every day. First, cleanse your skin, then apply either product before using your moisturizer.
    Mostly C's, you have sensitive skin.
    People with skin allergies and issues such as eczema, rosacea, or contact dermatitis have sensitive skin. This set of individuals usually sense a burning feeling whenever they apply ointment on their body. Preferably, use products with hypoallergenic labels and try to build a soothing skin.
    • Cleanse your face no more than twice a day.
    • Use only products with a few ingredients (no more than 10). Plus, pay more attention to the ingredients list.
    • Use as little products at a time as possible.
    • Only use gentle skin care products (avoid using deodorant soaps and products that contain alcohol, fragrance, preservatives, etc.)
    • Always patch-test whatever is going on your skin, and introduce new products strategically.
    • Avoid over-washing or over-exfoliating your face.
    • Try to find out what triggers are.
    • Only take short baths and showers.
    Mostly D's, you have acne-prone skin.
    Those with acne-prone skin are unlike individuals with dry skin. If you fall into this category, ensure you avoid oily creams and applicants. Speaking of acne-prone characteristics, it produces big bumps every so often.
    Another way of identifying this skin type is by noticing how your skin appears after applying moisturizers. If it develops scalps of dandruff, then you know this is the kind of derma you have. You can defeat this problem by opting for oil-free purifiers.
    • Avoid over-washing or over-exfoliating your face.
    • Change your face towel often.
    • Resist touching your face or acne.
    • Avoid using toothpaste or rubbing alcohol on your acne as they lead to irritation.
    • Cleanse your face twice a day and whenever you notice a sweaty face.
    • Use only non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic, and oil-free skin care products.
    • Apply acne treatments all over your skin, not just your acne.
    Mostly E's, you have combination skin.
    Combination skin is the most common. Very intriguing! Owners of this skin notice that different skin regions have varying degrees of oiliness. This corresponds with the varying availability of oil glands throughout the body.
    Maintaining this skin type takes a sensible approach, and it's quite simple. Using water to clean your face daily and moisturizing with oil-free products would help best.
    • Apply a lotion-based cleanser, cleansing gel, or employ a facial cleansing brush.
    • Treat each skin region differently, depending on the oiliness or dryness.
    • Keep your hydrated with a light gel-based moisturizer.
    • Use a toner to shrink and close pores.
    Mostly F's, you have normal skin.
    The last of them all. People with this skin type should consider themselves lucky. Your parents did well by passing across decent genes to you, and your skin is compatible with almost all care products. But hey! That doesn't give you the go-ahead to select cleansers randomly.
    • A nourishing skin care routine is still crucial, no matter how flawless skin is now.
    • Use an antioxidant-rich serum or any product that avert signs of aging.
    • Consider increasing your vitamin C intake or adding retinoids to your daily routine.
    Tips for All Skin Types
    • Give your skin a thorough, yet gentle, wash every day.
    • Deeply exfoliate your skin once a week.
    • Keep your skin moisturized throughout the day.
    • Avoid direct sunlight and apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen of SPF 30 or higher every day—about 30 minutes before going out.
    • Smoking is bad for your skin.
    • Stay hydrated by drinking fluids and eating water-rich foods.
    • Before sleep time, make a habit of a) wrapping up or washing hair; and b) removing makeup.
    • Change your pillowcase every week.
    Want a decent skin but don't know how to go about it? Learning more about your skin type and how it reacts with beauty products is critical to achieve peak stunningness. The skin types test above must've helped you with that. Now, do yourself right by caring for your skin and choosing your skin care products wisely.
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    Glass skin? Uhm YES!
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    Update regarding November 23rd posting bug
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