6 Common Beauty Mistakes People Make With Sensitive Skin

May 7, 2020
Let’s face the facts: few of us are actually good at taking care of our skin. It’s no wonder, though, considering how different it can be person to person. It can be dry and flaky, oily and acne-prone, or a combination of the two. Some people have skin that’s easy to manage while others might have to jump through every hoop possible just to maintain some type of control. 
For those out there with sensitive skin, you probably fall into the latter. After all, your skin is incredibly sensitive to everything from the products used to the temperature of water and everything in between. It is frustrating, but it can be managed if you know some of the things to avoid. So, here are some of the top beauty mistakes that might be making your sensitive skin worse. 
1. Using Too Many Products
In a time where face masks are often seen as an integral part of self-care and where we watch 20-step Korean skincare YouTube videos for fun, sometimes it seems like the more products, the better. Resist the urge to think this. In reality, using too many products opens you up to all sorts of problems. One, it can encourage over washing – which strips your skin of all the good oils and bacteria as well as the bad. And two, it can seriously increase the odds of ingredients interacting with each other. Both of these issues together will lead to drier, more irritable skin. It’s better to stick with less whenever possible. 
2. Using Harsh Skincare Products
Not using too many products? Your skincare woes might be the result of just using products that are too harsh for your skin. While drugstores and television commercials push the idea that heavy-duty formulas are the way to go, sensitive skin will only rebel against it. Instead, opt for the gentler products you can find. Some products might claim they are for your skin type while still containing particularly drying or low-quality ingredients, though. Always look on the product label to verify. If it contains stuff like high concentrations of salicylic acid or glycolic acid, that’s your cue to move on. 
3. Over-Exfoliating
Other than a peel-off facemask, there’s little more satisfying than using a perfectly scrubby exfoliator. Unfortunately, those exact granule-containing exfoliating products might be causing your skin more harm than good. Your sensitive skin does not appreciate too much rubbing or products that are too heavy, and physical exfoliators fall under both these umbrellas. Make no mistake, though. Chemical exfoliators are still rough on the skin’s barrier and shouldn’t be used too often. Exfoliating once a week is more than enough for your sensitive skin.
4. Wearing Makeup Too Often
Makeup can make you look your best, but at a certain point, it can keep you from feeling your best. Even the best makeup can irritate skin or clog your pores, and this risk is doubled if you sometimes forget to wash it off before bed. Also, your skin needs to breathe! Covering it up will just keep it from healing and prevent it from calming down. So, give your skin a break and lay off the makeup sometimes. Your skin will feel better and it will look better in the long run, too. 
5. Using Water That Is Too Hot
For some of us, shower time is a chance to crank the water up to scalding and feel all our problems melt away. This is a major beauty mistake, however, as it may actually be creating skin problems. Sensitive skin is already often dehydrated, but hot water will actually dehydrate it more and lead to increased irritation. Keep your skin happier by decreasing the length of these showers, or better yet, turning down the heat. 
6. Slacking On Your Routine
Skin improvements take time and require consistency. Just like your teeth should be brushed twice a day, your skin should also receive a similar treatment. We acquire dirt, grime, and oil at an alarming rate through the day, so a concerted effort to keep up with this is a must. If you slack off on actually doing your skincare routine or give up on certain products too soon, your face will surely show it. You might start getting rashes, dry patches, or acne, so do your due diligence. As long as you keep up with your routine and avoid some common beauty mistakes, your skin should stay soft, hydrated, and happy. 
The Bottom Line
Sensitive skin is, well, incredibly sensitive. Just about everything seems to irritate it. The reality, though, is that there are a few simple common mistakes that are typically the major culprits behind your unhappy skin. Using the wrong type of products (or just using too many) is one of the biggest, increasing the risk of dehydration, redness, itchiness, and breakouts. Too much makeup, exfoliating too often, using water that is too warm, and breaking your skincare routine can also pose a threat against your sensitive skin. But as long as you avoid these top issues and instead stick with a well thought out skincare plan, you should be well on your way to managing your face’s unique needs.  
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DON’T try these at home!
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